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Chapter 2

I noticed as realization came into her eyes. She must know about us, I mean who doesn't? But I couldn't help but notice how she glowed under the dim light. Too bad she's going to have a little makeover.

"So Princess Isabella, do you know who we are, or would you like us to go further than that?" Ugh James! He's always the one to play with the target so much, it breaks. I wish he could cut the drama and move on!

I shook my head and set m eyes on Isabella, who, I noted, studied James before looking over to Jasper. But before she could set her eyes on me, James spoke again.

"Do you know why you're here?" A little annoyed? It's in James nature to get annoyed fast. I watched as Isabella glared at him.

Whoa, gotta give it to her, girls got some guts. James laughed, making her cross her arms over her chest and look away. Again, he bottom lips jutted out. If I could take that in my mouth- STOP right there! I shook my head. What a pervert I am.

James laughed harder "My little princess-"

"I'm not yours." She said in a firm voice, glaring at James again. I looked to Jasper with an impressed face. Then back at her. Glad, that she didn't throw herself at him like other girls, who don't really know about us, do.

We, being killers, are generally built like that, muscular, good-looking, so in any case we could lure our prey easily. If a person is ugly but good a fighting and willing to work with us, they get plastic surgery...yeah, I know, stupid. But it's worked all the time, if intended. Except now. Maybe she's an exception.

The footstep snapped me out of my reverie. James. He was inching closer to Isabella, who was trying to stand her ground but I could her feet move back a little. She just looked like a brave little kitty. I laughed at the thought.

I grinded me teeth when I saw James slip his hands around Bella's waist and push her against him. If only I was him and Isabella's body was pressed against mine- AND WHAT THE FUDGE AM I TALKING ABOUT?!

Bella gasped, catching my attention, "You will be mine." I could hear the lust in James voice. I wanted to strangle him and then hear his voice.

"Let me go!" She shouted and started pounding on James chest. Poor girl. I would feel sorry for her but this was too funny to watch. I heard her sigh and contemplate. What's she thinking? Unlike so many others I've met, or killed, she's the hardest one to read.

Then she let one out.

DAMN AGAIN!!! As I said before, this girl can scream!

"Damn girl!" My thoughts exactly. James grabbed her again, this time putting his hand over her mouth. I would've stitched it up. You never know what you can expect from this girl. "No one can hear you. No one is here except for us." Her eyes widened, allowing me to notice her chocolate brown eyes, they are kind of beautiful. But her expression was clear; frightened and thoughtful. "What we need you to do is pretty simple but you would have to follow along." James moved his hand away from her mouth.

"What?" she asked in a weak voice. Giving in this easy? I don't think so.

"We are going to record a video of you asking you father for $25 million and new, improved weapons." Her eyes grew even bigger if that was possible. She seemed to be in deep thinking but about what?

"Oh and that's not all. We want your father to let all the criminals out as well, maybe they could help us for our next mission." He finished wandering off. What the hell was he thinking? We never agreed to that...

"Next mission?" Isabella whispered.

"That's private business Princess." James tapped her nose with his crooked finger. Man I want to crack his finger. I smiled faintly as I saw Isabella wrinkle her nose and grimace. That's my girl! No that's my task. God, why am I thinking like this?

"So are you up for it?" Come on Princess, make this easy for us and we won't have to harm your pretty little face.

But of course, she shook her head.

"Excuse me?" James growled. Ha, he thought it would be that easy because he had been using his 'personal' charm.

"I won't do it!" Isabella claimed. James snorted.

"Oh you won't? Well princess, sometimes you can't have it your way, life isn't Burger King. And we're going to help you learn that." Hey! That's my line! I looked to Jasper, silently asking him is James is crazy.

"Edward! Make up time." James passed me, but not before I gave him a look that said 'we're going to have a talk'. Who does he think he is? Can boss me around? I turned to Bella slowly and watched as her eyes glazed over. I smirked, its working. I walked closer to her and noticed her bite her lip. This is going to be easy.

Maybe not. I mean, looking at her pretty, smooth face, I don't know if I can do this. But I have to. Because she's an it. She probably spent millions of dollars to make her self look pretty, where as, poor people don't even have clothes to cover themselves. She had beauty stylists come and work on her to make her happy. Where my sister lost her dreams and sat, waiting, in a dungeon, to be freed.

Isabella doesn't deserve happiness. If I'm not happy, if my sister isn't happy, any one person in the world isn't happy...Isabella doesn't deserve to be happy either.

With that I took my hand out of my pocket, this time not empty. I had a pocket knife with me.

I watched as Isabella's eye wandered to the knife and widened. She looked back me, terrified.

She better be.

Then I slashed the knife on her forehead...

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