A loud shriek was heard as both Rima and Utau woke up from their slumber. They felt their ear drums rattling from Yaya's continuous screams. She rushed over to the girls who were lying on the couches. "Time to get up!"

Utau kept squinting as she couldn't keep her eyes open from the blinding light in the room, "I told you to wake us up in an hour not thirty minutes!"

Yaya fiddled with her fingers nervously, "Uh…well it's been three hours."

"WHAT!" Rima shot up from the couch, regaining her composure. "It can't be!"

Rima looked up at the clock above the couch which read the time: "4:00pm".

"Yaya!" Utau shouted at the youngest girl, as she flinched, "I'm sorry! I fell asleep too!"

"Where's Amu?" Utau growled.

"I'm guessing she already left?"

"Without waking us up?" Utau was now fully awake and watched Rima run across the floors mumbling to herself. When she felt all eyes on her she turned to them and said, "I'm going to be late! To my own-"


"You know maybe I should have waked them up…" Amu sighed looking up at her boyfriend.

"It's fine." Ikuto reassured her.

"No! It's not!" Amu whined helping set up the chairs in rows and columns.

"Don't worry who'd be late to their own wedding?" Ikuto shook out a light laugh.

Amu joined in the laughter, "Yeah…your right…" But on the inside she wasn't so sure. She adjusted her dress, and lifted another chair from the pile. As she was unfolding the chair she saw Hanako coming in her direction, wearing a soft pink dress.

"Wow look at you!" Hanako observed the pink haired Amu, who wore a pale sky blue dress with ruffles that faded into a sapphire shade of blue. "You make a wonderful maid of honor." She blushed, "T-thanks," and watched as Hanako gasped when she saw Ikuto. "And you!" She credited his appearance. "You are just scrumptious!" Then her eyes focused back on Amu.

"Now, where's Rima?" Hanako grew serious. Amu felt herself grow hot at the woman's steamy glare in her eyes.

"I-I-I! Y-you see..!" Amu couldn't come up with any excuse, as she felt her brain stop processing. She turned beside her and looked at Ikuto for help, but saw him walking away and innocently whistling.

"I-Ikuto!" He just kept walking away.

"Amu." Hanako grew impatient. Luckily Tadase casually walked by while Hanako got distracted and hurriedly dashed over to him.

Amu sighed from relief, and looked up at the sun that was just melting off her skin. She continued helping set everything up.

"So you must be Tadase!" Hanako hugged him and pulled away to look at his face, "You're so cute! Way cuter than Rima described!"

Tadase couldn't even get a word out as Hanako continued babbling, "Are you single? Just kidding! I'm old enough to be your mom!" She laughed hysterically. Tadase just awkwardly glanced around to see if anyone was watching the scenario. He convinced himself that she is either a true child inside or is drunk.

"Wow! What a cutie!" Hanako said as she took off talking to other people and greeting them.

Tadase walked over to Amu, "She's-



"I don't think we met properly, I mean I first saw you was at that party…where Utau yelled at you. Sorry about that, we thought-"

"I understand, don't worry about it." He smiled. Amu tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and reached out a hand, "I'm Amu…and you're obviously Tadase."

Amu used this extra time to introduce him to everyone.

In The Taxi

"Okay we're definitely going to be late!" Utau clutched onto the back of the seat as the taxi made a sharp turn. Yaya flew forward as the car jerked to a stop light.

"I think I broke something."

"That's why you wear a seatbelt!" Utau scorned her, helping her back on the seat.

Rima scrambled through the plastic cover trying to yank her wedding dress out. Utau spoke in a superstitious tone at the taxi driver, "I'll give you two hundred bucks if you don't turn around while she changes."

The taxi driver scoffed, "Two hundred?"

Utau gave a deathly scowl. "I'll make this car go off the road." The man freaked out and nodded agreeing. Yaya narrowed her gaze at Utau, "That was too harsh." Utau shrugged, and said "Hurry Rima!"

Rima fumbled over slipping off her shirt and pants carefully, being nervous the man would look back in his mirror. She pulled the dress over her with the help of Utau and Yaya. She quickly tied the ribbon around her waist and began fixing her hair, "Better?"

Utau and Yaya shook their heads and began helping the stray hairs stay down. A blaring ring was heard and every person in the car jumped at the sudden noise.

