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I was afraid as Edward hovered over me, expecting me to say that I wanted him and that I still loved him. I kept thinking he would just get off of me and leave me alone. I didn't know what was worse, the fact that he slapped me and didn't care that it hurt, calling me a slut, or the position that I was currently in. I was trapped under him with no way of getting away unless he decided to let me go.

I knew that no matter what happened, I had to believe that Jasper and Carlisle would save me from the hell that I was currently in. I just hoped that they would arrive soon before Edward did something that I would never be able to recover from, emotionally or mentally. Couldn't he see that I didn't want him? Why didn't he just understand that I wanted him to just let me go?

I felt like I was going to be sick, but I truly hoped that I would pass out because I didn't want to be conscious when he did whatever he was planning to do with me. Oh god, would he really go as far as to take me against my will? The thought of that caused tears to slide down my face. Please let Jasper and Carlisle make it in time.

"Edward, don't do this, please," I cried. "I won't say the things you want me to because they would all be lies. Get off of me, please," I pleaded.

I knew the second my words registered because he looked as if someone had ripped his heart out and for a moment I felt bad for hurting him, but that emotion was quickly squashed when Jasper came bursting through the door. He was crouched, bearing his teeth, and I was so relieved in that moment to see him.

"Get the fuck off of her." Jasper spat and Edward jumped off of me, quickly dropping down to a crouch.

"You sure you really want to do this? You're never going to defeat me," Edward snarled, his words dripping with venom.

With Edward in a crouch, ready to fight Jasper, I scooted up on the couch and away from Edward as quickly and as silently as possible. I knew, however, that he heard me. Jasper's eyes never left mine as he watched me move further away from Edward. I curled myself into a ball and prayed that things would be over soon. I wanted to feel safe again and the only way that would happen would be for Edward to die. His death would allow me to be safe again.

The menacing growls coming from Jasper were eerie and had they been directed at me, I surely would have been terrified, but Edward didn't seem to be afraid. No, he sounded just as dangerous as Jasper and the fear that I may lose him was unbearable. I tried to hold on to hope, that we would be safe again. That we would walk away from this nightmare unscathed, but luck was never on my side. I was after all, a danger magnet.

I moved to crawl over the arm of the couch so I could get further away from Edward, but he stopped me. Before I knew what was happening, he snatched me up by my arm. My feet were dangling about a foot from the ground. I didn't know what to do, so I did the only thing I could think of. I swung my leg back and kicked Edward with as much force as I could muster.

The only thing my action caused was the bones in my foot to break. I screamed out in pain, but it wasn't enough. Edward threw me towards the wall, but before I made impact with the wall, Jasper caught me.

Edward came charging at us and we all went crashing through the window. The searing pain as glass cut through my flesh was so intense, yet I didn't scream out again. The impact caused me to go flying through the air and when I hit the ground, everything went black.


I couldn't take it anymore. Jasper left yesterday and when Charlotte finally got him on the phone, he confirmed our suspicions, he had killed a human. I wanted to be angry with him or disappointed, but all I kept thinking about was whether or not I was ever going to see Bella again. The thought of never looking at her beautiful face or holding her in my arms caused an unbearable pain to form in my chest. I felt like I couldn't breathe even though I had no need for oxygen.

The pain in my chest got worse; the thoughts of never seeing Bella again began coming faster. I felt like my world was spiraling out of control. I didn't know what to do or how to get her back, but I had to get her back. Surely the pain I was feeling would kill me if I didn't find a way to save Bella.

I couldn't just sit here and wait. It was pure torture not knowing what Edward was doing to her. Oh god, what if he hurt her or worse, forced himself on her? I'd kill him myself. Before I even realized that I had moved, I was running as fast as I could through the forest, following Jasper's scent. I didn't even recall standing up or walking outside, but somehow I managed to pick up the scent that I needed.

I kept running, pushing my legs as fast as they could go, never stopping. The only thought in my mind was Bella. I had to find her. I wanted to hold her, kiss her, tell her how much I loved her, but I couldn't do that if I didn't get her back. I wanted to promise her that I would never allow anything or anyone to cause her pain, ever again. I would find a way to keep her safe from danger and as soon as I had her back, I would prove to her that I was in fact capable of protecting her from whatever may come our way.

I just had to get her back first. What if I'm too late? What if Jasper doesn't reach her in time? What if he can't even find her? I shook my head, trying to dispel my negative thoughts because I refused to believe that my time with Bella was already over. No, I had to believe that I had more time with her. I had to believe that she, Jasper, and I would be together again and soon.

