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) Chapter 1 (

Clary walked down the busy street to the center of the city, more precisely to the Pandemonium. It was a well-known club in New York City and the hot spot for the popular young teenagers. Then why would Plain Jane Clary be heading there, that's a good question actually—she worked there.

It obviously wasn't her place of choice but it paid well and fit around her class schedule. Clary pulled at the black skirt that had the tendency to slide up and cursed at the fact that she had to wear something so small. Pausing at the corner of an intersection she glanced up at the stoplight and cursed again as a strand of her hair entangled itself in one of her hoop earrings.

While waiting for the light she noted the line to enter the club had begun to wrap around the building—then the light changed. When crossing the intersection she kept her gaze glued to the phone screen and did her best to tune out the wolf whistles being sent her way. Completely entranced in the bright screen she did not notice the group of people that had appeared that she walked right into someone. The sudden impact caused her to stumble backwards and let go of the phone.

"Damn. I'm so sorry." She bent down to pick up her phone when a hand beat her too the black device. She looked up and lost herself in a pair of golden eyes.

She bit her bottom lip tucking behind her ear a loose strand of hair, "Umm thanks."

They both stood up and he hand the phone to her, "No problem." She took the slim phone in her hand, turning it face up and then looked up too the person again. His hair, a shaded lighter than his eyes, fell softly framing his angelic face.

Quickly Clary tore her gaze away and mumbled out, "Thanks again." Turning on her heel she headed to the back of the building without another glance. She slipped her key into the lock and let herself into the employee lounge. Just as she placed her bag down on a chair her boss burst through a door, "Clary! About time it's getting hectic out there."

She raised her brow, "Well sorry for showing up on time for my shift. Isn't Grace and Jill already here anyways?" She turned to the chair and began digging through her bag.

He crossed his arms shaking his head; "No they called in saying they would be late, something about an accident closing the freeway. It doesn't matter just hurry up and get out there." He walked back out to club's main room.

Clary sighed and whispered under her breath, "He needs to calm down before he gives himself a stroke."

She kicked off her sandals and slipped on her pair of strapped black heels. Then took her jacket off leaving her in a back and white t-shiry that stopped a few inches short of the top of her skirt. Lastly, she stood in front of the mirror on the wall, took the clip holding her hair out, shook her head and watched as the red curls floated down her back. Taking one last look at herself she was grateful her mom did not catch her looking dressed as she was not to mention the dark eye makeup and scarlet red lipstick.

Clary slipped her phone into the back pocket of her skirt and headed out onto the main floor.

Her boss walked up to her and handed her a tray stocked with drinks, "Took you long enough."

She smirked, "Hey at least I showed up on time today." She glanced around the club and noticed why the man felt like ripping his hair out, the place was packed.

He waved a hand, "Enough with the sass talk get to work." Her gaze followed her boss as he turned away and disappeared into the crowd. She rolled her eyes in realization; she did not know where the tray she held needed to go. Carefully maneuvering through the crowd of people with the tray in hand she made her way to the bar.

Rob, the bartender, was frantic as well as he quickly pulled out glasses and began filling them with different mixes.

Clary set the tray down behind the bar. "Hey Rob."

He took a quick glance at her, "Oh hey Clary. Good to see you. Can you get these orders out to table 16?"

She glanced at the newly filled tray sliding towards her, "Sure. First can you tell me where these go?" She pointed to the tray she just held.

He took a look at the order, "Was that the one the boss was carrying?"

She nodded her head, "Yeah."

He pulled out another set of glasses, "Those go to table 25 and 30."

"Alright I'm on it. Be back for this one." She picked up the tray she had been carrying and made her way to the other side of the club. Once she approached the table she began, "I have two Vodka tonics, a Pina colada, and two Coronas."

One of the girls in the group answered, "Yup that's us."

"Awesome." She reached for the two beers first and then followed with the glasses. "Is there anything else I could help you out with?"

The same girl answered the question, "No that will be all. Thanks."