Rima began searching through the seats and found her phone on the ground. Once she held it she gulped at the caller ID. She quickly ignored the call, but it went off in less than a few seconds.

"Who is it?" Utau hated the high pitch ring.

"Nagihiko's mom. She's going to yell at me! She's been planning this for months."

Rima tossed the phone while Yaya caught it. She made a frightened expression and handed it to Utau. All three girls were playing hot potato until the ring stopped.

"I don't want it!" Utau threw it behind her as it chucked the taxi driver in the back of the head. "Sorry!" She shouted. He turned around grimacing.

The ring suddenly changed to a different tone. Rima saw it was now Nagihiko calling. "You better answer that."Yaya pointed out.

Rima put it on speaker, "Nagihiko I-"

"RIMA WHERE ARE YOU!" She held the phone far away from her once she heard Hanako's threatening voice.


Utau snatched the phone and hung up. "We don't have time to deal with this!"

"She's going to murder me!" Rima yelled at Utau.

"Well then it was nice knowing you." Utau shrugged, and yelled at the taxi driver, "Turn left!"

"What, now?" The taxi driver continued going straight.

"You missed the turn!" Yaya wailed, shaking the back of the driver's seat.

"Make a U-turn!" Utau said furiously.

The taxi driver freaked, "Are you crazy? It's illegal to make a U-turn right now!"

"Do it or I won't give you a tip!"Rima and Yaya looked at each other in awe at Utau's change in mood.

"You're crazy lady! " The taxi driver made an illegal U-turn as everyone fell back into their seats gripping on the closest thing to them.

As they turned a car almost came into their lane. Everyone screamed including the taxi driver. There was plenty of honking like it was a symphony, but they all made it out alive.

At The Wedding

"Are you worried she's late?" Kukai asked.

"I know she'll come." Nagihiko said determined.

Amu walked up to him adjusting his tie, "She woke up late...probably…"

Rima's mother and father appeared before them. "Thank you for coming." Nagihiko shook hands with Rima's dad.
He grunted as him and his wife took a seat.

"What are they doing here?" Amu leaned and spoke in a low voice.

"Rima was talking about how she would love for her parents to see her big day, even if they have problems."

Amu nodded understanding, "So you invited them?"


"She'll love that."

Amu left Nagihiko's side once she realized Ikuto trying to sneak some food. She slapped the plate of food from his hand, "No eating yet!"

In The Taxi

Utau put on her pale yellow bridesmaid dress. "Yaya, your turn."

"N-no! There's a guy in here!"

"Trust me I'm not going to turn around knowing my life is on the line." The taxi driver referred that to Utau.

Yaya quickly changed and looked at the time and frowned. "We are late by 30 minutes."

"You just had to pick the park that's the furthest away." Utau complained.

The stoplight switched to red, and the taxi slowed down till he came to a complete stop.

"Keep going!"Utau yelled at him for the billionth time.

The taxi driver squeezed his eyes shut, "Then hold on!" He slammed on the gas as he swerved through a few cars, "It feels like we're in a video game!" Yaya beamed.

Rima yelled at Utau, "I don't want to die on my wedding day!"

"You're not going to die; this guy knows what he's doing."

"Let's hope I do." The guy scratched his beard as he began feeling sweaty.

At The Wedding

"Is that?" Amu noticed a taxi slam its breaks at the parking lot area, followed by a bunch of screams.

The rear door swung open, "ARE YOU CRAZY?"

"Yup." Kukai quickly answered Amu once he heard Utau's voice.

Everyone at the wedding turned in their seats to direct their glances at the commotion.

Yaya was the next to pop out and brushed off her dress. Both girls weren't aware that the all the wedding guests on top of the hill could see them.

Utau slammed the door, "No tip!" And began strutting over to the park with Yaya hiding behind her.

They both ran to the top of the hill and noticed everyone watching. Utau ignored them and casually walked to where Amu was standing- on the bride's side. Yaya faked smiles at the people staring and did the same.

"I never have seen an entrance like that before." Nagihiko whispered to the girls.

"Are you ready to party?" Amu greeted them.

Utau gave a nasty glare, "Don't even start, you made us late."

Amu backed away looking away from her.

