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) Chapter 9 (

Alec, Isabelle and Jace pulled at the doors but to there demise it remained sealed shut. Jace stopped as he remembered a second entrance into the Hall, "Guys!"

Isabelle turned to him, "What?"

He took off running towards the back of the building, "There's another way in." A tall wall encased the garden, which had yet to be reached by the fire. Bending his knees he jumped and grabbed the edge pulling himself up too stand on the wall. Flames swirled out the door unable to reach anything to continue a fiery path. Jumping forward he grabbed the edge of a stone archway and landed softly on the ground. The fire burned strongly radiating out waves of heat and smoke.


The lush hillside disappeared surrounding her in total darkness and then felt a sudden rush of pain. Clary opened her eyes and pressed the palm of her hand to the side of her face, "My head."

"Awake now dear sister." She searched for the origin of his voice in the darkness around and pushed herself into a sitting position. Then the room lit up revealing where she was—a library. Not just a library, the library in their father's mansion.

She caught sight of her brother heading towards her and moved back, "You can go only so far."

As if he jinxed it, her back hit a bookshelf, "You-." Her sentence was cut off as his hand covered her mouth.

"Don't be rude Clary." Jonathon grabbed hold of her wrist and pulled her abruptly from the ground. "Now. We could do this the easy way." Then pushed her down into a chair. "Or the hard way."

She glared at his receding form, "You know I was wondering where you went after the Wayland fire. Of course you would just ran off too daddy's house."

He vanished and then appeared his hand around her neck. Clary smirked, "Go ahead. Do it. I know you can. Besides it wouldn't be the first time you've killed me." The rage in his eyes flared, burning into her hard gaze. She mumbled out, "Do it." His grip tightened. "Come on brother. Have you grown weak? You broke my arm in seconds when father chose me to lead the army." She smirked as his grip continued to tighten and then he released her neck.

"Don't test me Clarissa."

She smiled slightly, "Oh so now its Clarissa."

His hands slammed onto the arms of the chair. Glaring, his face inches away from hers he whispered, "Are you trying to get yourself killed." She shrugged and he sighed, frustrated, "Don't test my limits sister. Fight against me all you want but you will do what needs to be done."

Her gaze narrowed, "I told you I'd die first."

He smirked, "Trust me Clary. You'll see it my way soon enough and together we will fulfill fathers legacy to rid the world of all of the shadowhunters."

Clary rolled her eyes. She still couldn't believe that she was related to this nutcase preaching about some legacy. Remembering correctly the first attempt didn't work. So what was going to make this time any different from the last?

Jonathon stepped away from her, "I know what your thinking Clary and you're wrong. With my control over the army Alicante will finally burn."


Isabelle paced the hall, "None of it adds up."

Jace stood against the wall watching Isabelle. "Of course it doesn't Izzy."

Alicante's barrier guards eventually showed up and were able to break down the large doors to put the fire out. They knew the chances of finding any survivors were slim to none, but what they were not expecting was to find the Hall empty of bodies. Isabelle walked past the remains of a table kicking the burned wood to the side.

She thought out loud, "How can there not be any bodies? I swear I saw them close the doors trapping everyone in." Moving to the center of the Hall she glanced at the pile of wood that was once the ceiling of the building. Turning her gaze slightly she noticed the morning light reflect off an object caught in the debris. Focusing her full attention to the fallen wood she saw the light reflect again. Stepping closer she lifted pieces of the frame up, pushed it to the side and knelt down skimming the ash covered floor with her fingers. Floating centimeters above the ground her hand made contact with an object that chimed as it slid away. The object made a trail that she quickly spotted where it had moved off too. Reaching out she picked up the cool object and stood up. Blowing the dust away she realized quickly what it was, "Jace!"

"Izzy, you don't have to yell."

With her free hand she motioned him over, "Come here." She rubbed the stele against the skirt of her dress, "I think I know how they got out."

