Rule Number One: It's possible to imprint on anyone, regardless of whether or not you know them. You could have just met the person or you could have known them for your entire life. The person you imprint on doesn't necessarily have to be someone you love. Actually it could be quite the opposite; it could very well be someone you hate.


Her eyes were wide with shock and horror as she stared at the bike in the middle of her drive way. Jacob hated to do it, but he just had to do anything within his power to make sure the girl was safe. One day, she'd understand that. One day, she'd thank him.

...that is, if she didn't kill him first. Really, if looks could kill, Jacob would've dropped dead a long time ago.

But, really, it was for her own good. If Bella wouldn't willingly stay away from the blood sucker—well then, Jacob would just have to force her. With a little help from Charlie, of course.

"Isabella Swan!"

Speak of the devil...

Jacob cringed at Charlie's holler. Bella had ignored it, just as Jacob had figured she would. He watched as she stepped out of the vampire's arms and walked towards him, "Jacob Black, how could you?!" Bella demanded, her fists clenched and her eyes narrowed dangerously as she stopped in front of him, "How could you do that to me! I thought you were my friend!"

The younger teen frowned deeply, "Bella, that's why I'm doing this: Because I'm your friend." Jacob pointed out, glancing at her clenched fists. He sincerely hoped she wasn't going to do what he thought she was with them.

"The last time I checked, the definition of a friend wasn't someone who ratted you out to their Dad!" Bella all but hissed, her brown eyes narrowed as she glared up at him and Jacob supposed he deserved that. He deserved her anger, but he was confident that in time she'd realize that he only had her best intentions at heart.

He sighed heavily, holding up his hands in his defense, "No, a friend is someone who protects you from your blood sucking boyfriend." He said in a factual tone. And maybe that wasn't the best thing to say. He would come to realize that in the days that followed. Bella had always been known for her temper so he wondered what had made him say it in the first place.

Jacob watched in stunned horror as the girl raised her fist (it all seemed to move in slow motion in his disbelief of the situation), "Wait, Bel-" But, his words were cut short when the smaller girl's fist connected with the side of his face. And, had he been a normal human being, it probably would've hurt.

But, as it were, he wasn't a normal human being and the punch had damaged Bella more than him. So, with a heavy heart he watched as Bella clutched her hand and bounced back into her leech's arms, all the while wondering why in the hell she had thought to hit him in the first place. She had seen the fights he had gotten into with his pack and the minimal damage they had received. She knew how tough he was, how tough he had to be to undertake what his pack had been destined to do.

"I think that you should let Bella make up her own mind on what she thinks is best for her."

His voice cut through his thoughts like a hot knife through butter. The young werewolf's eyes narrowed as he internally damned the vampire, "I think you should just mind your own damn..." He spoke, his tone biting as he rose to levelly glare back at the dark haired blood sucker. But as soon as his eyes met the other's...something strange came over him. His eyes widened, his heart stilled, and heat rushed to his face. No, no, no, no! He shifted on the spot, choking down the rest of his statement as the cool feeling of shock flooded his system. Shit!

And, upon realizing what he had just done—Shitshitshit, I just imprinted on a vampire?!—he turned and fled into the woods without so much as a good-bye for Bella or a snappy comeback for Cullen.


Bella blinked. She was confused and half tempted to go after her friend (even though he stabbed her in the back, the bastard), but she just couldn't bring herself to act. Though all the confused feelings and the back and forths with herself were suddenly a moot point because Charlie chose that exact moment to pop his head outside and scream for her to come in. Now!

"That was...weird..." She turned, looking up at her boyfriend and she could only silently agree with him as he stared after the werewolf, quiet for the moment. Bella knew he was trying to sift through the thoughts that bombarded his head at the moment to find out why Jacob had run off like he did.

But he appeared to have no luck, looking back down at her, "You should go." He said, threading his hand through her hair, "He's really angry and thinking about grounding you for the rest of your natural life."

Bella sighed heavily, a pout on her face. Being grounded for the rest of her 'natural' life wouldn't make a difference if Edward would just give in and turn her for God's sake, "Yeah, wouldn't want that." She replied, rolling her eyes as she heard the screen door slam closed and her Dad's boots thump against the porch. Apparently he was ready in case he had to get physical to get Bella indoors, "I'll see you tonight?"

"Of course." Her boyfriend replied easily, leaning down to place a chaste kiss on her forehead, "I have to help unpack...again. But, then I'll be back."

The brunette nodded, untangling herself from Edward, missing the coolness of his hand wrapped around her aching one (that was the last time she punched Jacob, that was for sure), "See you then." She said softly so that her fuming father wouldn't hear before she turned and walked towards her fate.