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Chapter 1

"Are you ready?" He asked. He doesn't have a name. He doesn't have a life. He doesn't have feelings. He doesn't have a heart.

And I work for him.

"LET'S GO!!!" we all marched out on his order, putting our masks on. We ran out the door, smelling the fresh air first time in months. Sigh, smells good.

"Edward, get in." James ordered stiffly. I got in the car and we sped down to the King's mansion. Our next assignment.

We were to kidnap the King's daughter, make her plea to him to get her out on certain conditions, and then we were to kill her in front of her father, to show him not to mess with us again.

Today was his birthday. If everything went with the plan, his daughter, Isabella, would be going to his party with two guards. First we would knock out or kill her guards, then we would knock her out.

Horrible. Heartless. Merciless. Is all this job is. And I'm willingly doing this. Killing people is my job, my occupation. It's what I live for. I kill others for my happiness, for my life. I get no remorse out of this, I just do it.

I don't feel anything when people fall to their knees, binding their hands in front of me…asking me for mercy. As much as I would love to let them all go, set them free, leave them alone…I can't.

And now she has to suffer. The next few weeks are going to be like hell for her, maybe worse. And we're going to make sure of it.

We. There are 10 of us on this task. Jasper, Emmett, James, Laurent, Mitchell, Zack, Jason, Lizzie, Christina and me. But right now, there are only four of us in the van: Jasper, Emmett, James and me.

This is our last mission. He said that after this assignment is successfully complete, he'll let anyone who wants to leave go. Whoever wants to stay in this wretched, bloody place can stay for as long as they like.

Well, I'm out.

"Okay, we're here." James parked the van under a tree where it was dark. That's good. No one will see us.

"Ready?" Jasper asked, his hand on the door handle. We all nodded and crept outside, into the night.

The two body guards were outside, by the limo, probably waiting for the princess to arrive. Huh, keep waiting.

I looked to James and pointed at one of the guards and ran my finger across my neck, silently telling him to cut the guards throat without making a sound. We wouldn't want the Princess to get scared, now would we?

I hid behind a car far from the limo but I was still able to see what was going on. I looked to Jasper and nodded to him. He threw a rock at the limo catching the guard's attention.

"What was that?" One of the guards asked the other.

He shrugged "I don't know." He moved near the car to inspect the damage made. I nodded to Jasper again who threw the rock, this time hitting the guard's forehead.

"HEY!" he shouted, looking around in the dark to find out who did it. He shook his head "Peter, can you believe this?" he whined rubbing his forehead.

"Peter?" He turned around just to see his friend dead...on the floor...bleeding.

You see, when Jasper hit him on the head, distracting him, James had swiftly slit Peter's throat and ran out.

"Peter?!" the other shouted. "Oh my god! Peter!" Man, he's dumb. Instead of calling back up, he's crying over his friend. He was right. Humans are slow. I'm ashamed of being one of them. But I still wish I was. Being stupid is better than being an assassin.

"Edward," Emmett whispered, brining me out of my thoughts. I nodded.

Now it's my time to shine.

I silently walked to the sobbing guard and tapped him on the back. He turned around slowly and looked up at me, fear and pain evident in his eyes.

"Wh-Who are you?" he stuttered.

I smirked "Your worst nightmare." And he's gone.

Emmett and Jasper disposed their bodies out in the lake. Huh, what guards Princess had. They couldn't protect themselves let alone protect the princess.

"Frank?" A musical voice whispered through. My eyes widened. Musical? My head snapped to the small figure approaching the limo.

"Peter? Frank?" she called out. Oh, her guards. She huffed and put her hands on each side of her waist, clearly annoyed. Her eyebrows furrowed and her bottom lip instantly jutted out. I smiled. Wait, why am I smiling?

"Edward!" I looked to my right to see Jasper and Emmett looking at me weird. I shook my head and nodded at them, who took the signal and ran to hide behind another car, getting closer to the princess. I looked to James who got ready in his position. I ran behind the limo, alerting the princess.

"Hello?" her voice shook. "Who's there?" I heard her light footsteps increase. I nodded to Emmett who nodded to Jasper who gave James the signal to distract her. James was hiding in the front of the limo, while I was hiding in the back. James thumped the hood of the car making the girl jump and gasp. I shook my head. This is too easy.