Jace stood next to her looking at the stele the girl held out, "It's a stele Isabelle."

She shook her head, "It's Clary's."

Jace took the crystal from her hand, "How do you know?"

"I may not ask questions like you but I do notice things. One Clary's stele is different, steles are all four sided but hers is six sided…like yours. "

He clenched his jaw, "So it's hers, but that doesn't explain how everyone got out?"

Isabelle looked up too him, "Clary must have made a portal."

He shook his head, "She can't do that Isabelle."

"Yes she can." The pair turned to see Alec walking to them, "Clary can and she did."

Isabelle crossed her arms, "How do you know for sure?"

Alec stuffed a hand into his pocket, "Mother just received a message…from a Clave elder, everyone is at the Institute."


"You don't understand what I'm capable of sister. You think the demon blood only gave me the ability to be a true killer. Well I'll give you a hint…I can latch on to what you fear most and render you helpless. Unable to even have the slightest control over your body."

Clary lashed out, "It was you!"

He smiled, "Well Clary, father was upset. I mean the Herondale's refused to hand over your little angel boyfriend."

"How dare you!"

"You need to realize that the boy didn't belong to them or even you for that matter. He belonged to father; after all he is our creator. They had no right to take him out of Idris. So we had you to take care of our little problem."

In the next second she was standing and hurled the chair at him. He ducked the flying object with ease, "Come now Clary. Don't take all the credit for their death. Not when I made you draw the rune. You and I both know that you don't have what it takes to be a true shadowhunter."

She narrowed her eyes, "If you mean killing innocent people…" She picked up a large book, "Then yes brother I don't have what it takes." And then threw it at him.

Ducking, he let the object crash into a shelf behind him, "That can be easily fixed Clary. All you have to do is follow me."

She glared at him, "Never."


It was almost noon by the time they returned to New York; and were greeted at the Institutes entrance by the warlock Magnus Bane. The man began, "You know I was curious as to the sudden presence of hundreds of shadowhunters in the Institutes backyard."

Isabelle began, "Clary made a portal to get them here."

"Ahh the angel's girl. It appears she has finally mastered the skill to determine a portals location."

Jace stopped Isabelle from speaking, "You know Clary."

Magnus turned to Jace leaning against the gate, "Clarissa. Yes I know the girl. I actually was commissioned by her father for a time to help her create the rune. Quite talented if I may say."

Alec's and Isabelle's father spoke up, "I believe it may be best to move this conversation inside."

All in agreement they made their way into the building and up to the main floor. Upon stepping out of the lift they right away took note of the dozens of shadowhunters roaming the corridor.

Isabelle excused herself and headed to her room keeping an eye out for any signs of Clary. In her room she slipped off her now tattered gown, showered and changed into something more comfortable. Choosing to go with a black tank, dark jeans and her black-heeled boots. After pulling her long hair up into a high ponytail she pulled the mirror forward revealing a cabinet. Not wanting to take any chances she slipped her favorite dagger just inside the top of her boot and strapped her whip to her waist.

A knock came from her door before it opened to reveal Jace and Alec. Both men walked in closing the door behind them and Alec dropped down to sit at the foot of his sister's bed, "You catch sight of Clary Izzy."

She shook her head, "You."


Isabelle turned to the other man silently standing by the door and looked back to her brother, "What about her mother?"

Alec nodded, "Yeah we found her and she confirms our conclusion, Clary made a portal to get them out." He sighed, "But she never showed up or made contact with anyone."

Jace having been out of the conversation so far spoke up, "He has her."

The Lightwood siblings turned to him and Isabelle's expression changed into a worried one, "Who took her?"

Jace looked down, "If she didn't make it through then Jonathon has her."

It took a second for it to sink in and then her eyes widened. "What!"


