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First thing is first, there will be death in this story (and some swearing, don't know the extent yet) and that's why it might later be rated M (unlikely, only if I have to). I don't think I'll make it too graphic, but it will be there, guaranteed. It's extremely unlikely (basically not going to happen) that I will kill off any of the straw hats since it's completely unnecessary and too angsty, but don't let that calm you since there's no guarantee that the crew will win or get out completely unscathed. Don't want to take out all suspense, now, do I?

Anyways, I'm going to have this section as a summary of the events so far. Because of this, expect this page to change constantly over the course of the story. The reason I'm putting this here is so that if you forget particular details, you can always revert back to this page and refresh on the storyline so it doesn't get too confusing. I've included a summary for A Grave Danger as well, considering this arc will be expanding on the events that occurred during it. I don't suggest looking at it until reading through everything since writing a summary has proven to be pretty difficult. Some things may not be included that are important since it'd be too lengthy to include every minute detail, this is just a refresher.

Be sure not to read this unless you've already read through the story. Spoilers ahead.

After Nami overheard rumors of a hidden treasure at a certain island, she steals a map and eternal pose from a group of people who know its location. Taking the crew on a detour from Merman Island to the island in question, Nami had some of the crew investigate the ancient tomb in search of the supposed treasure. Included were Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Robin, and Franky. It wasn't until long that the group was separated from each other with Luffy, Usopp, and Franky in one area and Zoro and Robin at the other.

Travelling together and nearly falling to dangerous traps, Zoro and Robin soon find themselves at the main room of the tomb. In the room there was an altar, of which had an enormous diamond resting on it. Upon entering said room, the two are assaulted by unknown creatures and after a strenuous fight they manage to escape with the diamond.

Weakened from their endeavor at the altar, Zoro and Robin are relieved to run into Luffy and Usopp. They find out that Usopp and Luffy had found the entrance to the tomb and sent Franky to inform the rest of the Straw Hats of what had happened while Luffy and Usopp went back in to look for the two. Following their nakama, Zoro and Robin soon find themselves back on the Thousand Sunny.

Zoro attempts to give Nami the diamond to finally end his debt, but before he can Luffy runs into him, knocking it out of Zoro's hands, and the diamond is almost lost to the ocean. Deciding the stress induced on her was worth 100,000 Beli, Zoro ironically ends up in more debt than he was before.


A week has passed since the events at the tomb and the crew has had time to recover from their last adventure. On a particularly calm and peaceful day, each crewmember spends their time doing their own tasks until a surprised yell is heard from Nami.

Nami was checking on her log pose when it suddenly and sharply changed its course. Checking backup log poses and their eternal pose to confirm it, it is apparent that something is interfering with the magnetic frequencies near them. The Straw Hats have no other course of action than to head where the log poses now point.

Almost two weeks passed by and the morale of the crew was dropping. It had been a fair amount of time since the crew disembarked from Water 7 and supplies were running low. Coupled with hardly any food on the previous island and no bait to catch fish with, food was running low and the threat of it running out loomed over the crew.

Tensions rose and a fight broke out between Zoro and Sanji in the Crow's Nest regarding the pair's choices on giving up shares of their food for others. A silent truce was reached shortly after and the crew went to bed still with positive spirits.

The next morning Robin was finishing her night shift up in the Crow's Nest, reflecting on recent events, when she noticed the outline of a new island coming into sight. Robin quickly woke up the rest of the crew and informed them of the newest development. Excited for a new adventure, the Straw Hat's used up the rest of their food for a large celebratory breakfast and eagerly awaited their arrival at the new island.

The Straw Hats prepared to explore the new island and to look for the town that had been spotted earlier and Nami has split the crew into three groups, each having their own tasks to accomplish for the first day on shore.

Group one consists of Luffy, Nami, Sanji, and Franky. Their goal is to get to the town and to gather badly needed supplies (food, etc) as well as to look for someone who will buy the diamond they have in their possession.

Group two consists of Usopp and Chopper. Their job is to stay behind on the Thousand Sunny to protect the ship from anyone who may find it as well as to prevent the diamond from being found and/or stolen.

Group three would have consisted of Robin and Zoro, but after Nami 'accidentally' spilled red wine on Zoro's last clean shirt, the swordsman angrily left the ship before anyone realized and quickly got lost, heading in the opposite direction from the town that had been seen. Robin left shortly afterwards, heading in the correct direction in order to gather any information that could be useful to the crew. Information such as the length the crew will have to stay on the island, what was happening with the magnetic frequencies, and who/what may have caused the change in the log pose.

Robin continued on towards the town before coming unexpectedly on a resort bordering the beach she was walking on. After looking around the resort, Robin was approached by Circa, a resident of the island. Circa explained to Robin how the island works and graciously gave the archeologist her bridge pass, good for another week. Circa told Robin to drop by her cabin in the woods when she had the time and Robin departed afterwards.

In Old Town, Robin followed the log pose she brought with her and eventually was lead to a bar. Before she entered the bar, however, Robin bumped into Callos, a member of the Falken crew. The two talked for a moment before Callos left with his companion, Andy, who was another Falken member, to complete an objective given to them by Garand, the first mate.

Just before Robin entered the bar, the pose she carried reverted back to its normal position. Knowing that whatever the cause for the alteration of the pose was in the bar regardless, Robin entered.

Elsewhere, Zoro had taken a nap in New Town shortly after he had entered. Two aspiring nurses found him and mistook the wine stains on his shirt for blood stains and frantically carried him to the center of the island across a bridge.

After waking up, Zoro escaped from the nurses and decided to go to a tavern to get his bearings since he had no idea where he was. Shortly after entering the bar, Zoro is approached by Rederick, another member of the Falken crew who befriends the green haired swordsman.

As the two converse with each other, a local band of would-be bounty hunters barge into the bar in order to capitalize on Zoro's bounty. Jacob, their leader, attempted to subdue Zoro before him and the rest of his gang were swiftly defeated by the green haired swordsman. Zoro took Jacob's wallet to help pay for the damages as well as his red shirt before the man tried to attack Zoro from behind. Rederick defended the swordsman and cast the townsman out of the bar with an attack similar to one Zoro had used.

Soon after, Rederick surged with an enormous amount of power and took his leave afterwards, worried about something and wanting to find it out. Zoro watched as he left and saw in horror Robin standing by the entrance, bloodied and hurt.