An Unusual Friendship

Chapter One

Albus Potter hesitantly took a step onto the train. He looked around. Should he sit with his brother? No, that would embarrass James. He didn't want to make himself look dumb in front of the older kids. Should he sit with Rose or was that weird because she was a girl? He made up his mind as ran to an empty compartment.

He put is bags up and settled in. He almost preferred being by himself. He closed his eyes. A knock on the door frame startled him. He looked up.

"Do you mind?" said a young boy with sharp features.

"Umm, no not at all"

"What's your name" the boy asked unsure of what to say.

"Albus Potter"

"Oh" the boy looked down.

"What's yours" asked Albus.

"Scorpius Malfoy"


" I'm not my dad. Just so you know. I don't like what he did." Scorpius defended.

Just the train started to take off. Scorpius leaned toward the window. Albus also looked out the window. Standing on the platform waving andsmiling proudly were Draco Malfoy and a slender woman with black hair. They didn't look evil or strange.

"I didn't think you were." Albus said.

"How about we don't base our opinions on each other by what our parents were."

"Sounds good with me." Said Albus just hoping to make a friend.

"So" started Scorpius "what house do you want to be in?"

" I don't know" said Albus, "either Gryffindor or Slytherin."

"Seriously, you wouldn't mind being a slytherin?"


" I'll be a slytherin every Malfoy has been in that house."

The rest of the train ride was spent in mindless chatter. When the trains ride ended they got out and entered the boats.

They got strange looks from passer bys. They were shocked at seeing a Potter and a Malfoy in such close quarters.

They finally reached the school. They lined up in alphabetical order and waited to be sorted. Scorpius, of course, was placed in slytherin. Rose was placed in Ravenclaw. It was her brains that got her in that house. Next, was Albus. He went and sat on the stool the hat was placed on his head. He could see all the eyes on him. Waiting to see which house the son of Harry Potter would be placed in.

"Slytherin" the hat called out.

Shocked gasps could be heard. He looked at his brother. He brother looked shocked beyond belief. However, Albus couldn't have been happier. Scorpius had a relieved smile on his face. Rose, however, was crying because her father had told her she would be disowned if she did not get placed in Gryffindor.

He sat down at the table. He got tons of warm welcomes from his table. It was better than he had expected. Headmaster McGonagall sent them back to their dormitories. When they got to the common room there was a list up for which boys would be in which rooms.

Room Assignments (boys)

1Logan Snorkel----------------------Jordan Kink

2Sam Lassing------------------------Nathan Hodding

3Albus Potter-----------------------Scorpius Malfoy

4Michael Lots-----------------------Drew Landson

This day was going in Albus's favor. The boys made their way over to their rooms.

"I have to send my parents a letter." Albus said hurrying over to the next to his bed.

Dear Mum and Dad,

I've been placed in Slytherin and I've already made a new friend. I'm excited and I really like it here. I'm considering trying out for the Quidditch team. Tell Lily I said hello. I love you.


"Same here" said Scorpius.

Dad and Mum,

I'm proud to say I have been placed in Slytherin. I am making friends and I will work hard and excel in everything I do.


The boys mailed there letters and turned out the lights.