I do not own anyone in the WWE. I only own Luna. This is a Ministry/Later fanfiction with a very sadistic Deadman. You have been warned.

Chapter 1

Luna sat at her master's feet on her leash like every other day. She feared his wrath being directed at her. She was a beautiful woman: snowy skin, dark red hair, and black eyes, curvy to the Undertaker's tastes. She was his prey and he had enslaved her to his service, which she had learned to love. She loved her master, but was forbidden to be away from him, except when he went out to the ring. No one knew she existed, only the Ministry of Darkness and that was the way it would say until her master said otherwise.

When the Brood entered, her master noticed her eyes were on fire for the longhaired blond named Christian. She didn't know his name, but it didn't matter. The Undertaker would torture him and break his pet.

"Luna, come sit on my lap." His booming voice filled the room as the Brood looked at her. Her leash was long enough so she could sit on him comfortably. She sat in his lap and he began to stroke her hair. "Do you like that?" She nodded and didn't say anything until she was told to. "Tell me what you think of these new editions to the Ministry, pet."

"If my master is happy, then so am I." Luna answered, not daring to look her master in the face. She never looked at him, unless she was ordered to.

"Tell me, look at them and say what you want. I will not punish you." The Undertaker continued to stroke her hair. He loved her hair. It was the most beautiful hair he had ever seen, the color of blood.

"I think they will make an excellent addition, my lord." She was still looking at the ground, not daring to look at them, fearing he would punish her/

"Please, look at them." He commanded.

She met eyes with Christian and was instantly drawn to him. "May I get up, Master?" She asked, knowing she might illicit a punishment if she didn't.

"Yes, if you wish to inspect them." He answered.

She wandered off his lap and the whole room noticed the sparks between her and Christian, including her master. She passed him and went to Edge. She touched his hair and smiled, nodding. She went to Gangrel and sneered. Then she went back to Christian and her whole world dissolved, leaving just the two of them.

Her master noticed this and tugged tightly on her leash, almost choking her. "Come to my lap." She did as she was told and he whispered in her ear, "We will have a chat about this, Luna." She shuddered against him and slumped, knowing she would be tortured by sex this night.

"You are all dismissed. All of you get out of my presence." The Undertaker ordered. All of them filed out, Bradshaw and Farooq guarding the doors. "Now, that I have you to myself."

"Please, Master." Luna begged. He grabbed her and slapped her hard. "Master, I do not wish to be with him. I serve you."

"Silence, bitch!" He roared, hitting her again, but careful not to bruise her. "You want him in your bed. Do not lie to me!"

"Master, I serve you!" Luna cowered before him and kissed the hem of his robe. "Please, my lord. I serve you." She whispered, wishing to please him.

"You will never look at him again." He answered, knowing she had learned her lesson through his punishment. "If you do, I will make you watch me torture him. I will no longer torture you, dear Luna. Your favorite of the Brood will take your punishments. All of them." His evil grin made her shiver. "Back on your pillow." He left her there.

She went back to her pillow and knelt on it, waiting anxiously for her master to return, hating to be without him for very long. Edge stumbled through the door.

"I'm supposed to watch you while they go to the ring." Edge mumbled.

"Then sit beside me and we shall watch." She smiled. "Is that man your brother?"

"Christian?" Edge smiled, noticing her eyes light up. "Yes, you have taken a fancy to him, haven't you?" When she nodded, he smiled. "Do you like his hair?" He asked, chuckling. Chicks dig the hair.

"Master is angry with me and with him." She said. "Tell me about him."

"Well, he's quiet, sweet, kind. You would like him." Edge looked at the screen and saw the Corporation. "Looks like your master is in trouble."

"Oh, no!" She couldn't look anymore. "I have to help him." She unhooked her leash and her gown billowed behind her as Edge tried to keep up. She ran fast in her bare feet and ran down the ramp to help her lord. The Corporation ran to stop her, but the Acolytes found new strength when they saw their lord's pet. She made it to where Shane was going to chair the Undertaker and shielded her lord with her body.

CRACK! She fell to the floor of the ring and the Undertaker realized that Shane had touched his property, with a steel chair. He was very upset. He signaled for Edge to gather her from the ring and take her to the infirmary. Edge complied and did so. On the way to the infirmary, she stirred.

"Is Master angry with me?" She whispered.

"I don't know." Edge responded truthfully, placing her on the table. "Steel chair. Fix it."

The medical staff set to work and found she had bruises. The Undertaker came in and picked her up. He sighed, knowing she was only trying to protect him. She had never done that before, but then again, his Ministry had always had the upper hand.

"Luna, I am not angry at you." He whispered to her. She looked into his eyes and saw the truth in his words. "I will get Shane for hurting you. No one touches my property without permission."

Luna knew those words were not just for Shane. "No one, Master." She said. He settled her in HIS chair. She looked at him and went to move, but he kept her there.

He stood and looked at his Ministry. "This is a travesty. We must teach Shane that he must not touch my property."

"We could pummel him." Bradshaw suggested.

"How about we crucify him?" Mideon asked.

"I like that idea." Paul Bearer agreed. "Lord Undertaker?"

"Capture him and bring him to me." He ordered. He gathered Luna in his arms and carried her to his limousine. Edge and Paul Bearer joined them.
"How is she?" Paul asked.

"A few bruises. She will be fine with rest. Luna, you did a very brave thing. You came to save me and sacrificed your well being for me. Now, I know you will never leave my side, will you?" The Undertaker asked.