"Where are you?" Is she crying? I thought she was like 22 or something. I looked around the back of the car to see her silently going towards the front, to where James is. I nodded to Emmett and got up. Quietly and very slowly I inched closer to her. She must've heard me for she immediately turned around to face me.

Damn it, she's going to scream.

I put my hand over her mouth and held her close to me. Her warmth spread all over me. I looked into her large, brown eyes while she screamed into my hand, squirming to slip out of my grasp. Fat chance. I hugged her close, trying to get rid of the though of how we fit together perfectly, and nodded to James who dropped the chlorine on a handkerchief and covered Isabella's face with it.

I saw as the shininess of her eyes dulled down and she went limp in my hands. I looked up to see Jasper and Emmett bringing the van. James opened the door for me and I carried Isabella bridal style and got in the car. I laid her on me and James sat besides me.

"When do you think she's going to wake up?" Emmett asked, turning around to us. I felt James shrug besides me and say something. I was too occupied studying her face. Why would he want to kill her? She's so innocent. Wait Edward. This is going all the wrong away. She's an it. Right. I looked away from her.

"Hey, she's kind of beautiful, isn't she?" James asked, touching her leg. God, I wanted to twist his hand and tell him never to touch her again. But I couldn't do that. I wouldn't do that.

So I just shrugged.

"Do you think he'll let me keep her?" I know who he was referring to.

"I don't know," I simply said.


We were almost there when she started squirming. Is she going to wake up? I heard her groan. Jasper stopped the car immediately and everyone turned around to look at her.

"Mmmm." Isabella stretched her arms, still lying on my lap, and opened her eyes slowly with a soft smile on her face. Does she not know where she is?

I guess she does now for her smile faltered and her eyes widened as she looked around. She suddenly got up my lap and started looking around.

"Who are you people?!" Damn man! Who knew she could scream so loud?!

"Drive man! DRIVE!" James shouted to Jasper who accelerated the car and drove at 115 mph. I grabbed her and forced her sit in my lap. She screamed the whole way, telling us to let her go, her father will kill us, and believe it or not, she asked us to slow down the car. Man, people are right. When someone is pretty, they are actually dumb

Jasper stopped the car in front the secret building, located in the middle of nowhere. Emmett opened the door for us and James got out first.

"I AM NOT GETTING OUT THIS CAR!!!" Isabella stiffened making herself heavy in my arms.

"Hurry up, will you!!!" Jasper shouted at her.

She looked at them and then up at me, her beautiful eyes so terrified.

"Who are you?" she whispered.

"I'm princess Cinderella, and she's Princess Snow White, and we wanna have a small tea party with you so will you please get out of the car?! Of course James would say that.

She whimpered but nodded. I raised my eyebrows at her. Is she really going to be that easy? Slowly I gave her to James and got out myself. But before I could do that, she kicked James in the chin and was running away.

"Beeper, you couldn't stop her?!!!" I shouted at him and we all ran to stop her. Man she runs fast.

Jasper, Emmett and I stopped in the middle of the trees. I looked to Jasper and nodded to him, telling him to go to the right and then I looked to Emmett and nodded to his left and I went north.

We kept looking until we heard him. "I got her!!! OH yea!!" Emmett, obviously. We ran inside to see Emmett taking her to her chamber.

"Ugh! Let me go!!!" She shouted, trying to get out of his hold. She's a fighter, I admit.

"And stay there." We heard Emmett command before he got out of the room.

He shook his head and took off his mask. We did the same. These masks are killers. "She kicked me in the guts." He rubbed his stomach. "I'm gonna go eat something." Of course. Jasper patted him on the back as Emmett headed towards the cafeteria.

"So what now?" Jasper asked.

James gave him a look and said "I'll tell you what now." James busted her door open and went in, we followed.

"Hello, Isabella, how are you?" Oh god, James, skip to the point. It is so like James to introduce everyone, especially himself. I rolled my eyes and looked to Bella, but I couldn't see her though, it was too dark.

"Who are you?" she asked her own question, ignoring James, her voice strong.

James nodded to Jasper, telling wordlessly telling him to open the light. After a seconds wait, the lights went on...

...and I saw her...

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