Rima got the taxi driver to drop her off on the other side, so she could hopefully make a better entrance than her friends.

She stepped out and was kind enough to give the driver a tip. She even apologized about Utau.

She sped up towards the hill a little ways, but soon slowed her pace down. As she got to the top of the hill he heard people saying. "There's the bride."

She inhaled and exhaled, regaining her composure. The classic wedding music began playing.

She gradually paced down the pathway of white flowers. Amu's sister Ami and Yaya's brother Tsubasa were walking behind her.

Ami was spinning around throwing flower petals that scattered around in different directions. As Tsubasa was nervously walking slowly, hoping not to drop the rings.

Rima didn't know half of these people which made her feel slightly scared.

She saw Nagihiko waiting at the end of the ceremony arch which was decorated with beautiful luminous flowers. Beyond the arch she could see the indigo colored ocean that shimmered from the sun. The sun began to set showing off the dark purple and pink sky. As she almost reached the end, it felt as though she was entering another word. A world with only her and Nagihiko.

She couldn't take her eyes off of him. He looked so handsome with his black tuxedo and his satin collar and tie.

She reached the end of it. She was now under the flowers across from Nagihiko. He admired her beauty, as she wore a white strapless dress with over-lace.

Rima glanced at the guests and was surprised to see her parents there, at her wedding- even smiling! She couldn't hide her smile, it was way too big. She mouthed "Thank you," to Nagihiko as he smiled back.

Rima looked at Hanako in the first row that was grinning, and wiping tears from her eyes. She saw Tadase as he winked at her and gave her a thumbs up. She tossed her head behind her to see Utau and Yaya waving. Amu whispered, "I'm so excited for you."

Ikuto was yawning and Kukai made a funny face at Rima as she stifled her laughter.

The pastor began speaking once the music stopped, "We have gathered here today to witness the…"

Rima drowned out the sound as she began thinking about the future. And how it would be and what would become of it. Her heart was beating so fast she needed something to calm it down.

Their eyes met once again, as they felt their emotions mixing up.
They each recited the oath. Rima wasn't even paying attention as Nagihiko grabbed her hand and slid the wedding ring on her finger. "How are you so beautiful?"
She glanced shyly at her feet and back at Tsubasa to grab Nagihiko's ring, and slipped it on his ring finger.

She didn't want to let go of his hand.

They both waited for those final words. The words that would make everything official. Even Amu was urging for the moment to hurry. Rima could feel her insides shaking.

"You may kiss the bride."

Nagihiko leaned in as his lips grazed against hers- teasing her. Rima grew impatient and leaned in the rest of the way capturing the kiss.

Everyone stood up and began hollering and shouting. The clapping and whistling grew loud. Flowers and rice were being tossed in the air it was justwild.

Amu ran up behind Rima and Nagihiko and hugged them both. It was a moment anyone there wasn't going to forget- ever.


"The bouquet toss everyone!"

All the girls gathered pushing one another, and kept telling the bride to hurry up.

"Here we go." Rima turned her back away from the crowd and threw it up as high as she could behind her. She whirled around and saw the bouquet soaring in the air. All the girls were jumping up trying to catch it. The bouquet landed on Utau's head, but slid off and landed in someone else's hands.

"Mine!" Everyone gasped and looked at the end of the crowd to see Amu's sister Ami, have it in her hands.

"I'm next in line to be married? Ikuto I guess that means our dream will come true."

"Ami? You can't do that he's my boyfriend!"

"Says who?" Ami snickered.


"It was nice knowing you Amu," Ikuto walked away with her sister.


Everyone began laughing, as Amu was panicking.

The reception party moved down the park toward the beach as chairs and tables of food were set up. There was even a stage and lanterns set up hanging from the nearby trees.
Utau was the first to stand up on the stage as she sang a song she wrote specifically for the new wedding couple. The music blasted from the speakers.

Nagihiko and Rima shared the first dance, "I'm not stepping on your feet."

"You're a pro now."

"Right." Rima lightly shoved him.

They both listened to the lyrics closely and didn't say a word until Utau took a pause.

"You know the night at the amusement park?" Nagihiko questioned.

Rima responded, "Yes."

"That night when I laid eyes on you, when we were on the Ferris wheel, I could picture our future together. Your love for me never stopped, even when I lost my memory. Nothing could have cured me, only you. And when I got my memory back, my love for you is now stronger than ever."