Clary gave a nod, "No problem." Then headed off to the next table. With the delay of the other two waitresses Clary was sent running around the club with fully stocked trays. As she emptied one another three were filled and ready.

On her 6th run around she passed by a table where she noticed someone very familiar. She stopped for a second and then recognized the individual, "Simon is that you."

Said individual turned to look at the waitress next to his table, "Well, well, if it isn't Clary Fray…" He looked at her from head to toe, "You look different."

Clary rolled her eyes, "Very funny. Listen if you stick around long enough we can catch up in a bit."

"Sounds good." She sent a smile to her friend and headed back to the bar to pick up another order. Clary saw the look on her boss' face as she drew close he looked frustrated.

She sighed, "What did I do now?" Leaving behind the empty one she picked up another tray.

He filled the once empty tray with more drinks, "Do I have to tell you?"

She shook her head, "No I think I get the idea."

Once Grace and Jill showed up almost 2 hours later Clary felt like collapsing. Her right arm was sore from carrying full trays all around the club and she could feel a blister forming on the back of her foot. She was just about to walk out with another order when Grace took the tray from her, "Clary you've been at this for hours. Let us take it from here. You can probably help Rob."

"Alright, thanks Grace." Clary headed behind the counter. "So anything I can help you out with back here?"

The bartender dried his hands on a towel, "Yeah. Can you manage the bar on your own? I need to take five."

"Sure. Any simple mixes I could get done while you're out?"

"A couple of Cosmos were just ordered. Think you can handle those?"

She reached behind the counter for the short margarita glasses, "Yeah."

With that Rob walked out to the back to take a short break. She was in the middle of making the mix when she spotted a group of girls led by a couple guys. Clary rolled her eyes, "Figures another group of those guys with their army of fangirls."

She uncapped the container and began pouring out the drink into the three designated glasses. Then someone spoke to her, "Excuse me."

She poured out the last bit into the last glass before looking up, "Yes." Then she stopped, the person that had walked up to the counter was one of the guys with the girls, but more specifically the guy she ran into earlier outside.

With his forearms resting on the counter he started, "I'll take the usual."

Clary stood immobile for a moment lost in her own thoughts and for a split second his golden eyes locked with hers before she turned away, "The what…"

Then she was being pushed to the side, "I'll take it over from here Clary."

Clary saw Rob appear again and she looked back to where the guy was but he was gone. Out of simple curiosity she began looking around the club as to where he went.

"Looking for someone Clary." She turned and saw her boss looking out into the club.

Then it dawned on her, "Actually, I was wondering if I can have my break."

"Sure, I'll give you 15 minutes."

Clary walked out from behind the bar with a glass of water and headed to the table where she last saw Simon. She was surprised to find him still sitting in the same spot and slid into the booth opposite of him.

He smiled at her appearance, "Hey Fray, I beginning to wonder whether you were coming back."

Slipping a black band off her wrist she twisted her hair up into a messy bun and secured it, "I finally got a chance to relax."

"That's fine I could tell you were busy. Besides look who showed up while you were away." He motioned to the person sitting next to him.

Clary looked at the girl sitting next to Simon, her long black hair fell over her shoulders like a velvet curtain and today sported a silver metallic dress with her signature black boots. "Isabelle. Long time no see girl. What brings you back too New York?"

The dark haired girl pushed her long locks over one shoulder, "My family wanted to be back home for awhile before the ball."

Clary took a sip of her drink, "Did you miss NYC at all?"

"It was great being in Idris but nothing can top the large malls here in the states. Not too mention you and Simon. Both places are great it's a shame not being able to have the best of both places all in one. I mean don't you ever wish that you could leave and go back to Idris?"

Clary shrugged, "Sometimes, I miss it but not all that much. I was so young the last time I was there that I don't remember much about the city itself. I do remember the lush fields outside the barrier but aside from that nothing. Besides, I've gotten so used to living a mundane life, it feels weird just thinking about leaving it all behind."

