As the Academy students entered the room, they noticed Iruka kept glancing at the door while looking nervous. "Er...Iruka-sensei?" He jumped ten feet out of his chair, screaming. He clung to the ceiling light, looking abashed. "S-Sorry. You startled me, Naruto." They sat down as the door slid open, and a 11-year-old girl with dirty blonde hair stepped into the room, glancing around her. She wore a bottlecap necklace, radish earrings, and some type of glasses that made her look like an owl. Iruka looked up. "Um, everyone, this is Luna Lovegood." She smiled a little too widely, and looked around for a seat. She skipped over, and swung into a seat between Naruto and Sasuke. Sakura and Ino made a deep growling noise in their throats.

She looked over at Sasuke, and began swatting the air around him. She lept out of her seat, and began clapping her hands on thin air, making it look as though she was trying to catch a fly. Everyone began turning to look at her since Iruka-sensei had left. Finally, Naruto broke the silence. "Um...what are you doing?"

"There are Wrackspurts by his head. I have to catch them before they float into his brain and make it go all fuzzy." Sakura whispered in Ino's ear, "I think the Wrackspurts already got to her." They began laughing. Luna smiled as she clapped her hands shut, and sat down, opening her hands slowly. Her smile faded as she stared down at the fly in her palm.

Luna made her way slowly back to her home that evening, when a voice called out from behind her. "Hey, Luna! Wait up!" She turned around to see Naruto racing towards her. "Oh, hello, Naruto."

"Hey. Would you like to go get some ramen?" She smiled. "I'd like that very much. Thank you."

"So, I'm gonna become Hokage someday!" Luna smiled as they made their way back to her home. "You'd make a wonderful Hokage, I'm sure." He grinned in embarrassment, scratching his head. "Um, right...So, what about you? What's your story? Other than the fact you just moved here with your dad, we know absolutely nothing about you!"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Well...my father is editor of the 'Quibbler'. I don't like dancing very much. I like drawing and painting." Naruto laughed. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing. You just...you're not like most girls, Luna." Her eyes widened. "N-No! I wasn't making fun of you!"

"Oh. All right. Naruto?"


"Thank you for showing me around. It was quite like having a friend." She kissed him on the cheek, then opened the gate, and skipped up the walkway. Naruto just stood there in shock.

Six months later...

"We will now start the exams. If your name is called, come to the classroom next door. The final test will be on the Clone Jutsu." Luna pulled out the 'Quibbler', waiting for her turn to be called. "Lovegood, Luna." She didn't look up. "Lovegood, Luna! LOVEGOOD, LUNA! LUNA! LUNA!" Naruto snapped his fingers in front of the magazine, and she looked up. "Oh, is it my turn already? I must have zoned out..." She stood up, and Naruto wished her luck.

One week later...

"LUNA! HEY, LUNA! WAKE UP!" Luna sat up, rubbing her eyes. She went downstairs. "Good morning, Naruto. Why are you here so early?"

"Today's the day we are assigned to a team! I hope you and I are put together." He grabbed her hand, and dragged her out the front door.

Luna and Naruto made their way down the street. Kohonamaru lept out from behind a cloth. "YOU'RE MINE, NARUTO!" He tripped and fell flat on his face. "Uh, what are you doing, Konohamaru?" He stood up. "H-Hey! Who's your girlfriend!" He pointed at Luna, who had her nose buried in the Quibbler. She looked up, wearing Spectrespecs. "Naruto, we have to get to Orientation."

"Oh, yeah! Right! LET'S GO!" He seized her hand, and ran through the streets. Somehow, she was getting used to being a drag chute for him.

Luna slid into a seat between Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha, put on her Spectrespecs, and disappeared behind the Quibbler once again. Naruto looked up as he heard Sakura Haruno's voice, and blushed. She looked over, and smiled. She's smiling at me! I think she likes me in this headband! She ran over, and he stood up, waving. "Hi, Sakura, what's-"

"OUTTA MY WAY!" She shoved him, and looked over at Sasuke. "Uh, good morning, Sasuke. Mind if I sit next to you?"

"Back off, forehead! I'm sitting next to Sasuke!" Apparently, neither of them had noticed Luna yet.

"I was here first!"

"I walked into the classroom before you did! Everybody saw it!"

"Dream on!" Other girls walked over, and joined the argument. Luna put down her magazine, and began watching with wide eyes. Finally, Sasuke spoke. "Look, if you all paid attention, you'd have noticed someone was already sitting here."

They all looked over at Luna. "Loony LOVEGOOD! How come YOU get to sit next to Sasuke!" Luna looked over. "Oh, was he sitting here? I didn't really notice. But that does explain the Wrackspurts in the area..." She began clapping at the air above his head again. He looked up to see Naruto glaring at him. Why are they so obssessed with him! SASUKE, SASUKE, SASUKE! What's the big deal with this guy! The only girl in here with any sense is Luna! Just then, the boy in front of Naruto bumped him, sending him forward. They both began gagging. Luna gasped. "Oh, Nargles are positively running wild today!" She draped cork-bottle necklaces around the boys' necks. "This should keep them away!" All the girls screamed. "HOW DARE SHE TOUCH SASUKE!"

"SHE'LL PAY FOR THAT!" Sasuke sighed, frowning. "Leave her alone." Everyone turned to look at him. Iruka entered the room. "As of today, you are all shinobi of Konohagakure. To get here, you face difficult trials and hardships. But that's nothing. What comes next will be far more difficult. Now you're only Genin, first level shinobi. Many of the Genin will be grouped into three-man squads. However, due to Miss Lovegood's presence, one team will have four Genin on it. Each squad will be led by a Jonin." I pity the poor Jonin who has to look after Miss Lovegood, though... Sakura and Ino looked up. "3-man-squads?"

"Like I said before, there will be one four-man squad, but essentially, yes." Ino smirked. "Well, someone's gonna be in Sasuke's group. I wonder who..."

"I don't know." Naruto looked over at the two he hoped would be on his team. I wanna be with Sakura, and Luna's always good for a laugh when I need one. "We want each squad to have a balance of strengths and abilities, so that's how we set them up. I will now announce the squads."