The Ending of Flipped:

I also can't stop wondering about Bryce. What has he been trying to tell me? What's he thinking about?

I know he's home because he looks out his window from time to time. A little while ago he put his hand up and waved. And I couldn't help it-I gave a little wave back.

So maybe I should go over there and thank him for the tree. Maybe we would sit on his porch and talk. It just occurred to me that in all the years we've known each other, we've never done that. Never really talked.

Maybe my mother's right. Maybe there is more to Bryce Loski than I know.

Maybe it's time to meet him in a proper light.

I gave my tree a few more splashes of water before turning off the hose. I contemplated on if I should go over there. Go over to Bryce's. Talk. But I didn't have time to decide. Because when I looked over, there he was. He was coming over here, with a big smile on his face, his hand up in the air to give me another wave. My brain went mute and my heart took over. I smiled, waved, and went over to meet him halfway.