Isabelle nodded and began, "I see your point. Going back and forth between both places has never really given me a chance to settle down and explore the states."

Clary leaned back crossing her arms, "Don't worry you aren't missing out on much. You already know being a shadow hunter here is not all that exciting." Then she turned to her friend asking him a question, "So Simon how is life treating you? Last I heard you seemed to be adjusting well to your new found ability as a vamp who can walk in the sunlight."

Simon smirked, "You should see how the girls look at me in between classes."

Clary shook her head slightly, "Sometimes girls like that can be ridiculous."

Simon shrugged, "Why do you say that...Jealous Fray?"

She rolled her eyes, "You wish."

Isabelle began, "Lets change topics shall we... So Clary, planning to go to the ball?"

Clary turned to the girl, "I don't know."

Isabelle rested her chin on the palm of her hand, "You don't know…"

"My boss wants me to cover Grace's shift that night."

Simon began, "Cant you just ask."

"I've tried but unless I can get someone else to cover for me it looks like my night will be here in the club."

Isabelle crossed her arms, "Well that's really lame."

"Clearly." Clary smiled. How she missed spending time with the girl sitting in front of her. When Simon first introduced her she was somewhat skeptical about the strong willed, fashionista but as time passed she grew to confine in her as a close friend. It was somewhat difficult to keep in touch with the girl as she was always spending time between New York and Idris. When Clary finished high school a few years back what little time they had to spend with each other was almost cut completely, Isabelle traveling between her two homes all while Clary's classes at the university and work took over every inch of her life. So it was rare moments like these when she would be sure to make time for her two friends.

Simon's next comment broke her train of thought, "Don't worry Clary you'll figure something out and when you do you should ask your mystery guy to go with you."

Isabelle's eyes widened, "You have a mystery guy!"

Clary glared at boy, "Thanks a lot Simon."

Isabelle did not seem at all hurt about being left out of the loop, "Do you guys talk everyday? How did you meet him? Have-."

Clary shook her head, "Look Izzy. It's nothing like that okay."

The girl tilted her head, "What do you mean?"

Clary sighed, "What I mean is this so called 'mystery guy' is just a friend okay. Nothing special just someone I talk to every now and then."

Obviously disappointed Isabelle asked another question, "Well then how did you meet him?"

Simon cut in, "He started following her blog."

Isabelle raised an eyebrow, "Really. The one where you post your latest works of art from the depths of your soul."

Clary rolled her eyes, "Izzy they are just poems."

Isabelle grinned, "Call them whatever you want, but don't deny the fact that your work calls out to people. I'm serious, you should look into getting published, your pieces are amazing."

Clary just smiled, "Whatever you say Izzy."

The girl just smiled, "So lets say someone could cover for you and this guy is just your friend. Who would be your date to the ball?"

Clary thought for a second and then shrugged, "I guess no one."

Isabelle pondered the answer for a minute and replied, "You could always go with Jace."

Simon gave her one of those 'are you serious' looks, "You're joking."

"No I'm serious, maybe it will get him to stop sulking around and go to the ball."

Clary chuckled at the possibility and shook her head. She vaguely remembered meeting the boy a long time ago. How old was she…6 maybe? If she could not remember said person then maybe it would not be the greatest idea. She covered her face with her hands unaware that someone was looking at her from across the room.

The guy with the blond hair kept glancing to the other side of the club where his attention was on the red headed girl. "Hey Jace."

"What?" He turned as one of the girls next to him ran her hand through his hair.

The brunette girl took a peek across the room as well, "Are you done looking at that girl?"

A small smile rose onto his face, "Maybe."


It was almost 3 AM when Clary carefully unlocked her the front door to her home. The aching in her stomach drew her into the kitchen where she grabbed an apple. Tossing her bag on the bedroom floor she reached inside her closet to grab some clothes and then walked into the bathroom.

After showering she put on a camisole top and a pair of shorts. "I wonder if I should just fall asleep…nah."

