The Near Future.

"Mom!" A three year old strongly built little boy, with bright green eyes, came tumbling towards me. "Mommy, can we pretty please go on that!" His chubby fingers pointed at a Ferris wheel. "Please." His green eyes watered and I could already see the big fat tears running down his cheeks.

I laughed however, because it was just like my son Kiseki. It was just like him to remind me of his uncle Ren, to shine those tears whenever he wanted something. No matter how many times I told him that was unnecessary he would continue to do so. His father Kazuma however had another way of handling it.

"Kiseki!" Kazuma, my husband, his father, reprimanded. "You do not cry for something, you demand!"

"Kazuma!" I yelled now. "Don't teach him things."

"Oh, really? I suppose you can teach him better, Ayano." His laughter scared some of the people around us.

"Be quiet." I gave him a dirty look.

Kiseki's small little hand grabbed mine and he began to tug. "I want to ride that!"

Kazuma and I flashed each other knowing looks. I remembered the first time I rode this Ferris wheel with Kazuma and I remembered the second. It was now going to be our third time riding it and we were not going to be alone. We were going to be with our Miracle.

I allowed Kiseki to drag me behind him, and I felt Kazuma grab my free hand. My heart quickened, I was still amazed and surprised everyday with his touch. Every day when we laid in bed together my heart would pound the hardest its ever pounded. Every day when he wraps his arms around me, and inhales at my neck, my breath begins to come in ragged and shallow. I start feeling dizzy, and I start thinking Kiseki truly is a miracle for I can't even move!

Since Kazuma and I told each other how we felt, we became inseparable. We were in all the sense already together, despite it not being legal or anything. He would come to my room every night, and every night we'd spend hours telling each other about those 4 years we missed. He knew everything there was to know about me, and I knew everything there was to know about him.

There was one thing that was missing to explore, to know, to understand, but it never became a problem for him, so it seemed. I was the one growing desperate for his touch, I felt like I was the only one who craved for more. I couldn't make a move however. I feared rejection far too much.

After two years of going on dates, and talking endlessly about our worries, our feelings, the feeling I was dying to hear about was told. It was mentioned outside my bedroom door, the only noise was the flame from the torch above us.

"Ayano," His brooding burgundy eyes, landed on my own. "I've been meaning to tell you something, for quite some time now."

My breath hitched. "Really? What is it?"

"I love you." I thought he might have continued, but he hadn't, and although I loved hearing him say he loved me I remember feeling the disappointment.

"I love you too." I replied quickly, I wanted to run to my bathroom. I could pretend to need to take another shower, I had thought childishly. I was still a teenager, being only nineteen.

"I asked your father a year ago to give me his blessing in marrying you." His eyes burned with the flames he could never summon. "I wanted to ask you as soon as I received his blessing, believe me I did, but I couldn't. You were still so young. I thought you might want to enjoy your younger years a little more, and you still are young!" He began shaking his head as if he couldn't believe he was doing this. "You still deserve to go out with young boys who aren't going to demand so much of you, you still deserve to have no worries, but who am I kidding?"

I smiled at him, but I let him continue because I could almost visibly see his shoulders relaxing and his facial expressions growing less tense, "You're a Kannagi, your worries start from a very young age to begin with. Plus I'm much too selfish these days to keep you away from me." He wrapped his arms around my waist, without breaking eye contact.

A sudden gust of wind lifted us both from the ground and started guiding us towards the city. "I thought I would never love again, I was wrong. I love you more than anything in the world. I'd give up everything just to have you by my side." My heart pounded, it swelled with so much joy at his words. Suddenly we stopped, I broke eye contact with him to see we were right above a park with hundreds of Cherry Blossom Trees beneath us, they were so beautiful from above. Almost like a bed of flowers.

"Ayano," he gently took my chin in hand. "Will you marry me?" An enormous, beautiful diamond ring floated towards me and stopped right above my right hand.

Of course I said yes, and of course I was married a few weeks after that. I mean, really? I had the wedding of every girl's dreams, money not being a problem and less than a year later out popped out my baby boy Kiseki.

My father chose his name and although it wouldn't have been my first choice I can now understand why my father wanted that name. When Kiseki was two, a little six year old boy (one of his many cousins) was playing with fire. Honestly how uncommon is that in the Kannagi household? Kiseki feared the ball of fire that was bouncing around him, we all explained to him nothing was to happen to him, but when the fire ball grew to close he screamed and with a flick of his wrist he gushed out a very powerful Wind Purification, everyone was shocked including me.

However Kazuma and my Father Jūgo laughed and high fived each other. Admittedly many branch family members were angered and actually didn't want Kiseki to be allowed near the rest of the children, but I thought nothing of it. My son was going to be the head of the Kannagi family flames or no flames.

Another day, this was actually a few weeks ago, one of the boys was teasing Kiseki. He stole his ball and was taunting him. I could see them from my bedroom window, furious I was to make the little boy pay, Kazuma held me back.

"Our son can handle himself." He smiled at me.

"He is just barely three!"

"He is three." He shook his head disbelievingly, "His training will start soon so just watch."

Kiseki screamed and wailed for me, but I couldn't move, Kazuma wouldn't allow me. I was too absorbed in my own anger I didn't notice Kiseki. Kiseki screamed louder now, his little hands squeezed tight into fist.

"GIVE ME MY BALL BACK!" Flames of pure anger erupted from inside of him and his entire body was engulfed with flames, Kazuma let me go now and as I ran his way his ball was forgotten.

"Kiseki, my strong boy!"

Kiseki had inherited two gifts and he was the only one we knew of his kind. My miracle, Kiseki.

I was brought back to my surroundings when Kazuma whispered in my ear, "What're you thinking about?"

I looked around, we were already sitting in the little cart and the Ferris wheel was stopping every few seconds to let more people on. Kiseki sat directly in front of us, completely entertained and engulfed with the different sites around him that he was paying no attention to Kazuma and me.

Kazuma's arm was wrapped around my shoulders, and I leaned in towards him. I looked up at him smiling, he smiled back. His smile seemed so pure and blissful, "I was thinking about the things that make me the happiest in life."

"And they are?" He wiggled his eyebrows teasingly.

I giggled, feeling like a teenager again. "Kiseki."

He frowned. "That makes me happy too, but I was hoping…."

"I would say you?" I winked.

"Well, do I?" I could've imagined the nervousness in his voice.

"Almost as happy as Kiseki." I kissed his chin; it felt all prickly from the whiskers he's been letting himself grow. "Of course I'd die for either of you."

"You better not, that's my job."

"Mommy! Daddy! Look, look, look!" He jumped in on my lap and laid his head on Kazuma's chest. Kazuma ruffled his Ren-like blonde hair and looked where he was looking.

The sunset, so beautiful so peaceful. This was how my life would be for the rest of eternity. Beautiful and peaceful. As I laid my head on Kazuma's shoulder and took hold of Kiseki's chubby little hands, I knew there was no way anything could ever come between this happiness this bond we have because neither of us would allow.

I'm in love with Kazuma. I love my son more than anything. And right here, right now watching the sunset together from a Ferris wheel, I knew this wouldn't end.