Brotherly Love

Pairing: HikaKao, HikaHaru, TamaHaru

Side pairings: MoriHunny

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Warnings: Language, adult themes, yaoi.

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Chapter 1: Dreams

"Ugh....Ha-ru-hi....ahh!" Hikaru screamed in his dream, moving around wildly, his cheeks dark crimson.

"Hikaru...Hikaru....onii-chan....." Kaoru said, looking at his twin.

"Hn." Hikaru grunted, sitting up.

"You have a good dream, Hikaru?" Kaoru whispered slyly.

"Eto.. yeah?" Hikaru muttered, blushing.

"Was it about a certain Haruhi Fujioka?" Kaoru pushed, smirking as his brother started to sweat a bit more.

"W-what makes you say that, Kaoru?" Hikaru asked, as Kaoru laughed.

"You were whispering her name out, Hikaru. And my, my, look at this!" Kaoru pointed to the tent in Hikaru's pants.

"Hn." Hikaru blushed a new shade of red, looking down."Shut up, Kaoru."

"Ne, need help with that?" laughed the younger Hitachiin.

"No." The older twin answered, also laughing, as Kaoru rolled over.

"Hehe, Good night." and with that, Kaoru looked at the wall, lost in thought.

He loved Hikaru. Not as a brother, but more then that. He loved the older boy all his life, and their 'Twincest' routine at the Host Club was his favourite part of the day.

"Good night, Kaoru." whispered Hikaru, hugging his brother as they both fell back asleep.

"Aisheteriu, onii-chan." Kaoru said under his breath, as he drifted off into unconsciousness.

The Host Club was assembled neatly in Tamaki's living room the next day.

Hunny was sleeping, with Mori watching over him protectively. The twins were right beside Tamaki, identical devious smirks on their faces. Kyoya was in a corner, writing away in his little notebook.

"Ano, where is Haruhi?" asked Hikaru, Kaoru lazily hugging him from behind.

"Ranka-san Haruhi had to help Mei-chan with something, and didn't need any of us there to bug her." Kyoya answered, as Tamaki glared at Kyoya.

"Mommy, why didn't you tell daddy that?" he asked pouting.

"Nnnngh." Hunny groaned as he woke up, half-asleep.

"Takashi, where is Usa-chan?" The oldest host club member asked, looking around for his bunny.

"Here you go, Mitsukuni." His cousin said, giving him the adorable pink bunny.

"Arigatchu* Takashi!" Hunny said, smiling and hugging his cousin.

"Sorry I'm late!" Called Haruhi, as she ran towards them, smiling slightly. She was wearing a yellow dress, and light make-up(No doubt applied by Mei)

"You look like a mitsukai*, Haruhi!" Hikaru called, and Kaoru faked a smile.

"Even though your make-up doens't go with the dress." Kaoru called to his girl best friend.

"Blame Mei-chan." Haruhi said, as she sat down on the couch beside Mori and Hunny.

"What did you two do, Haruhi?" Tamaki asked, squeexing himslef into the space between Mori and Haruhi.

"Mei-chan just dragged me around stores, and put make-up on my face. Girl stuff." Haruhi answered, a soft blush on her cheeks as she remembered what Mei asked her

'You love Tamaki, don't you, Haruhi?" Mei had asked, as the girls sat in a little cafe near a park.

'I don't know, Mei-chan.' she had answered.

'I think you do.' Mei had said, smiling.

"Tono, move your ass." Kaoru said, as the twins tried to sit beside Haruhi.

"I'm sitting here you devilish doppelgangers!" Tamaki said, glaring.

"WE want to sit here, baka king." the twins said, as Tamaki squeezed closer to Haruhi.

"My house, My couch!" Tamaki said, as the 3 boys started to argue.

'You know what, Mei-chan. I think I do love Tamaki-senpai.'

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Here's a dictionary of the words that I used that y'all might not know:

*Arigatchu- A cutesy way of saying Thank you in Japanese

*Mitsukai- Angel in Japanese.


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