Clary bit her apple holding it, bent over the side of the bed, picked up her laptop and opened it. It took some time before the screen flashed on loading an Internet page. Once it finished Clary scrolled through her favorites and then opened an online chat site.

Taking a peak at the time on the corner of her screen she laughed to herself, who would be on at such an ungodly hour. It was obvious that no one would be on and was just about to close the browser when a tab flashed telling her that she had a new message. Clary moved the cursor over the link and opened it….

From: demonheart5223 To: fearless&sight25279

What's up fearless? It's been awhile…

A smile rose on Clary's face and began typing back…

To: demonheart5223 From: fearless&sight25279

It seems I'm not the only smart one still awake…

From: demonheart5223 To: fearless&sight25279

I don't know about you but I have a reason to still be awake

To: demonheart5223 From: fearless&sight25279

Oh yeah and what's that?

From: demonheart5223 To: fearless&sight25279

I actually have a really important report to submit

To: demonheart5223 From: fearless&sight25279

I am going to take a guess and say your boss is expecting that report on his desk later today…and like usual you avoided doing it until the last minute. Does lack of sleep really mean that little to you…

From: demonheart5223 To: fearless&sight25279

How could you even say that!…Okay I put off doing this stupid report…I had a legitimate reason though.

To: demonheart5223 From: fearless&sight25279

Oh yeah what is it?

From: demonheart5223 To: fearless&sight25279

I was reading your latest posts.

To: demonheart5223 From: fearless&sight25279

Really? You put off a real document to read what I wrote.

From: demonheart5223 To: fearless&sight25279

Yes I did.

To: demonheart5223 From: fearless&sight25279

Why? It's just a blog. Don't compromise your work for random things I write.

From: demonheart5223 To: fearless&sight25279

That is where you're wrong. I am not compromising my work and what you write has meaning. The whole world may not know it but your writing has the power to remind people that life is filled with leaps and bounds…

To: demonheart5223 From: fearless&sight25279

Wow demon…you may actually have a heart, that was deep.

From: demonheart5223 To: fearless&sight25279

Well I learned from the best…

Clary smiled and bit her bottom lip as she replied

To: demonheart5223 From: fearless&sight25279

How do you understand me so well?…are you sure we've never run into each other.

From: demonheart5223 To: fearless&sight25279

I don't know this world is filled with shadow hunters…you are a shadow hunter right. Because if you're not, one I'd feel like a complete idiot right now and second I'd be forced to hunt you down and erase your memories.

To: demonheart5223 From: fearless&sight25279

Well that narrows it down to like potentially anyone, good job…and yes I am a shadow hunter who would very much like to keep her memories intact if you don't mind.

From: demonheart5223 To: fearless&sight25279

Well I tried didn't I…and good I would really hate to erase the memories of the one person that truly understands…

So Ms. Shadow hunter, are you going to the festivals ball in Idris?

Clary bit her lip tapping her keyboard…..

To: demonheart5223 From: fearless&sight25279

Umm not sure yet…

From: demonheart5223 To: fearless&sight25279

Well let's see if this sways you at all, meet me at ball at a quarter past 10. I'll be waiting by the Mermaid Fountain…

To: demonheart5223 From: fearless&sight25279

We shall see then…

I don't like being the reminder of depressing responsibilities but don't you have a report to finish. It'll be dawn in a few hours…so I shall remove myself as a potential and current distraction…Sweet Dreams.

Taking one last glance at the screen Clary turned off the laptop and placed it on the floor. Then she reached over to switch off the lamp on the nightstand.

Along the East side of New York Jace sat at his computer reading a message sent to him…

From: fearless&sight25279 To: demonheart5223

We shall see then…

I don't like being the reminder but don't you have a report to finish. It'll be dawn in a few hours…so I shall remove myself as a potential and current distraction…Sweet Dreams.

Jace leaned back in his chair and stared at the computer screen in front of him, "Sweet Dreams"

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