Hey you guys. I've put the first two chapters together and I've replaced Emily with Reneesme and I am going to make this to about ten chapters. And then a sequal. :D Maybe.



It was the 1st September my favourite day of the year. They day I go back home.

Back home to Hogwarts.

I can't help the grin that spreads on my face as I break through the barrier and see the familiar scarlet steam engine. But my happy grin fades as I hear the unfortunately familiar voice shout my name.

"Bella! Baby did you miss me?" I turn and sure enough standing not 2feet from me was Edward Cullen.

With his bronze hair that never seems to stay flat, his piercing emerald eyes and lean figure, Edward Cullen is every girls dream apart from mine. Truth be told Cullen is the bane of my existence and he has been for years now.

"Cullen I only have two things to say to you and I hope that's it for this year. Number one: No I didn't miss you and Number two: Leave me alone" God I sounded like a broken record.

"So does this mean you don't want to go out with me yet? Am I about to be rejected? Again?" Cullen said.

I laughed I couldn't help it he actually go the message. Took the dumb fuck long enough.

"Well done Cullen, a gold star for you" Cullen's eyes flashed but he ducked his head before I could figure what his eyes were showing.

That's always what happened. Ever since he asked me out for the first time Christmas break first year, he'd ask me out, I'd find my own special way to tell him no, Cullen's eyes would flash with something, he'd duck his head and walk away but this time he didn't walk always.

Cullen let out a shaky breath and looked at me.

What I saw there didn't surprise me: Anger, but that's not all that was there, there was also fear, upset and pain those three I didn't get. What's got his panties in such a twist?

"My name is Edward and I want, no need, to hear you say it. Edward not Cullen" he spat Cullen like it was a dirty word.

"Cullen, I have never called you by your first name and I'm not going to start now. Why would I? Your nothing to me" I turned on my heel away from Cullen to my find my friend's in one of the carriages. I didn't turn back, I never did. But that doesn't mean I didn't hear his moan of...frustration? Or the sound his fist made when it made contact with the wall behind him. God he was such a tool.

I found my three best friends sitting in a compartment near the end of the train.

We still had a good 10minutes before the train was due to leave but this was our tradition, we meet early to have a 10minutes discussion on what we did for the holidays. We had this tradition because when the train moves, it happens.

Rosalie Hale, Alice Brandon, Reneesme Masen and I were the four girls that made up the Gryffindor 6th year females. And we are as close now as we were when we first met on our first day at Hogwarts.

My three best friends were gorgeous.

Rosalie was blonde, tall with bright sea blue eyes and the body of a muggle runway model. And could get any guy she looked at. And she hated it.

Alice was small and slender like a pixie with jet black hair and ice blue eyes. Also she was always so unbelievably hyper.

While Reneesme was medium height with curves in all the right places (cow) with natural light blonde hair which she dyes to a light brown colour and seaweed blue eye's. Reneesme also happens to be the darling cousin of my favourite Cullen.

"BELLA" was squealed from all three of the girls as I walked in. I grinned and hugged them all. I had really missed my girls.

"Hey guys, how was your holidays?" I hadn't seen the girls all summer. We had all spent the summer in different locations with our families.

Alice told me of her holiday in Tokyo. And all the muggle shopping she did whilst she was there.

Rose told me about the cute muggle boy she met. Rose had spent her holiday in Greece visiting her cousins.

Reneesme spent her holiday with her Uncle Cullen and Edward in Wales. Mr Cullen and Edward owned a home there.

Cullen's Mum passed away when he was little and that was the only time I ever felt sorry for him.

"So did you know about that damn letter I had from McCarty and Cullen that sang Time of My Life at me repeatedly?" The girls all howled with laughter but it was cut short when we heard, "Belly Bird" being roared from outside.

"McCarty" we all sighed in union as a big blurry teenage boy bounded into the compartment with a look of mock anger. McCarty was a cool guy at times but he really pissed me off.

"McCarty, call me Belly Bird again and I will be forced to castrate you" I said with fake sweetness as the train began to move out of the station.

Emmett McCarty was Edward Cullen's best friend and wingman. McCarty was a bloke of pure muscle with black curly hair with grey eyes and dimples whereas Edward was tall and lean.

I looked behind him and sure enough Jasper Whitlock and Jacob Black stood behind him. Hmm no Cullen that was different. Maybe he was off with some plastic little bitch.

"Belly Bird me darlin', may I ask what you did to my poor Eddie, he's all broody again?" McCarty asked in mock outrage.

"I haven't done shit McCarty so get the fuck out" I sighed. What is Cullen trying to pull now? And why did I always get the fucking blame for the pathetic little boy's problems.

"So why does poor Eddie look like his whole world has been taken from him? Again" Whitlock asked in his Scottish accent.

Alice let out a giggle at the sound of his voice. She had always had a soft spot for Whitlock. It may have something to do with the blonde hair and blue eyes. And looking like a model helps to.

Rose turned to glare at me "Bell, what the hell have you done to Cullen now?" she asked while trying not to look at McCarty who was looking at her and flexing his muscles. He's always had a soft spot for Rose.

I cannot believe she just said that. I didn't do shit.

"What the hell makes you so certain I did something to him?" I was starting to get pissed.

Jacob sighed running his hand through his jet black locks. And yes I call him Jacob. He's never pissed me of before. Always so quiet. It always shocked me at how he was friends with someone like Cullen.

"Bella" Jacob said in an exasperated voice "he only ever gets that look when you're involved."

At his words Reneesme asked "B, what did you say?!"

I sighed in frustrations "he asked me out I said no, then he asked me to not call him Cullen, but I said I would never call him by his first name and told him he was nothing to me then I walked of. What's the big deal? Nothing new! It's a daily routine for me and Cullen"

McCarty and Reneesme looked at each other finally Reneesme said to him "I'll go" he nodded and she left but not before she gave me a dirty look. What the fuck? The boys left a little while after her not before a bit of flirting between Whitlock and Alice. I turned to Rose and Alice...

"What's going on with Cullen and did you see the look Reneesme gave me?" I asked.

"It's her cousin Bells. You say shit like that and expect her to be ok with it?" Alice commented. I shrugged.

"It never bothered her before." But I knew deep down it did.

"Maybe she's finally had enough Bell." Rose put in whilst fixing her hair in the pocket mirror she carried.

"Maybe" I sighed. I didn't like Reneesme being mad at me. Out of everyone I always felt closet to her. We were both muggle born and we met first.

"Just let her sort Edward out and then everything will be back to normal" Alice said. "Now let's talk about what Jasper was wearing. Rose and I both groaned whilst Alice bounced around in her seat.