Remus Lupin arrived at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, smiling fondly at the broad castle

Remus Lupin arrived at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, smiling fondly at the broad castle.

There wasn't much to smile at these days, but the sight of his old school was heart warming.

Remus continued up the stone steps, going through the double doors. As soon as he stepped inside, professor Minerva Mcgonagall came rushing towards him, her black hair pulled back in a bun, a few strands hanging out loosely. Remus wondered how long her hair was. Minerva had square glasses that didn't do much to her elegant features. Remus had seen her with out glasses once and she was, in fact, very pretty with glamorous green eyes.

He often wondered why she was so cold. . . so distant from everyone. She seemed to try not to get close to anyone. Had she been in a tragic relationship before? Whatever the reason, Minerva McGonagall always seemed like a sad, lonely woman, and it broke Remus' heart to see anyone like this.

"Remus," she said, like a robot, stopping in front of him. "So good to see you again."

"And you too," Remus told his former professor/classmate. Remus remembered her in her seventh year, when he was in his first. She ad looked so much younger than, now she looked twice as old as Albus Dumbledore.

It was almost funny, Dumbledore was very old , compared to Minerva, and full of youth. While Minerva acted old enough to be in a nursing.

"Dumbledore has instructed me to take you to your residence. Do you have your stuff with you?" Minerva asked.

I opened my clutched right hand to show one mini suitcase and one trunk. I had used the shrinking spell to make it easy to travel. She nodded, and motioned me to follow her down the hall.

"We have decided it would be best if you weren't too near the kids, with the exception of Harry, Ron and Hermoine. We don't want any trouble from the ministry."

"I understand," Remus said.

And he did. A werewolf had bitten Remus at an early age. And any wizard knows that a werewolf bite causes the victim to transform every new moon. It was an unfortunate curse, but he had learnt to deal with it. There was at least a potion now that would make him completely harmless, using his human mind in a wolf's body.

"So, we have added an unnoticeable room at the back of Hagrid's hut. That's where you will sleep." Minerva said.

They were making their way across the open glass area. Remus could se his home sweet home all ready. It was a ruddy old shack like building, but it would do fine. She was right about the barely noticeable room. It wasn't even there. Must be invisible.

Remus saw the giant man with a long shaggy beard step out of the hut, a welcoming smile plastered on his face. He was waving and yelled "Hello there Remus! Nice ta see yah, 'gin,"

Remus smiled up at the half giant, and stuck out his hand. Hagrid shook it, and Remus' hand hurt for many days after.

"Nice to see you again too. You've been watching out for Harry?"

Harry Potter was his reason for being here. He was the son of one of his best friends, James Potter. James and his wife Lily had been killed by the Dark Lord Voldemort, but Harry had escaped. Now Voldemort was again trying to take over the world and kill Harry.

Lupin wanted to be here to support Harry, and be there for him. Harry's godfather, Sirius Black, had asked him to do it, but he had been thinking about it anyways.

"Oh, Harry's jus' fine. 'e don't really need much help from me."

"Don't be silly Hagrid," Minerva scoffed.

Hagrid smiled his joyous and bashful smile.

IN lupin's opinion, Hagrid was just about the most loyal, faithful friend a person could have. It was nice to know there were still people like him around, Lupin grimaced.

"I'm sure Hagrid will be glad to show you to your room, and when you're done, please come meet with Dumbledore and I in his office," with that, she spun around, heading back to the castle.

"What a tragic person she is," Lupin remarked.

"Yer right about that," Hagrid said.


Lupin's room was small, but cozy. Simple, but elegant. There was a wooden bedroom set which included a nightstand, bed, desk and dresser. He had a closet also, with a bar and a rack. There was a yellow rug in the middle of the wooden floor.

He unpacked his brand new robes. Funny, when he was in the public eye all the time, he had the shabbiest robes around. Now that he would be locked away, he had neat and tidy robes.

He had a bunch of notebooks, old ones and unused ones. They were like journals in a way. He liked to jot down observations and his feelings. He put these, along with his quills, in the dresser.

