Ch.7-Big Time Breakup


"Is that it? You don't care?" I question, I feel appalled at her tone with the situation. Like she never cared, how shallow.

"I do care, Edward. It's just you and I, we both have different views at what our priorities are. I love being the center of attention, and your job just isn't cutting it." She told me angrily.

"If you cared Tanya, you wouldn't have been out with another guy." I practically yelled.

"And what, Edward? You were out with my best friend!" Tanya screamed back. I was shaking from the anger. I couldn't believe it, she was turning this whole situation around.

"That's not the point, I was out having dinner with Bella as friends because my so called fiance ditched me for another guy." I reminded her. I could hear her from the other line breathing angrily.

"Whatever,"She replied.

"This engagement is off, and that's final!"She continued. I opened my mouth to reply back, but I was met with the dial tone instead.

I yanked my hair in frustration, I was beyond livid at the moment. I just couldn't believe her. I was repulsed.

I heard a knock on the door, I figured it was that pixie sister of mine wanting to know the details of the argument, she surely overheard.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"Alice, now let me in."She demanded. For a woman so tiny, she sure comes with a lot of demands.

"It's open."I told her, and with that she barged into my room. She had a worried face and a questioning brow.

"What do you want?" I asked her, not exactly in the mood for my sister to meddle with my love life.

"What happened?" She questioned.

"The wedding is off." I said monotonously.

"WHAT!"She shrieked. At that instant, I almost regretted telling her. She was seething, she kept pacing back in forth muttering words to herself.

"If you mind, I'd rather handle this by myself. Thanks."I told her, I wasn't going to beg her to leave, but at the moment I felt the need to be by myself.

"Okay, Edward. I'll be downstairs if you need anything.."She said, although I could tell she didn't want to leave at all. It killed her to not be her meddlesome self I could tell.


I left Alice's after Edward and I got back from dinner. Edward was definitely one of a kind, I felt jealous of Tanya for having a guy like him.

Even though, dinner was fun, I still could not comprehend why Edward suddenly got mad at dinner. It was like he had seen the most horrible thing on this planet. I wanted to ask him what was bugging him, but I figured Alice was going to give him enough crap tonight when he got home.

I decided to call it a night, I grabbed a book and laid down on my bed to read. I was finally getting to the suspenseful part in the chapter when all of sudden my phone began vibrating. I grabbed my phone which was on the nightstand, the caller ID said it was Tanya. I pressed the answer bottom.

"Hello?" I said.

"Behhh-la."Tanya breathed through the other end.

"What's wrong T?" I asked her, concerned about my childhood best friend.

"The marriage. It-it-it's off."She sobbed.

"What!"I replied in complete shock. Things seemed to have been going well for Tanya and Edward just the other night.

"He-he-he thinks I'm cheating on him, can you believe that?"She screeched. Tanya cheating, I wonder how Edward came up with that. He definitely didn't seem the type to make up stories.

"Oh, T how 'bout you come over for a bit. We can watch movies, eat ice cream and paint our toe nails like when we were in high school." I suggested. You see when Tanya and I were in high school, whenever we suffered through a heartbreak we would always comfort one another like that.

"Bella, what are we sophomores in high school again?" She said angrily.

"Sorry... it was just a suggestion." I said meekly.

"Well don't suggest stuff like that anymore!" I winced at the tone of her voice. This must be harder on her than I thought. I decided to push my problems aside, sure my boyfriend of six months dumped me out of the blue at a night club a few days ago, but my best friend's fiance just ended their engagement. I'm sure she needs me more, right?

"Listen, this was a mistake. I'll just call you tomorrow. I need to sleep this off. Love ya B." She said.

"Love ya too, T." She hung up before she heard me reply back.

I sighed and laid back down on my bed. I gazed at the ceiling in my room. I wanted to go over to Alice's at this very instant to knock some sense into Edward. I just couldn't be the ridiculous accusation.

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