Rima blushed red and drew her eyes away from him. "I love you so much," Rima ended the dance by giving him a hug. "You know it was worth going through all that since I am here with you right now...like this."

Nagihiko chuckled and kissed her forehead, as the song ended.

The party continued as Hanako gave a long toast that almost made everyone fall asleep. After she finished, she yelled "Now whose next?" This woke some people up.

"I'll go." Kukai grabbed his glass, and walked up on stage. He brushed a hand through his hair and gripped onto the microphone, "What to say…what to say…"

He glanced up from his new shoes and saw everyone give him big owl eyes.

"Can everyone look away while I give this speech? I mean, with everyone staring it's kind of intimidating."

No one moved their glance from him, as he scratched his head and mumbled, "Or not." His microphone made a screeching noise and he decided to speak.

"Well Nagihiko and I were really stupid in the past. But we all learn from our mistakes. If it weren't for Nagihiko I wouldn't have made any mistakes." Kukai glanced at his friend and saw him shaking his head.

"Remember when we both liked the same girl? That was a mistake. We would look like fools trying to get her attention. But I never felt stupid, because you always looked stupider."

Everyone began laughing.

"Anyways, I'm glad we're best friends. I don't know how I'd manage the whole high school career without you. And I'm happy for you both." He raised his glass in the air.

People clapped, and Rima smiled and whispered something to Nagihiko as she got up and walked away.

"Who's next?" Hanako took hold of the microphone. "Anyone?"

Utau slammed her foot down on Amu's foot as she yelped and stood up on her feet.

Hanako noticed, "Alright, Amu!"

"W-what? N-no!" She waved her hands around refusing. Utau reminded her, "You know Hanako's dark side don't you?"

"R-right!" Amu dreaded the thought of Hanako being upset for her not going up.

Amu nervously ran up on stage. She always hated speeches throughout high school, and thought she'd never have to give one ever again. She grabbed the microphone and cleared her throat.

"Hi." There was a loud echo that scared herself. "Rima's my best friend. We've been through a lot. Especially in high school when we found excuses to skip out on speeches."

There was laughing in the crowd.

"I still remember when we first met; it was a funny story actually. We were in the dressing room in gym class! Well, our changing lockers were right next to each other." Amu tried to hold in her laughter, "And she turns to me and says your b-"

Amu stopped and noticed, the story would be too embarrassing, and maybe even inappropriate for the littler kids like her sister and stopped. Her face turned red, and she saw mostly the guys giving her curious looks, especially Ikuto.

"You know what…I have a better story!" Amu cleared her throat again from the awkwardness, "There was this one time where Rima was suppose to go on this date with Nagihiko, but instead I stole her and we snuck out of our houses and-"

Amu paused before continuing. She laughed nervously, "Uh…I can't tell that story either…"

She drew her attention toward Nagihiko and saw him raising an eyebrow. She just kept rambling, "I'm so happy for Rima! I love you! And let's have more crazy memories together…"

She glanced at the empty chair next to Nagihiko seeing her best friend not even there. "Rima? She's not even here? I embarrassed myself for nothing!" Amu dashed off stage and ran toward the table of food.

"Great speech." Utau rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, it would have been better if I was prepared. But someone made me go."

"That's what you get for making us late." Utau gave a sly grin.

Rima spotted Tadase sitting at a bench at the end of the hill. She snuck up behind him, "Boo."

Tadase didn't look the slightest surprised and turned to see Rima behind him. "Did I scare you?"

"No, I heard you giggling the closer you got." Tadase gave a soft laugh. Rima rolled her eyes, and walked around the bench. She sat beside him.

"Mashiro Rima late to her own wedding…or should I say Fujisaki Rima?"

Rima shook her head grinning, "It's going to take me awhile to get use to the whole name change." It was now pitch dark outside, the only thing they could see was what was in front of them.

Rima looked down at the beach and saw Utau performing another song, and saw the lanterns getting lit up.

"Tadase if it weren't for you, this wouldn't be happening right now." She kicked her feet up and down. "I probably would have given up. You kept me going…they need to come up with a bigger word than thank you. It just doesn't seem like it's enough."

