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1~Prelude of Crushed

A/N Hi. This is my first fanfic, so I'd appreciate reviews on criticism, ideas, whatever. Althought I support NaruSaku, I plan to make this a Naruto x new Mizukage fanfic. I know she's mostly likely in her early 20's in the manga, but here, she's gonna be 17 before the timeskip IF I do one. Naruto and Sakura might have a sibling relationship [depending on how far I get]. Enjoy!

PS: I will make this rated M, although this might not necessarily go past T, I just want to be on the safe side since I might add some stuff not suitable for kids.

After the lightning ninja stopped bothering Naruto, Sakura, and Sai, their captain told them to join her in the library for Akatsuki information. Sakura ran off weeping about her beloved 'Sasuke-kun'. Sai went to go read of one his books for emotions. All that was left was Naruto. A man in a black cloak and dog mask appeared out of nowhere.

"Uzumaki Naruto, you are to leave the village within the hour." the masked ANBU said to him.

"For what reason?" Naruto replied.

"You are a threat to the village for utilizing the Kyuubi's power." said ANBU calmly replied.

"I only used it to save the village!" he screamed at the ANBU.

"Danzo-sama believes it was to destroy the village. Leave within the hour or.." he was cut off by an enraged Naruto.

"Or what!?" Naruto snapped.

"Do you think there's anyone here stronger than me? Actually, it doesn't matter. Pathetic village." Naruto said in hatred.

"My comrades are currently exposing your little 8-tailed fiasco to all shinobi and villagers. So, unless you want to relive your childhood, leave." the ANBU continued.

"Fine. I'll leave. But before I do, tell me your name." the defeated Uzumaki replied.

"Although it doesn't matter, my name is Mujou. Goodbye, Kyuubi." the ANBU replied in a tone that was smug and content before disappearing from via shunshin.

There he was, walking towards what was left of the Konoha gates. Shinobi and villagers were stopping the rebuilding of the village just to scream insults regarding the Kyuubi at the crushed blonde teen. He was with four of his comrades. Shikamaru, Chouji, Kiba, and, surprisingly, Ino. Shikamaru had a look of sorrow on his face, as did Chouji. Kiba just looked plain pissed, and he would of gone off on the people insulting his friend had Naruto not been there to stop him. Ino was speechless, she couldn't even hold eye contact with him for over 2 seconds.

"Seeya, guys.." Naruto said in a depressed tone.

"Naruto.." Shikamaru mumbled.

"Don't leave, Naruto. I'm sure we can work this out." Chouji tryed to say in a cheerful tone, but he knew that with Danzo being Hokage, he'd be glad to get rid of the young jinchuuriki.

"No, Chouji. We can't. There's nothing else to do." Naruto said trying not to sound too harsh.

Ino continued to stare at him, still in disbelief and shock. She walked up to Naruto and hugged him.

She then proceeded to say:

"Let me get Sakura, Naruto. I'm sure you want to say goodbye to her, right?"

"Don't bother. She ran off somewhere to cry about Sasuke. You can do it for me, alright?" a bit of anger was sensed in his voice.

"I'm glad that I had a few friends to escort me out of here. Don't expect to see me anytime soon, if at all. Bye.." the blonde said with his head down. He gave them one final glance before disappearing out of Konoha.

Danzo already started on his journey to the meeting of the Kages. Suddenly, Mujou appeared and told him of the "good" news. Danzo gave a slight smile and Mujou disappeared.

Sakura was weeping at Team 7's old training ground when Ino showed up. Sakura noticed Ino and tried to hide her tears. She saw that Ino shed a few tears and became somewhat curious.

"What's.." a small sob came out, "wrong, I-Ino?"

"What's wrong?! You're here crying about an old teammate who defected from this village who didn't even remotely care about you while your other one was just banished!" Ino screamed at her.

"W-wh-what?" A stunned Sakura replied in a quiet tone.

"Naruto's been banished?" she continued.

"Yes." was Ino's complete reply.

Sakura was finally able to stop crying and asked,


"The Kyuubi, Sakura.. He used 8-tails and was deemed a threat to the village" Ino said while staring at the ground.

"E-Eight?!" Sakura gasped in horror.

'I can't believe they did this to me..It's so unfair..' Naruto thought as he slowed down his pace and started walking down the road. "You have been banished... Kyuubi.. Leave now.. Get out of this village, monster!.." everything everyone ever told told him was racing through his mind. It had finally sunken in.. he was no longer a part of Konoha. Everything he wished for and all his dreams had been related to Konoha. What happens when you lose the one thing that connected everything in you? He felt useless. Like he had no home. He was right. He DIDN'T have a home, at least not anymore.

'What can I do now? Where will I go?' he thought to himself.

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