I had to have faith that I would be reunited with her again. I pushed my legs even faster and continued following Jasper's scent. Just when I began to think that all hope was lost, I caught the scent of human blood and not just any blood, it was Bella's. I listened to my surroundings and I could hear her heartbeat, but it wasn't a steady, strong beat. It was faint and beating far too slowly. The fear of what I might see when I finally reached her nearly brought me to my knees, but I fought the urge and kept running.

It wasn't until I came upon a small cottage that my fear became a reality. There before my eyes was my girl lying on the ground, bloody and broken. I rushed to her side and fell to my knees, immediately checking her injuries. I had to bite back the sob that was threatening to come forth.

My body was shaking with the exertion to not crush her to my chest and just sob until she awoke. She was unconscious and her heart was only barely beating. Without a moment of hesitation, I cradled my love in my arms gently and after whispering my apologies to her, I sank my teeth in her neck. I pushed as much venom into her system as possible, sealing the wound and then biting her on each of her wrists.

Once those wounds were sealed, I stood up with her still in my arms and began running away from the cottage, away from danger. I had no idea where Jasper or Edward was, but I hoped with all hope that Jasper was safe and that he would be joining us soon. Unfortunately, luck was not on my side because Edward was suddenly standing directly in front of me, missing an arm.

For the first time in over one hundred years of knowing him, he truly looked like a vampire. I was terrified, not for myself, but for the woman that I loved, still cradled safely in my arms. I began to look around myself frantically, searching for a way to get Bella away from Edward so as not to cause her anymore harm. I didn't have to wait for long for an escape route to come to fruition. Jasper was to my left and growling in a crouch, ready to attack.


When Edward threw Bella, all I could think about was catching her before she hit the wall. However, I wasn't expecting Edward to charge at us sending all three of us through the window. I instantly smelled blood, but it didn't stop Edward's attack. Bella was thrown from my arms and when she hit the ground, I heard a sickening crack.

I kicked Edward and sent him flying into a tree, giving me time to get to Bella. I ran to her and dropped to my knees, but I didn't have a chance to check her injuries before he was running towards me again. The fight between us quickly turned deadly, we were both looking to kill each other.

He was definitely stronger than me since he had been feeding off of humans. I had only fed once and even though his strength was greater than mine, my combat skills far surpassed his. I managed to rip one of his arms off, but not before hit bit me on my shoulder.

His venom burned like fire and I momentarily lost all control. I flung him off of me and he sailed into the woods, but I wasn't finished with him. No, I was only just getting started. I chased after him and slammed into him with all my strength. We continued fighting and somewhere in the back of my mind, I kept thinking about Bella. Unfortunately, my thoughts were distracting enough for him to get in a few good hits.

We were far enough away from the cottage that I could no longer hear Bella's heartbeat and that only made me fight harder. Was this his plan? To get me so far away that he would have someone come and take her from me again. I shuddered at the thought and fought him with everything I had. Even though he was missing an arm, it didn't seem to deter him. He was better at fighting than I had expected.

I knew the fight was turning deadly and I hoped that my time in the Southern wars were enough to allow me to come out of this battle alive. My thoughts were everywhere and Edward continued to take that to his advantage. Somehow he managed to toss me through the trees where I hit a boulder. I heard him running, but knew he was running away from me. Oh god, he's running back to Bella.

I jumped up and began running back as well, but he was faster than me. I made it back to the cottage and Bella or Edward was nowhere to be seen. I could smell Carlisle's scent and prayed that he had gotten to Bella before Edward did. I started running again, following Edward's scent and soon enough I found him standing in front of Carlisle.

Edward was looking at Carlisle with such distaste and I could feel Carlisle's fear. He had Bella cradled to his chest and I was able to see the bite marks that Carlisle gave her. She would soon be one of us.

I knew I had to get Bella and Carlisle away from here and I had to get them to safety as quickly as possible. I just had to get Edward to pay more attention to me than the love of my life, so she would no longer be in danger.

"Carlisle, get Bella out of here now." The words barely left my mouth before I was attacking Edward again. I would not allow him to walk away from this fight alive, for if I did, he would surely come after us again and again. I was able to quickly remove his other arm, but not before he ended up tearing my left arm off.

I could hear footsteps quickly approaching us, but I knew that I couldn't allow myself to check to see who was coming. Just as I was about to go in for the kill, a streak of blonde hair came flying past me. Rosalie. She plowed into Edward with so much force that it knocked them both to the ground.

Rose didn't stop her attack though, if anything, she only attacked even harder. She was fierce and an unstoppable force. Before I could intervene, she ripped Edward's head from his shoulders with a sickening sound. The sound of metal being ripped apart is something that one would never forget.

