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Final chapter- BPOV

Our last day of 6th year, next year we would be 7th years. Looking at the faces of some of the people around I noticed the look of fear on some of their faces; most of them seventh years. Hogwarts was probably all they had ever known and now they wouldn't be coming back. What where they to do? I was just grateful I didn't have to deal with that. Yet.

"Hey." Edward's voice whispered in my ear. I cringed thinking back to what I did that I now really wished I hadn't.

"Hi." I said in an even smaller whisper. I managed to pull my eyes to his an sucked in a breath. I loved him so much.

"Changed your mind?" He asked hopefully. Tears welled up in my eyes.

"No." He sucked in a ragged breath beside me.

"Why?" He came to stand straight in front of me and grasped my face in his hands, lovingly place a soft kiss on my forehead.

"Edward...were 17."

"So...were perfect for each other. I know it, you know it. Hell the whole damn school knows it. Please Bella."

"Why?" I asked. He had been so persistent the last few weeks. Begging me to do this.

"Because I can't loose you. Ever. If we do this I wont have to loose you. I love you." His forehead now resting against mine.

"Will you leave me if I say no?" I breathed.

"Never but I really want this. Don't you." His green eyes were boring into mine.

"I do. But I never thought it would be so soon." I let out a giggle and he slowly started to smile.

"I'm going to ask one more time. Will you?"

I wanted this. I really wanted this. Edward and I could do it.

"Yes" He smiled brightly and kissed me quickly.

"Thank you baby. Tomorrow?" He questioned.

"Tomorrow." I agreed.

Tomorrow everything was going to change. And I knew it was going to be for the better.