He had a few photo albums, and a supply of money to last him a while, which he put n the rack in the closet.

There were a few necessities like brush and toothpaste that he put in one of his dresser drawers. He also had a few books that he planned to read.

That was pretty much all he needed for a year at Hogwarts.

HE headed for Dumbledore's office.


"Dumbledore, do you think it was a good idea to let Lupin come back?" Minerva McGonagall asked her boss/consultant/friend.

She was nervous at the prospect of having Remus back at Hogwarts, but she wasn't sure why. Okay, that was a lie. She was afraid the ministry would get wind of the situation. And it they did? What could they do, really? They were keeping him away from the students. But she was filled with anxiety anyhow, and no matter what Dumbledore said. . .

"Yes. If Lupin believes being here will benefit Harry, than so be it. I trust Lupin, he's been very helpful to me, especially since Voldemort's risen to power again. And with him close by, he can help even more."

Minerva saw the realistic point of view Dumbledore was giving her.

"I suppose you're right then," she said, flopping into one of the leather chairs. She glanced at her watch. "When will he get here?" she exclaimed.

"Oh, no rush Minerva. Lupin needs time to unpack."

Just then, they heard the door open and close. Dumbledore smiled at the healthy looking man who walked in the door.

Minerva smiled also, a thin-lipped smile. Could he hear her heart pounding? She felt herself burning as he smiled back, and sat in the chair next to her. Calm yourself Minerva.

Remus' appearance had certainly changed since the last time she'd seen him. Everything about him was pleasant. His eyes, and smile reminded her of sunshine rays, powerful ones. She had to admit Remus was a very Handsome. Oh that wasn't that hard to admit. His gray speckled hair was more fitting now that he was. . . let's see. . . Minerva was six years old than him. . . so he would be. . . thirty-seven years old. She could still see most of the light brown hair that had covered his head when she had been his teacher twenty years ago. And his face was chubbier, but not in a bad way. He had been so skinny before, that he could have been unhealthy. He was a bit taller than her, but not by much.

He was such an intelligent person. She remembered that from when she was younger. Interesting ideas he had, and he was so much more mature than anyone in his class. She could talk to him like she could talk to Dumbledore. He had a romantic aspect about him. . . so charming and clever. . .

Minerva straightened herself out. She could be falling in love with him now, really! True, there was once a time. . . a long time ago. . . fifteen years ago. . . his seventh year. . . He kept helping her after class; because he had been such a kind boy, and they would talk. . . something could have happened.

Maybe that was why she was nervous.


She headed back to her office shortly after Remus had arrived. Dumbledore had politely kicked her out. Sometimes that man could make her so. . . but he was like a father to her, after all he had taken her in, after her parents had decided they didn't want her anymore.

Minerva quickly pushed that thought away. There was nothing to be gained from that. The past is the past, and it's better shoved away as quickly as possible.

She stepped on a cord like thing, and heard a squeal. She looked down and there was that infernal cat, Mrs. Norris.

"You stupid cat," she said, feeling bad.

Minerva continued down the hallway, through the Gryffindor's fat lady portrait, and quickly walked by the lonely empty common room.

Her room was at the end of a hallway in the Gryffindor house, a door with her name on it in gold letters. She had just moved back in, so it didn't feel quite like home yet.

She unlocked it with her key; she didn't trust some of the professors, Snape at the top of her list.

Minerva stepped inside and flicked on the light.

The room was very plain, white walls, carpet, blanket, bedroom set. Like a white wonderland. What happen to the color? She didn't mind plain. She didn't have the imagination for anything else. There was a bathroom included with the room. All the heads of houses got to live in the house (a disadvantage) but got they're own bathrooms. Dumbledore did also, of course.

OH, it had been so painful four years ago, when Remus had taught. Every time she had seen him, her heart had rushed up, her breathing quickened and her face burned. She was going to do better this time.

She didn't want to get her hopes up by being friends with Remus. She didn't want to feel the heartbreak that she had felt when he had graduated.