Clary rolled onto her side and opened her eyes slightly—she was still in the library. Noting by the sunlight now filling the room she took a guess that it was probably noon. Meaning that she had been out cold for a good while and then analyzed the carved figure on the inside of her right wrist. She smirked at the rune her brother used to knock her out, "Of course he would."

The sound of the door opening turned her attention to see a woman in a black dress walk over to her and bowed, "Good morning my lady, Jonathon has ordered me to escort you to your room."

Clary looked away, "I will stay here."

The woman was not sent to take requests; she was there to full fill orders, as she bent down and abruptly pulled Clary to her feet. "That is not an option." Then pushed the girl forward leading the way out.

They suddenly came to a stop in front of a door that she recognized instantly as being her old room. The woman opened the door motioning Clary to walk in, "You will be staying here. Jonathon will come to check on you in a few hours." Just as she stepped in the door quickly shut behind her followed by the turning of a key locking the door.

Clary rolled her eyes, "Figures."

She took in the room where she had spent most of her early life before moving to the Wayland Manor. It was the same French inspired room she had left years ago. The walls were still the same ivory color, the gold wall moldings, the carpet as white as snow, the domed ceiling, the crystal chandelier and the untouched furniture—all French design, "Oh god…father did you ever hear of colors other than white. It's too bright."

She walked across the room leaning against one of the bedposts taking in the room and smiled slightly, "It's been awhile."

Suddenly Clary felt her head begin to spin, unable to stand she collapsed onto the bed. "Ugh why is-" She closed her eyes as pain enveloped her whole head. Her heart rate kicked up almost two fold as her mind turned into a premier movie. All record of her life began to play at high speeds showing the memories of her life, good and bad.

Scenes of her childhood in their father's mansion stretched and twisted overtaking memories of her life following the fire at the Wayland Manor.

The pain shot up to an extreme causing her to curl up into a ball. Images of meeting a small dark haired boy in her class appeared…Simon…followed by a strong willed girl at the Pandemonium…Isabelle. Their faces focused in than faded out disappearing into the oblivion.

Clary grabbed her head and tears suddenly began to run down her face, "What is going on?" Next was Alec who appeared but then vanished just like his sister. Then Jace, all memories of him were ripped leaving behind gapping holes. More of her life outside of Idris was cut up and eaten as her mind began rearranging itself into a different life. The pain had become overwhelming that darkness flooded her mind, rendering her unconscious.

Jonathon walked down the hall with the woman in black feet behind him, "Sarah…you said she is awake."

He stopped just to the side of the door as the woman pulled out a key, "Yes sire. I came up here about an hour ago and found her walking around the room." She placed the silver key into the lock and turned it causing the latch to click back. Sarah peered into the room then opened the door to let Jonathon into the room.

He walked inside to find the room dimly lit by a bedside lamp. Clary sat by the bay window gazing out to the pouring rain that pounded down on the glass. She appeared oblivious to their presence; her emerald irises were rimmed with a red ring, and her cream skin now paled revealing dark blue circles under her eyes. It was clear the rune had taken a heavy toll on the girl and for a split second he felt sympathy for her current state. However, the feeling was gone in an instant, "Clary."

Her shallow gaze turned from the window to land on him. "How do you feel?"

She looks back out the window with a blank stare and just shrugs, "I feel lost."

He moved to stand next to the girl brushing strands of her hair back, "How lost?"

She brought a hand up to her forehead, "I don't know…I…I mean I can't remember…it feels like something is missing."

Jonathon smirked for a second, "Besides that what do you know?"

An evil smile played onto Clary's lips, "Well one thing is certain, father's legacy has yet to be fulfilled. All the shadow hunters must be destroyed and with his plan there is no way we can fail." The girl looked up at him a burning rage radiating from her eyes.

Jonathon lifted her chin up and smiled, "Excellent."

As she returned to observe the falling rain he left the room. "Sarah."

"Yes sire." She closed the door locking it.