Rose dropped to the ground with Edward's head still in her hands. I ran over to her and noticed that her leg was only hanging on by a thread. She no longer looked fierce instead she looked like a small child that needed comfort. Emmett came barreling through the trees and rushed to her side. She had somehow gotten to us before he did.

Emmett lifted Rose into his arms and turned to look at me before speaking. "Take care of that piece of shit because if I ever see him again, it'll end in a pyre burning him to nothing but ashes." He walked away at a slow human pace, not looking back.

I quickly gathered Edward's head as well as his body and carried him back to the cottage. Emmett may have wanted him dead, but I on the other hand, wanted him to suffer. I dropped him on the ground a little ways away from the door and went in search of his arms. I kept his head with me though so he couldn't fuse himself back together.

After finding his arms and my arm, I went back to the cottage where I would begin my torture. I found chains in the basement and decided that it was time to let the fun begin. Chaining his arms to two different walls as well as his body, I place his head in front of the fireplace.

I started a fire and made sure that Edward would be able to see me sitting on the sofa. I stared at him for a moment, thinking of my plans to torture him until he begged for death. Even beheaded, the bastard was still capable of reading my thoughts.

"I'll never beg for death you piece of shit. Put me back together so we can fight. What you are doing is cowardice. You don't deserve Bella. She needs a real man and that sure as fuck isn't you," he spat.

"Are you finished?" I asked calmly even though I was feeling anything but calm. "Bella has a real man, two in fact. Now, as for what I am going to do with you, that's quite simple."

I stood up and walked over to the wall that his left arm was chained to and tore it from its confines. I made my way over to where Edward's head was and dropped the arm on the floor in front of him. I decided before I continued with my torture on him that I should probably put my arm back on, but quickly changed my mind.

I needed to speed things along so I could get back to Bella. Lifting Edward's arm, I thought about tossing it in the fire, but changed my mind at the last minute. Edward roared, reading my thoughts no doubt, and I laughed a laugh that I haven't heard from myself in a very long time.

Picking Edward up by the hair, I chained him to the wall that his left arm once was. I grabbed my arm and licked the edge with my tongue, coating it in venom and held it in place so it could begin to fuse back together.

"Sorry, but I must be going now. You see, Bella is transforming, and I want to be there when she awakens. I would love to continue torturing you, but I think Bella would enjoy finishing you off."

I made my way over to his right arm and after plucking it from the chains; I tucked both of his arms to my side and headed for the door. He'd be useless without any arms even if he was to somehow get loose.

I turned back to face him and matched his glare with my own. "I'll be back soon." I didn't wait for a reply, simply walked out the door, I took off running towards Bella and Carlisle. I soon found them out in the middle of a clearing and rushed to their sides.

All of them were there. Peter and Charlotte were sitting next to Carlisle and Emmett and Rose were kneeling by Bella's head. I knelt down on the other side of Carlisle and he quickly took one of my hands. I placed my other hand on Bella's arm and tried to take away the pain she was feeling.

I couldn't understand why she wasn't screaming or crying out. She was simply laying there and looking as if she were sleeping peacefully. I turned to Carlisle for some answers and as if he could read my mind he whispered, "She hasn't screamed once."

Silence fell over us and we all just continued to stare at Bella. I took a second to notice that Rose's leg was fully healed and she gave me a small smile, quickly averting her attention back to Bella. Charlotte looked exhausted and Peter looked like he was about to burst. Apparently he knew something and was waiting to share with us. I had long since run out of patience and I wanted to know what the fuck he knew now.

"What the fuck do you know?" I barked at Peter, which caused him to give me one of his knowing smiles.

"She'll be magnificent and trust me when I say that she'll be very grateful that you didn't dispose of Edward. She wants to be the one that finishes him off."

All eyes were currently on me. Each member of my family, except Bella, was looking at me with curiosity. I shrugged, "He's chained to the walls in the cottage, both his arms are right here, I nodded my head in the direction where I dropped them and I really wanted to leave him for Bella in case she decided that she wanted a piece of him. By the way, thank you Rose."

"You're welcome Jasper and I think Bella would want to be the one that rids the world of Edward, too." Rose said with a smile.

We all became silent once again and it was only seconds later when a high piercing scream filled the air. Bella was finally screaming out in agony and no matter how much calm, serenity, and peace I sent to her, it did nothing to stop the high pitched screams. We just sat there waiting for the longest three days of our lives to finally come to an end. Once that time was up and Edward was taken care of, we would be able to start our lives together.

I just hoped that we wouldn't have anymore obstacles standing in our way in the future. I wanted to be able to just live and love and be happy. Of course, luck had never been on our side and Bella was after all a danger magnet, but maybe, just maybe we would get lucky. I hope.

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