"No, I shall never leave you, Master." Luna answered, but she answered it with affection, rather than with automatic responses. She didn't understand. Her master forced her into servitude, so why was she beginning to fall for him? Was Christian just an infatuation, then?

They arrived at the hotel and she was carried by Edge to the Undertaker's suite. She was laid on the bed as the Undertaker took a shower. She waited patiently for him and she wanted to tell him how she really felt, but would he love her back?

She remembered how he broke her and she had enjoyed it, every moment. He came out and got into his pajamas. He lay beside her and she set her head on his chest.

"What are you thinking about, Luna?" He asked.

"May I speak freely, Master?" She asked.

"Of course."

"Master, I think I love you." She said, gaining courage. "You protect me and care for me, I don't mind that you punish me."
"You are in love with your captor." He sighed. "And Christian takes your punishments now."

"You do not feel the same?" Luna asked, losing her nerve.

He couldn't lie to her or hurt her feelings. "I am not sure how I feel about you, Luna. We can discuss this at another time. Sleep and heal."
She snuggled against him and fell asleep. She dreamt of her lord, but shifted and shivered in fear as she relived Shane taking a steel chair to her. She protected him because she couldn't bear to lose him. But was it because she really loved him or because she was under his spell? She was so unsure and the dreams she was having didn't help the situation.

Waking the next morning, she found that only Paul Bearer was in the room. She sat up and gasped, careful not to hurt herself. "Where is my lord?"

"He will be coming back. He wants me to keep an eye on you." Paul said, reading his book. "You alright? That steel chair cracked you good."

"I have to protect him, no matter what the cost. Although, he doesn't seem to feel the same for me." Luna said sadly.

"How do you know?"

"He would have covered me and shielded me like I had him. It's like he was frozen in his place." Luna had no idea that Undertaker was listening to her through the door. "I guess I just wish I wasn't so useless to him. I am trying though. I am staying away from that Christian fellow, like I promised."

"Paul, we are ready to go to the arena." The Undertaker opened the door. He knew she didn't lie to anyone. "Why don't you get dressed in a different gown, Luna?"

"What color, my lord?"

"White, for your purity of heart." He smiled at her. "Go on and be careful of your bruising, Luna. We need to take care of it so it heals."

"Of course, Master." She smiled warmly. Maybe she should get injured more often and he would always be nicer to her.

They arrived in the arena and Luna wasn't even put on her leash. She was seated in the Undertaker's chair again and she had no idea what was going on. She sat and stayed there; even when the Undertaker was speaking he stood next to the chair. She was speechless; it was like she was a queen, not the slave that she always played. He still played with her hair, but she didn't mind it so much.

"Now, did you capture Shane?" The Undertaker asked, stroking her hair.

"Yes, Lord. He is in a secure location." Mideon answered.

"Good, now it is time to announce to the world who you are, Luna." The Undertaker picked her up. "Mine."

"Yes, my lord." Luna hated being carried, but she didn't want to argue.

They walked out to the music and the crowd was booing, but the woman was in white. It was all of a sudden quiet, wanting to know who she was.

"Who is she, JR?" King asked, excitedly. "Why is she with him?"

"Ladies and gentlemen, this woman," The Undertaker set Luna on her feet and took the microphone from Paul Bearer who had been holding it up to his lips. "She has been with the Ministry against her will." Luna stared at the Undertaker, wondering if she would be crucified. "She serves me and she belongs to me. Anyone caught touching her, whether they are in the Ministry or not, will pay this penalty."

Shane McMahon was brought out on the Undertaker's symbol. "That's Shane McMahon, King. He steel-chaired that young woman." The cross was lit on fire.

"Shane, you will never touch my property again. Tell Kane I said hi." The Undertaker cackled as the symbol burned. Luna backed away, but was caught by Edge.

"I wouldn't run away." Edge whispered.

"I'm not. I just hate to see this side of him." She whispered back.

"Edge, bring her to me." The Undertaker said darkly. When Luna reached him, he clutched her arm and made sure she could not get away. She struggled briefly, then realized it was a futile effort at best.

"Christian will suffer for this." He whispered to her.

The symbol burned as the Ministry exited, Luna with the Undertaker. The firefighters rushed in to put it out as they exited. Her lord unceremoniously threw Luna to her pillow and chuckled darkly.

"That will teach Shane." He turned to Luna. "How dare you try to escape?"

"I didn't, my lord. I am still here. I just do not like that side of you."

"Get used to it." He sneered. "I command your silence." She said nothing. "Just because you are bruised doesn't mean I will be lenient. You are mistaken." She stared at the edge of her velvet pillow as he reattached her leash. "Since you cannot be trusted with freedom, I will make your rules stricter. It is for your own good."

She whimpered, but didn't try to talk back. "Yes, Master." She sounded defeated and Christian wondered what he could go to save this poor girl who seemed to love a monster.

"Step forward, Christian." The Lord of Darkness ordered. "You will take Luna's ten lashes for her disobedience." He was brought the whip and Christian was stripped of his shirt. The Undertaker looked at Edge. "Hold her, she is not to be harmed."

He went to Christian as Edge held Luna down on her velvet pillow. He did one lash, but Christian didn't move from his spot.

Luna winced at every lash and by the tenth, she had tear-stained cheeks. Christian must really love her, not worrying about his body like that.

Her master gave the whip to Paul and went to Luna. He held her face, making her look into his cold green eyes. She looked fearful, good. "This proves how much I know you love him, my slave." He spat. He licked a falling tear and let her go.