Dumbledore paused a moment before he answered Remus' question. "She's terribly unhappy. I worry about her constantly. She needs to love. She needs someone to get through to her. I think her hearts broken."

Remus, who had asked about Minerva, said, "Was she involved with someone?"

"Technically speaking, no, never . . ."

"Technically speaking?" Remus inquired, but Dumbledore paid him no notice.

" . . .If you want to help her, Remus, be her friend. Someone she can turn to. She needs someone in her life she can count on. Heaven knows I've tried."

Remus nodded. "I'll try, Headmaster. I don't think I've ever seen her really happy. The closest she's ever gotten is at the Quidditch final, when I taught here."

Dumbledore returned the nod with a grim one of his own.

Remus left his office a few minutes later, and Dumbledore stared at the door for a long time, wondering.

Maybe Remus was exactly what she needs. He's wrong. She has been happy. She was always happy back when she taught Remus. In his seventh year. He used to pass by her office, and see the two of them working on stuff together. She would be laughing, and he would smile. Dumbledore had been a bit concerned about the situation, but Minerva knew better. It was almost too bad.

Dumbledore prayed Remus could get through to her.


Remus Lupin was starting to reminisce back to his final year at Hogwarts.

"Why are you always hanging around stuffy old McGonagall for?" Sirius had constantly asked him.

"I don't know. Curious I suppose. Don't you guys wonder why she's so sad all the time?" Remus had asked on one occasion.

"She just looks mean to me," Peter Pettigrew had said.

"She's mean, because she sad and lonely. Can't you guys tell?" he had asked.

"I think you like her," James Potter had said softly, looking at Remus with trusting blue eyes.

Remus hadn't known what how to respond to that. SO he punched him. That was the first punch he'd ever given out. And the last.

Remus had to laugh now as he thought about it. He probably had liked her.

James, being the good friend he was, had forgiven him. But he had known. James Potter was not stupid.

Sometimes He was still filled with Sorrow at the expense of the worst killing of Lord Voldemort. James. . . why James? And Lily.

Remus took out one of his photo albums, and flipped it open to a picture of him, peter, Sirius and James. They had been so happy, graduating. The picture was a classic, he thought. Peter was trying to shrink away, but Sirius had him around the neck, laughing. James had his arms crossed, and was giving Remus a look that said, "There they go again!" Sirius had been forever trying to get Peter to lighten up, stop being a cowardly figure. Well . . . maybe he wasn't the coward they had thought he was.

Remus quickly turned the page and landed on a picture of a very young Minerva McGonagall. She was a very pretty woman. Fine black hair, that flowed around her shoulders in this picture. Wonder why she had worn it down? He tried to remember. . . maybe she had worn it down a lot. . . she never does now. . . she had a very elegant shaped face. . . Boy. Remus was attracted to her then, he remembered very clearly now.


Remus Lupin woke up early, and groaned as he turned on his side. There was a cat, peering in the window at him. He stared at it for a moment, before it jumped off the ledge.

He quickly stood up and looked through the window. The Cat had disappeared. Strange. Why would a cat be spying on him? Maybe it was just a common cat from the forest that had nothing better to do. Well, he was up now. Might as well get something to eat. Were the house-elves cooking yet?

Remus was in the mood for something sweet. He remembered the old raspberry patch he use to go to when he was at Hogwarts. Remus had the unfortunate habit of waking up very early in the morning, despite how late he was up. He had been like this as a student, and often took morning walks outside, discovering many of the secrets in the grounds. There was a waterfall he had happen to come upon once. But he could never find it again.

He pulled on a shirt and some pants and crept outside, making sure he wouldn't disturb Hagrid.

It was beautiful, to say the least, outside. The sun wasn't quite up yet, just rising, and it was casting pink gleams of light over the forest and the lake in the distance. The grass was still wet, and it made his feet, which he had forgotten to cover, shiver. The air was calming, and he could smell the magical smell of after rain.

Remus turned around to look at his room, maybe to see if he could catch a glimpse of the cat, but the room wasn't there. That's when he remembered that his room was invisible. Than how could a cat see it?