Tadase gave a small smile, "I'm sure you would have still found a way without my help."

"No way. I owe you so much. What do I owe you?"

"You don't owe me anything. Our friendship means enough to me." Rima smiled and gave Tadase a long hug and felt her eyes go watery. She could feel his finger tips grazing her back.

"But seriously, what do I owe you?" Rima looked him in the eye.

"Let's just say it makes up for me losing contact with you when we were younger."

"Alright, works for me." Rima glanced at the cake she had in her hands. "Cake?" She asked him.

"Sure." Rima gripped onto the plate and quickly shoved it in his face. She started laughing so hard she was crying. "I'm so sorry! I couldn't resist."

Tadase started laughing too and wiped the icing off his face with his hands and rubbed it all over Rima's face. She gasped, "You suck."

"I love the new look." Rima recognized the voice and saw Nagihiko standing beside her, amused.

She was surprised to see him there, "Nagihiko."

"Well I should get going." Tadase got up from the bench, "It's getting late."

"Aww!" Rima whined from disappointment, "That's no fun!"

"Congratulations to both of you." Nagihiko nodded and Rima ran up to him giving him a big hug. He whispered something in her ear, which made her gasp, but smile. "You too." She whispered back.

Tadase pulled away from the hug and waved to the both of them as he walked down the hill. Once Tadase was out of hearing distance Nagihiko noticed Rima continued staring at him until he got in his car.

"What did he whisper?"

Rima glanced at her husband, "Huh? Oh nothing. Why?" When he didn't respond Rima raised an eyebrow, "Jealous?" She teased.

"Not at all." Nagihiko shoved his hands in his pockets. Rima just smiled shaking her head.

"Well maybe a little." Rima couldn't believe he admitted it.

"Well we should go back." She grabbed his hand and tugged him to follow her.

"So what did he say?"

"It's still bugging you?" Rima laughed, "It was nothing!" Rima let go of his hand and walked off.

"Yeah, ok," Nagihiko grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her towards him and started tickling her sides. She began squirming, "I-it was…n-nothING!" She began screaming and throwing laughing fits at the same time.

Nagihiko started poking her sides until she couldn't stand on feet anymore. She tried to push his hands away, but it was no use she just gave in.

"He said-"

A loud ear blasting noise distracted the both of them as they looked up at the sky. There was an explosion of colors. More fireworks shot up, all different sizes. It was beautiful as the colors overlapped one another.

Rima used this time to slip away from his grip and dash down the hill. "Help!" Rima called after their friends.

"I'm going to die from tickling!" Rima hid behind Kukai.

"Stand still." Rima whispered to him.

Kukai saluted. "I'll be your bodyguard." Rima crossed her fingers hoping Nagihiko wouldn't find her. She listened as Kukai and Utau were flirting with one another. Rima gave a gagging face at Utau. Utau just flirted even more, making Rima stick her tongue out at her.

Yaya passed by Rima linking arms with a guy around the same age.

"I think I found my new boyfriend." Yaya winked at Rima, "Why didn't you tell about Kairi sooner?"

Rima just laughed and was happy for her friend. Nagihiko walked onto the beach and mouthed to Kukai "Where is she?"

Kukai pointed behind him and mouthed back, "Behind me."

Nagihiko smirked and snuck behind Kukai. Rima suddenly felt her feet being lifted from the ground. "What?" Nagihiko tossed her over his shoulder, carrying her. "Noooo!" She grabbed onto the closest thing to her which was Kukai's arm.

"Don't let him take me!" Nagihiko yanked her from Kukai's grasp.

"Noooo!" Rima outstretched her arms, waving them around and kicking her feet.

"Bye!" Kukai and Utau both waved, smirking.

Nagihiko took her behind the biggest tree in the park. As soon as her dangling feet touched the ground she ran off again. Nagihiko just smiled and stood up with his back against the tree. He knew she'd be back. It was completely silent except for the people chatting from the after party. The firework show continued going off, adding light to his surroundings.

Then, he heard her loud footsteps increasing, crunching against the grass. Rima wasn't going to let this chance slip by now that they were alone. She ran up to him and jumped up, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck, giving him a long kiss.

Neither a simple kiss, nor a kiss with mixed emotions. But a kiss that could only mean one thing- eternity.

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