"The rune that was placed to reconfigure her mind is not permanent. Her mind is too complex with the angel's blood fighting the compulsion. It will probably fade by the end of the day."

"Well then what shall we do?"

"Keep an eye on her. You will be able to tell when it begins to fade away the red ring may be the first to go and when it does find me at once. If we wait too long she will grasp on to the situation and there will be no way in stopping her once she is in a rage."

Sarah bowed, "As you wish."


Isabelle drummed her fingers on the table in front of her as silence filled the meeting room. Her eyes scanned the others sitting at the table, shifting from her parents to Magnus to an elder from the Clave to Jace. Since their return to the Institute she had not been able to get another word out of her adopted brother since he pointed out Jonathon taking Clary.

Beyond her line of patience the girl slammed the palm of her hand down onto the oak wood. "I don't know why we are sitting around. Clary is missing and Jonathon is still out there planning god knows what."

Her mother sent a hard glare, "Isabelle."

The Clave elder held a hand up, "No Maryse. The girl is right. We must come up with a plan."

Isabelle leaned against the back of her chair, "Well I'll take a shot…We know that our target enemy is Jonathon and considering we are still unaware of his motives, deciding solely upon an offensive or defensive action will be futile. Not to mention our small numbers."

Alec spoke up, "She's right. I believe the key to figure out our plan of attack will be studying the Dark Day."

The elder cut in, "What made you come to this conclusion?"

"Well if we were to analyze the events that occurred that day we might figure out Valentine's underlying purpose. He did lead the Circle correct. What if the Dark Day was just the start of something much bigger? Not just Alicante."

Jace pushed his chair back and walked out of the room. The Dark Day…he vaguely remembered it happening days after his birthday. He was alone in the large home unaware of his parent's death.

The Lightwood's were old family friends that when the barrier fell they came by looking for them and were surprised to find him alone. Even with the absence of his parents they didn't waste time to get their own children and Jace out of the city. About forty-eight hours after the attack they were informed of Valentine's army disappearing and the burning of Wayland Manor. The Clave had known the Manor to be the meeting location for the Circle. So shadowhunters were sent to capture the wanted man but instead discovered his parents—dead.

Jace closed the door to his room and dropped down in the computer chair. Leaning his head back to gaze up at the ceiling. The door opening brought him back to reality and the sound of heels on the floor told him who it was, "Shouldn't you be working with the others?"

Isabelle dropped down on the edge of his bed, "You're not fine Jace."

"I feel great, actually kind of peachy."

The girl grabbed a pillow from behind her and tossed it making contact with his face. It was there for several seconds before he pulled it away and looked at her, "What do you want Isabelle?"

She crossed her arms, "We need you Jace but right now you are nothing but a pile of tapioca pudding. What's wrong?"

"Everything's fine Izzy."

"My ass everything's fine."

"You can be quite vulgar for a girl."

She glared at him, "Stop trying to change the subject. You will tell me what's wrong before I have to whip it out of you."

"I don't want to talk about it Isabelle."

"Ha I knew it. Something is bothering you." He rolled his eyes and sighed. She ignored his silence, "Is it about Jonathon? Clary? Your parents?" She saw him clench his jaw and narrow his gaze at her, "It's about your parents isn't it…"

He looked away finding an interest in staring at the wall. "Why does it matter?"

She sighed, "Because you are my brother Jace and it hurts me to see you like this." After waiting for several moments without getting a reply from him she stood up and headed to the door.

"I was waiting…" She stopped and turned as he continued, "When I woke up that morning I was all alone. I felt lost, something inside of me was missing, but I couldn't figure out what it was. On the third day your parents showed up telling me that the barrier to the city had fallen. At that point no one knew the whereabouts of my parents, I knew then that something was not right and expected the worst. They never came back, found dead…murdered to be precise. The world I lived in no longer mattered, not when those closest to me were gone." He stood up from the chair and ran his hand across the keyboard, "After wandering in the dark for years I ran into her…not in person, but I did meet her and grew to know her. She pulled me out of my darkness, showing me the other side of life that I had forgotten existed. I vowed from that day to find this person and thank them for saving me from myself."