Remus puzzled over this, and arrived at the lakeshore. The waves were rolling in gently against the sand, and making that indescribable sound. He sat down on the sand and stared out at the lake, until the sun was up all the way, and the lake turned blue again. Too bad water isn't always pink, he thought.

He remembered the reason he had come out here in the first place was to get some raspberries. The patch was along the lake too, against a cliff, the cliff that Hogwarts was on. He traveled along the lake, moving further away from where he had contemplated the pink water. That's when he saw her, up ahead of him.

"Minerva?" he called out.

The witch turned around. It was indeed Minerva McGonagall.

Remus jogged to catch up to her.

"Hello Remus," she said, pleasantly.

"Hello. What brings you out here?" he asked her.

"Oh. . . at the beginning of every school year I like to walk around down here, it calms me down, and helps me to think." She told him, sighing deeply.

She was talking to him, like Sirius would talk to him. She didn't do that much.

"You must have a lot to think about," Remus asked her, cautiously. Maybe this is how he could get her to open up to him, and how he could help her.

Minerva eyed him suspiciously. It was almost as if she knew what he was doing. What was he doing? Did he even know? "Doesn't everyone?" she asked.

"I suppose so." He said.

"Well, Remus, what brings you down here?" she asked.

"Raspberries," he said.

She raised an eyebrow at him. "Raspberries?"

"Yes, when I was a student here, I would always get up early in the morning, and walk around." Remus told her.

"Oh yes, I do remember a few times looking out my window and seeing you walking towards the castle." Minerva McGonagall told him.

"Yes, I had a lot of fun when I was a student. We used to talk a lot than, didn't we?"

Minerva looked at him funny, for a moment. "I suppose. . . I better get back to the castle Remus, I think Dumbledore might want to meet with you."

Back to normal. The friendliness had flown out of her eyes. The warmth in her voice had disappeared. God, woman could turn fast.

"Ah, yes. You're right." He said.

Minerva turned around, and started to walk back to Hogwarts. Remus waited a bit, before headed in the same direction. That was enough trying to be a pal for one day. He did have other things he had to do.

Still . . . there was something about Minerva McGonagall that made him want know everything about her past, about her life, know all her thoughts and feelings, so well that he wouldn't have to ask her. He wanted to know what she loved, hated. He wanted to. . . stop thinking about her. She would never fall in love. . . especially with him.

Remus sighed, a big sigh. Oh shoot. Now he knew why he hadn't been quite sure about returning to Hogwarts. How could he have forgotten?


Minerva McGonagall struggled to climb up the edge of the cliff. What in the world had possessed her to do something as stupid as that? Transforming into a cat, god how could she be so dumb?

It was a good thing that Remus had been in the ravine though, otherwise she might have killed herself. . . no, she would never do that!!

Still. . . she wondered if Remus had known the cat was her? But. . . That must have been a long time ago when he'd last seen her as a cat, probably in a Transformation Class. And if he had known it was her, he most likely would have asked her about it.

He looked so much like a baby, fast asleep in his bed. Minerva felt herself blushing. She decided to hurry up, in case Remus caught up to her.

Why did her bring up the times they had spent together? Why? Was he telling her that he knew she liked him? Or . . . did he. . . could he possibly like her? No, no of course not. Minerva was just not a likable person. A respectable person though. She had spent her whole life trying to be respectable.

She couldn't wait for Hogwarts to start, tomorrow in fact. It would get her mind off of Remus for a while.

The group of student she had this year, were the best she'd ever had. Among them, were the most famous batch of best friends since James Potter and his gang. Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger. Hermoine Granger was so much like herself, it was almost spooky. She figured Hermione would be the Transfiguration teacher when she became headmistress. Harry was eerily like Dumbledore also. She knew he would someday become Headmaster.

Those group of kids, especially Harry, could get away with murder. Dumbledore let them. She hadn't seen why the first few years. . . but they were special. That didn't mean they should get special treatment though. But, maybe Harry was their last hope.

THE END . . . for now.

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