One False Move

(or Operation: One False Move)

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Transmission Connected

Chapter 1: A Calling For an Assembly & the First Clue

Numbuh 362 decided to call an assembly earlier the next morning. All sectors in the KND were told to assemble in the Assembly hall. Rachel also decided to give sector NYC, a chance to breathe and to have a change to cry in her office. While Rachel didn't like to see anyone cry from being hurt, she knew that just by hugging and allowing all the kids in sector NYC to cry will help relieve of them any pain that they did have. Numbuh 362, was also looking into a way to help console them, in turns of using counselors to help this sector and any other kids to grieve properly when they hear the news. Even if the counseling technique was often employed by adults, Numbuh 362 knew this would help make all the kids in KND become stronger and more unified. She will never let any other kid to get killed under her watch as Supreme Leader.

Numbuh 210 was trying very hard to not cry, but Numbuh 211 and Numbuh 214 were both crying. They both lost one of their best friends from this sector. Numbuh 212 was trying to hug both his team mates because this was a huge loss.

After Numbuh 362, asked everyone from the sector NYC if anyone personally had a grudge on Sally Ann, or if any villains threatened them.

No one knew a damn thing, but gosh, Rachel can feel the stress already. She's not even sure how or why this would happen to Numbuh 213. All she knew about Numbuh 213 was that she was energetic, a hard working member in the KND, and most likely wanted to become a nurse of work in the Rainbow Monkeys Roller Coaster Park.

Meanwhile, over in the adult world, the CSI team was processing the scene.

"10 year old, named Sally Ann Parks, according to her school id. Last seen leaving her school around 3:10 pm today. The last person to see her alive was a fellow classmate named Susie. All Susie knew was that Sally Ann was leaving to go to a treehouse to meet up with her other friends. Her parents usually see their daughter home by 7:30 pm. They state that the other friends that she hangs out with help her with her homework and stuff," state Detective Flack to Mac.

All Mac could think was that a little girl like Sally Ann did not deserve to die like this. The crime scene was gruesome and looked to be very personal. Sally Ann was lying on the ground and was left very naked in the alleyway. She was stabbed multiple times on her body, and the killer left a calling card by personally carving into the girl's body the number 213. The only other thing that was left in the alleyway was a note stating that the KND will be brought down. Mac wasn't even sure if the KND reference a gang or something, so he called Adam in the computer lab and asked him to search the significance of the letters KND.

Stella was busy looking around the clues that the killer may have left in the alleyway. She looked visibly upset to see that a young girl was killed in such a brutal fashion.

Sheldon was looking at the girl's body before being released to the ME office.

"She was obviously bleed to death, and loss way too much blood, but I can't rule anything else as the cause of death," Sheldon told everyone.

"I also want a rape kit done, just in case, this crime may have been sexually driven," Mac said to Sheldon.

The only other clue that was of any importance that was found by Stella was that a pigeon was slashed nearby and placed in the corner of the alleyway, with another note attached. This note simply stated "Is 2+1=3 or 2+1=213?"

Stella bagged the remains of the slashed pigeon and the note.

This crime just looked puzzling as ever. And hopefully these clues will help capture the killer who committed this crime.

The next day was the big day for the Assembly. Numbuh 362 excused sector NYC and left them in the hospital room were their best doctors can look after them, which really meant that they were given as many sweets as possible. Rachel had to look onwards for strength to let everyone in the KND know exactly what was going on. She was sure Chad never had this kind of problem before he turned traitor on the KND.

"Tell me why this meeting has so early in the mornin?" asked Numbuh 4. Everyone in Sector V, knew that Numbuh 4 hated to go to the mandatory assembly meetings.

"Maybe you'll get an award for being so brave on the last mission" told Numbuh 3.

"Hey, I was brave as well!" stated an annoyed Numbuh 2.

"Guys, it's too early in the mornin' to be fighting like this" said Numbuh 5

"Besides we were all brave" stated Numbuh 1, "and this is an important meeting. Let's try and not be the last one to get the seats."

Numbuh 86 ordered everyone to quiet down, and Numbuh 362 came out in order to speak to everyone in the assembly.

"My fellow KND members, today, I have to share with you the most horrific news to date" Rachel started saying before other kids started to state what they fear was the worse.

"Grandfather is back?"

"Father is planning to make all kids eat broccoli?"

"Schools are going to be longer than what they are now?"

"Teenagers discover a way to infect kids with other diseases?"

"QUIEEEET" yelled a really aggravated Fanny.

Everyone quiet down. No one wanted to be decommissioned early especially when Numbuh 86 was in one of her moods.

"As I was stating earlier, yesterday, Numbuh 213 was found murdered. The rules are changing, and we all need to find out which adult villain is committing such a heinous crime. I decided not to show the body, but you can see this picture here of a note from the killer stating: 'That the KND will be brought down,' I need everyone to be working on figuring what happened, and I need to call on all the best scientists and spies to help figure this out" Rachel said.

Everyone was silent. A pin drop could be heard if it was dropped.

Rachel looked around the room, observing her fellow KND operatives. She hoped she can talk to certain sectors to help with the investigation.

Numbuh 2 turned to Numbuh 1 and told him, "if a doll face like Numbuh 362 is calling for me, let her know I am ready for the investigating."

Numbuh 1 just sighed, and went back to thinking about what exactly was going on here. What villain would want to bring down KND that badly by killing an operative.

The assembly wasn't necessarily over, but most of the kids in the room looked so confused, and some of them were already looking like they would start to cry.

"So, I proposed this into effect..." Numbuh 362 continued to speak, trying to get everyone to be focused on the upcoming mission. And Numbuh 1 will be ready for this mission.

...Transmission Disconnected...