Brotherly Love

Pairing: HikaKao, TamaHaru

Side pairings: MoriHunny

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Warnings: Language, yaoi.

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Chapter 4: Pranks

"Now... what are we gonna do about Haruhi and Tono?"

"I dunno, Hika." Kaoru said, both brothers smiling at each other.

"Maybe we should just leave the love birds alone." Kaoru said, as the twins left, waving bye to Mori and Hunny.

"Ano, Tono, can we ask you something?" The twins asked in unison, smiling evilly at the 'King'

"Go ahead, Hikaru, Kaoru, perhaps it's a question about my beauty?" Tamaki asked arrogantly.

"No, but." Kaoru started

"we were wondering," Hikaru continued

"Are you gay?" They both asked.

"N-nani! I'm not!" Tamaki yelled, spitting his tea out.

"Really, now, then why did you kiss Haruhi?" They asked loudly, all the guests crowding around the three, trying to eavesdrop on the converstaion.

"What are you guys talking about?" Haruhi asked, sitting down beside Tamaki.

"This." the twins held up a photo of both Haruhi and Tamaki engaged in a passionate kiss.

"WHAT THE?" Tamaki yelled out, screaming and chasing the twins around, his face bright red, as was Haruhi's.

"Are you gay, Haruhi-kun?" The girls asked curiously, crowding around Haruhi.

"Eto.." Haruhi stuttered, her eyes meeting Kyoya's.

"I'm bi." she lied, smiling.

"WEEE, MOE!!!" Came screams from the girls, rushing to hug Haruhi.

"Kiss Tamaki-kun, Haruhi-kun!" Renge called, the other girls yelling agreements.

"Ano, senpai." Haruhi looked at Kyoya, who gave her an evil smile, and a nod that she inferred meant 'Kiss Tamaki, or I'll add 10,00 yen to your debt.'

"Haruhi!" Tamaki yelled, as he crashed into her, obviously not hearing the conversation.

"Ne, Tamaki-kun, I guess I have to kiss you." Haruhi muttered, jokingly, as she hugged Tamaki closer, pressing their lips together.,

And over the yells of "Moe" and the fainting, no one noticed two twins sneaking out the door, mischievous smiles and secretive looks in their eyes. Not even Kyoya, who was busy scribbling away in his notebook, attempting to hide his red face.

"HIKARU, KAORU!" yelled out Tamaki, who had stood up, and was running around the school, yelling insults and threats at the twins he couldn't find.

"Hehe, Tono is such a baka." Kaoru said, sitting on an apple tree, leaning on Hikaru's shoulder, the older twin's arms wrapped around the younger's waist.

"I wonder what Haruhi sees in him?" asked Hikaru, as both twins smiled and laughed as they watched Tamaki run past, still screaming.

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