He turned to lean against the desk, "I guess you're to thank for finding her."

Isabelle tilted her head in thought, "I don't understand."

Slipping his hands into the pockets of his pants he continued, "That person I always spoke to…that was Clary."

Her eyes widened a fraction, "Wait. The girl you pulled all nighters with was Clary. Why didn't you say anything?"

"I didn't know it was her until you introduced us a few weeks ago and even then it took sometime to figure out, but yeah that's her." He smiled slightly.

Isabelle bit her bottom lip in thought, "Clary saved you, but…oh god."

He frowned, "She killed my parents."

She crossed the room and hugged him, "Jace. I'm so sorry." He was still for several seconds before wrapping his arms around the girl burying his face onto her shoulder. The warm liquid making contact with her skin put her on edge, causing her to tighten her arms around him. He was hurt and it angered her to no end, even if that person happened to be Clary. Isabelle still couldn't come to terms with the whole situation. Something about the death of Jace's parents seemed inaccurate. Sure Clary was Valentine's daughter, but she wouldn't just kill anyone impulsively even if it the matter were personal.


Sarah returned a few hours later to find Clary still by the window. With the tip of her index finger the girl connected the raindrops on the window into intricate shapes, "How are you my lady?"

The girl continued tracing, "Sarah…the sky is crying."

The woman crossed the room to enter the closet, "It's rain dear."

Clary shook her head, "No Sarah…when the sky cries it means…that an angel is in deep sorrow…I can feel their pain." She rested a hand on the glass whispering, "Angel…wherever you are don't be afraid. Sadness is merely a sign that-"

Sarah stepped back into the room, "My lady it's time to get you changed to meet the rest of the Circle."

Clary caught sight of the woman's reflection in the glass, "Very well." She took a last glance of the world outside before following Sarah into the closet. She paused in front of the display rack, "Do I actually have to wear that?"

Clary stared at the ball gown hanging up and like the rest of her room it was French couture. It was a deep green; the bodice was a sweet heart cut with long sleeves. The whole gown and picked up skirt was embroidered with many crystals and sequins.

Sarah glanced at the dress then back at Clary and cleared her throat, "My lady these meetings include some of the most prestigious individuals, it would only be appropriate that you dress accordingly."

"Fine." Clary was led into the bath where a maid assisted her despite her refusal. After being scrubbed down to the bone she stepped out of the large porcelain tub slipping on a robe. Back in the closet Sarah tied her into a corset that had her wishing the woman would stop pulling to make a shape her body was not made to be in. The torture of the horrible contraption appeared to be for good measure as the zipper of the dress smoothly glided up. Looking at herself in the mirror she noted the fullness of the skirt, "I look like a lamp shade."

Sarah ignored her comment as she bent down to help Clary step into a pair of heels. Just then the hairdresser entered the room, brushing the red curls back pinning it up in a tight bun. Then a diamond necklace was strung around her neck with a pair of matching earrings.

The woman stepped back, "My lady would you like me to escort you." Clary stood up from the small stool, "That won't be necessary. If the meeting is being held in the main parlor then I know my way."

Sarah bowed, as Clary made her way out the room. She walked down the large staircase that fed into the mansions entrance. Her heels clicked against the marble floor as she reached the bottom. Her ears picked up the sound of voices to her left and moved in that direction. The doors to the parlor stood open letting the voices spill out into to the hallway. Entering the room she noted the Circle present, casually conversing as they waited for the meeting to begin and then caught sight of Jonathon walking up to meet her, "I see that you were able to make it on your own."

Clary raised her eyebrow, "I'm not a child and this is my home."

He smirked at her attitude and took her hand; "Here let me reintroduce you to the Circle."

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