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Today is going to suck. And it is going to suck hard.

How do I know this you might ask me? Well, I got the first clue when I woke up later than usual. No, I didn't oversleep, I just woke up a little later than I like which means that I will have to rush through my morning and I absolutely hate to do that.

Then, while rushing through my shower, I proceed to cut a huge gash in my leg while shaving and get shampoo in my eyes.

No, no wait. That is not even the worst of it. Then, while putting my makeup on, I stab myself in the eye while trying to put mascara on. See if I try that shit again. Usually I forgo all makeup and just apply some lip gloss, but my friend Alice has been trying to get me to do more "girly" things. Like I said before, see if I do that shit again.

And, as I was leaving my apartment I decided to fix me a cup of coffee and grab a bagel to eat on the way. So I am walking down the busy street headed to my office building drinking my cup of coffee when I am slammed into from behind. I stumbled forward and my uneaten bagel goes flying through the air. Yep, there goes breakfast.

So here I stood, right now, in a crowded elevator riding up to the 12th floor where I work for the Seattle Times. My stomach growled loudly and I looked around me to see if anyone could actually hear it. Nope. Everyone remained chatting away on their cell phones, surfing the net on their Blackberries and didn't pay attention to little Bella Swan's growling belly.

The elevator stopped on my floor and I proceeded to push past the people to get out. I stumbled a little bit yes you will find that I do that a lot I and finally got out and straightened out my skirt and proceeded to make my way to the receptionist desk. I walked toward it and I spotted a wonderful site. There, lying on the top, is a huge box of donuts. Thank God, I won't starve today.

I waved and placed a friendly smile on my face to greet the receptionist and opened up the box of donuts only to find that it is empty. "Dammit," I muttered under my breath. I looked up to find someone staring back at me. He looked at me with a donut in his hand and waved.

"Looks like I got the last one Swan," he said to me. That smug faced, cocky assed, sexy as hell, son of a bitch, stole my donut. Edward Cullen strikes again. Who is Edward Cullen you ask? Well, let me give you a little history about Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.

I have known Edward Cullen since Kindergarten. I have hated Edward Cullen since Kindergarten. Yes, I know I said he was sexy, don't get me wrong. Believe me, he is sexy as hell with his copper colored hair, green eyes, chiseled chest, plump lips……But he is also an arrogant, cocky, self absorbed son of a bitch as well.

I remember walking into my Kindergarten class excited as hell to make new friends. The teacher had us all sit down and told us that we were going to be playing a game called musical chairs. We played happily and laughed.

Finally it was me, Edward, and two other people playing. We marched around the chairs to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb and suddenly the music stopped. I turned around and there wasn't a seat available. And there Edward sat. Even at the age of five, sitting there in his Velcro shoes and Transformers t-shirt, he was cocky. He just looked at me and said "Looks like I got the last one, Bella."

And then, in middle school, we had a tryout for a school play. There were only so many parts to go around, so I had practiced and practiced until I knew all the lines I needed. Then the day came when the cast would be posted up on the gym doors.

I made my way over to the crowd and scanned the names. And there, in the last spot, was the name I dreaded to see. And of course, cocky assed as ever, he turns around saying "Looks like I got the last one Swan."

It happened again in High School. The debate team was accepting new members and only had limited spots. I bet you can never guess who got the last one. That's right. Edward Fucking Cullen.

Then, in college, I figured I might could get away from Mr. Cocky. And I did until I was up for an internship here at the paper. Of course, there were limited spots available. I had no idea Edward had even went into journalism.

So I was shocked when he was listed as a candidate that would attend the meeting where the interns would be announced. And once again, in front of a room full of people, he had gotten the last internship available.

And he looked at me and winked. That's right, the asshole winked at me and said his famous parting lines "Looks like I got the last one Swan." I have never wanted to punch a human so much in my life than I had at that moment, and that is saying a lot.

So, since I didn't get the internship, I had to wait 6 months before being hired. And now, Edward and I both work here at the Seattle Times.

And this morning, the bastard stole my donut. Yep, I was right. Today is gonna suck hard.


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