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) Chapter 2 (

Friday morning was her favorite day of the week, as she did not have an early class. Despite that fact, she could have peacefully slept in had she remembered the night before to turn off the alarm. The morning turned sour when the radio wailed telling her that it was time to wake up and start the day.

Clary opened her sluggish eyes and glared at the object that played her favorite song Angels. There was a knock on the door as it opened, "Clary." Jocelyn put her hands on her hips, "Shouldn't you be getting ready."

Clary stayed silent for a second, "Mom I don't have class or work today."

Jocelyn rolled her eyes, "Silly then why did you leave your alarm?"

"I am pondering that exact question right now."

"Listen considering you're awake, if you want some I'm making French toast." With that she walked back out shutting the door behind her.

Clary smiled at the thought of the fluffy toast covered with powdered sugar, syrup and strawberries. The delectable treat was slowly winning against her desire for sleep. The phone buzzed on the nightstand, "Ugh, who ever it is better have a good reason for calling so early in the morning."

Unmotivated to hold the phone she answered and put the call on speaker, "Hello."

"Hey Clary."

She rubbed her eyes, "Izzy?…What's up?"

"Last night you said you mentioned that Friday is your day off. Right?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Well I was thinking that we should get together, its been awhile since we've had a girls day out. Besides there is someone you should meet in case you go to the ball."

Clary sighed, "There really is no way for me to get out of this one right."

"Hmm…no not really. So why don't you come over to the institute and we will take it from there. How does that sound?"

"Sounds like a plan. See you soon."

Pressing the end call button Clary crawled out of bed, "So much for sleeping in."

Not much in the mood to find an exquisite outfit she went with a pair of washed out jeans, a loose black tank top with a ¾ sleeve cardigan on top and a pair of red flats. Taking one last glance in the mirror she stopped and frowned at the light blue circles under her eyes. After some observation she just let it slide and twisted her hair up in a messy bun. Securing it in place with a large clip.

Jocelyn was in the kitchen looking through a magazine with a coffee mug in her hand, "I though you were going to end up sleeping in Clary."

Pulling a fruit out of the bowl on the counter she began to peel the orange, "That was the plan."

Lifting her gaze up to her daughter she began, "So did you decide to go somewhere?"

Clary handed half the fruit over to her mother, "Isabelle is back in town and wanted to hang out so I'm heading over to the Institute."

Jocelyn eyed her daughter, "Do you even know where the Institute is?"

Clary popped the last piece into her mouth, "Mom…I may not live the life of a shadowhunter everyday but I do know of these places."

Jocelyn smiled taking a sip of her coffee and returned to skimming through the magazine, "Fine, just be careful."

Clary headed to the front door grabbing her bag and house keys, "You know I will."


The sun was peaking through the window as he hit the icon sending the report. Taking a deep breath he felt a huge weight lift off his shoulders. Now he would be able to enjoy the start of his weekend in peace free from real world. Not bothering to pull the covers back he laid down and let sleep take over.

Jace was only asleep for an hour when the door to his room slammed open. "Jace get out of bed."

Isabelle walked across his room to the window and yanked the curtains open drenching the room in sunlight. Jace squinted, pulled the covers up in an attempt to cover his face and then began to wonder what in the world possessed the girl to come wake him up.

Jace mumbled out, "What do I owe this wonderful intrusion Izzy."

Isabelle crossed her arms, "Clary is coming over."

Pulling the covers further over his head, "Don't know her. Don't care. Glad that my lack of sleep doesn't concern you a bit Izzy."

Isabelle smirked sitting on his computer chair; "It's not my fault you decided to slack off on that report." She turned the chair a few inches to the right and then left, "Didn't you have the information on that demon attack for weeks."

"What's it to you anyways?"

Isabelle smiled coyly, "Well…" She turned to face the computer and pressed the space bar. Her smile growing as the screen flashed on revealing an open browser.

Jace sat up not hearing Isabelle finish her sentence. In a few seconds he flew off the bed, pulled the chair she was in away from the desk and closed the laptop. He turned to find the girl un-phased with the biggest grin on her face, "So Jace, still talking to your friend."

He ran a hand through his hair, "Woman, what have I told you about going through my things."

She merely shrugged and stood up, "I believe it was not to snoop." She pushed the chair back to him with her foot, "However, it did get your lazy ass out of bed."

He didn't know what to say to her smug grin and interrogating gaze. The sound of the elevator coming up saved him from starting a fight with the girl. Isabelle turned her head in the direction of the noise, "That ought to be Clary. I know being an ass is in your nature but for once can you be nice and say hello." With that she turned on her heel and walked out with a skip in her step.


Clary leaned her back against the side of the birdcage like lift that was supposed to be the elevator. When it came to an abrupt stop she heard her name being called from down the corridor. In a matter of seconds Isabelle was pulling open the doors, "Clary you made it."

She stepped out and gave her friend a hug, "Of course it's been awhile. So tell me, what do you have in store for today?"

"I'm thinking we hit the boutiques, grab some coffee and then come back here to catch up. Before all of that there's someone I want you to meet, but apparently it's to early to get up."

Clary smiled and giggled, "Well it kind of is."

Isabelle rubbed her temple, "You too! What is it with you people and wanting to sleep in? Don't any of you realize that you lose most of the day by sleeping in late? Anyways, I'm taking a guess that you haven't eaten anything yet."

"You guessed correctly."

"Well then lets go to the kitchen." Isabelle led the way down the corridor with Clary closely behind.

Clary was amazed at the sheer size of the kitchen; it was built to cook for hundreds. Isabelle pulled out two bowls from a cabinet, "I've been craving a yogurt parfait. What would you like?"

Clary took a seat at one of the breakfast stools resting her forearms on the counter, "Actually that sounds real good, I'll also have one."

Isabelle seemed to be the expert in making the creamy dish, as she complied all the ingredients with ease and familiarity. She took no more than a few minutes before handing Clary a bowl.

Isabelle took the seat next to her friend and had a spoonful of the yogurt. "So Clary don't mundane people go to school today."

She couldn't help but smile in delight at the taste of the yogurt. It was as if she just died and went to heaven. Taking another bite she replied to the question like statement, "It depends. High school yes but beyond that it depends, in my case I don't have class today."

"I see…" Isabelle's gaze drifted suddenly to the entrance of the kitchen and raised an eyebrow, "Jace?"

Clary turned and saw who apparently had to be Jace calmly walking to the refrigerator.

Isabelle questioned again, "Jace?"

He began searching in the refrigerator as he replied back, "Izzy."

"What are you doing?"

He shut the door and placed what he found in the fridge on the counter, "I'm getting something to eat, since now I cant go back to sleep. Thanks I owe you one."

Isabelle rolled her eyes, "Well I can see that but couldn't you have changed?"

Jace looked down at what he wore or more like what he wasn't wearing. Unmotivated to change he had remained in the dark jeans he had worn to the club minus the dress shirt.

Clary chuckled, this guy was something else, and took a guess that he currently stood in the middle of the kitchen without a shirt, just to irk Isabelle. Not to mention his tousled hair…Clary paused really taking a look at the guy. Then it dawned on her as her stomach dipped he was the guy she had run into outside of the club.

He just shrugged, "I don't know, wasn't in the mood to find something else to wear."

Isabelle pointed at Jace with her spoon, "Jace your so…so…"

A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth, "So what...wonderful."

She narrowed her eyes taking another bite of her yogurt, "So full of yourself."

He just smirked, "That usually happens when you wake me up before 12."

Isabelle rolled her eyes laughing to herself, "You two." Looking at Clary and then back to Jace, "Gosh what is it going to take to convince you both that sleeping in is not all its cracked up to be."

Jace poured a glass of orange juice and shrugged "Let me really sleep in one of these days and then let me know what I missed."

Clary couldn't help but laugh at Isabelle's expression, the girls jaw just dropped as she shook her head, "Jace you really are a piece of work you know that."

He moved over to stand at the counter across from them with his juice and muffin in hand, "So I've been told."

Isabelle turned to her friend and motioned to the man across from her, "Clary. This is Jace. We're not blood related but he's more of a brother to me than a friend. Believe me when I say that he isn't always this much of an ass."

He decided to take a stab, "And she isn't always this nice."

Isabelle turned and glared at her brother, "Don't make me go snooping."

He glared back with an equal amount of intensity, "I would like to see you try."

Clary couldn't contain herself any longer and just laughed at the arguing pair causing both of them to look her way. Something about her laughter caused Jace to forget Isabelle's threat and focus on the girl next to his sister. He then really recognized her as the girl he noticed last night at the club. Sure the fiery red hair would have given it away but he's been around many red heads here in New York. What discriminated Clary from the others was her striking emerald green eyes.

His next words left his mouth without a second thought, "I remember you."

Isabelle looked at the two of them curiously, "You've met."

Clary bit her bottom lip and tucked a stray strand of hair, "Umm yeah I kind of ran into him outside the club yesterday—literally."

Silence filled the space between the trio, no one stepping up to say a word. Jace broke the silence unaware of what he said until the words were out, "Are you a mundane?"

Isabelle gave him a shove, "Jace!"

Her green eyes locked with his, "Am I a what?"

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