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Chapter 7 of Crushed!

The figure that stood in the darkness, no longer shaded by the blackness the room gave off, had revealed to be him. The man had those cerulean blue eyes that Naruto had along with wild, spiky blonde hair and a cheesy grin on his face. He wore the regular Konoha jonin attire and had a white cape. At the bottom of the cape, there were orange flames.

"Dad!" Naruto excitedly shouted and hugged his father.

"How are you, Naruto?" the older blonde asked, a smile present on his face.

"I'm fine." he said cheerily.

Naruto said, "Dad, I was wondering.. do you think I should do anything about Danzo?"

The older man raised his eyebrow and said, "His actions are unforgivable and he may very well corrupt Konoha. But, I will not suggest that you kill him, that is your own decision."

The Yondaime sat down on the grass and motioned his son to do the same. They chatted for a few more minutes about each other's well-being and such other topics until realization dawned on Naruto.

"Dad, how are you here?" the confused teen asked.

"Oh, right. I was going to tell you, but I forgot." he nervously chuckled and began his explanation, "I, originally, should not have been able to appear anymore. But, when you touched my kunai, I managed to absorb the remaining chakra that I once molded into it. Now that I have my chakra, I can appear in your mind."

Naruto furrowed his brow and asked, "But, how will you get more of it? Aren't you going to lose your chakra from doing this?"

Minato grinned. "I found that I can appear by feeding off your natural energy. Basically, whenever you're in sage mode, I can come visit you!"

His son smiled.

Naruto sighed and began thinking. He began wondering why, exactly, his father brought him here.

"Is that why you called me here? I mean, not that I'm not happy.. It's just.." he trailed off.

"Ah yes, I forgot to tell you that part too." he sheepishly grinned and rubbed the back of his, eerily similar to the way his son does.

Minato regained his composure and spoke, "I'd like to teach you some things, namely, my Hiraishin."

"Really?!" the teen's face lit up as he quickly jumped to his feet with anticipation.

Minato was trying to conceal his laughter from his son's eagerness. He stood up and tried to calm the energetic teen. Once he did, Minato proceeded to show him how to create the seal.

--time later

"Kage Kunai no Jutsu!" a blur called out as he threw a single three-pronged kunai.

The one kunai multiplied into hundreds. The sound of clones dispersing was heard, about two hundred of two thousand were destroyed. The one who threw the kunai looked around, happy with the placements of the kage kunai.

He, then, proceeded to call out, "Hiraishin no Jutsu!"

Hundreds of his after images appeared around the field, fighting his own replicas. Sounds of dispersement and yells sounded throughout the battleground.

As soon as he attacked, he vanished. As soon as he vanished, a replica was destroyed. As soon as a replica was destroyed, confusion struck. As soon as confusion struck, the attacks began. It was a chain.

Upon finishing his assault, he looked around the field. The figure counted how many replicas were left. Nearly eight hundred more were gone; one thousand left. He closed his yellow eyes and behind him, a small lake appeared. The man grinned at his replicas and ran through handseals.

"Ox, Monkey, Rabbit, Rat, Boar, Rooster, Ox, Horse, Rooster, Rat, Tiger, Dog, Tiger, Snake, Ox, Ram, Snake, Boar, Ram, Rat, Yang Water, Monkey, Rooster, Dragon, Rooster, Ox, Horse, Ram, Tiger, Snake, Rat, Monkey, Rabbit, Boar, Dragon, Ram, Rat, Ox, Monkey, Rooster, Yang Water, Rat, Boar," he muttered to himself as his hands flashed through seals, "ROOSTER!"

"Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu!" he cried out.

Within moments, the water from the lake rose up and carefully formed itself into a dragon.

The replicas all attempted to escape the wrath of the beast that was to come, but the creature darted after them.

The dragon attacked; not destroying one at a time, but it took out groups just by charging. Some of the copies ran to the side, but the dragon would swiftly flick its tail at them, effectively slicing the copies in half.

There was only a handful left. By now, the water dragon was losing energy. Parts of his long body began dripping off.

The dragon swiped with his mighty tail again.

'Four left.'

A replica jumped at the beast, a large glowing orb in his hand.

"Odama Rasengan!" the copy yelled.

The attack hit the upper right side of the beast's head, deforming the impact area.

The dragon's response was shredding the clone with it's sharp liquid teeth.

'Three left.'

"Fuuton: Rasengan!" a clone called out as he approached the dragon from the side.

The dragon's pupils glanced towards the clone.

It was nearly three feet away. The copy pushed his hand out towards the dragon, trying to hit the beast.

Inches away from getting hit, the dragon whipped his tail at the replica, cutting it in half.

'Two left.'

"Sage Art: Great Ball Rasengan!" two clones shouted in unison from above the creature.

The giant orb was held by both clones, each had a hand at the side. They were positioned in an upside down manner, so that the attack with hit the dragon and leave them unharmed.


The attack was embedded in the creature's head. His head was shredded apart, water splashed all around the area. Once the head was completely gone, the body of the beast exploded. A long puddle was now present.

The remaining two clones looked at each other and smiled, proud of their accomplishment. They, then, proceeded to look for the one who called upon the dragon. Their eyes widened, he wasn't their. He was just there. They checked.

Before it was too late, the clones heard a screeching noise behind them. The replicas tried to turn their heads, but they were torn out of existence before getting the chance.

'None left.'

"Fuuton:..Rasenshuriken." the last remaining figure on the battlefield muttered as the smoke of the clones faded.

"Very good, Naruto." a man said cheerily as he walked up.

Naruto grinned at the man. "Thanks, Dad."

"Remember our agreement, Naruto?" the Yondaime questioned, "It's time for you to go back to your realm."

His son's smile faded. "But, Dad..--" he protestested.

"Naruto. Your accomplishments here mean nothing if you don't use them in the world of the living." his father reasoned, "You need to go back, you have to go back."

"Fine.." he muttered sadly.

Minato smiled, "See ya' soon, Naruto!"

He and the field began fading away, the area being replaced by a much darker place. The sweet aroma of the plains was being replaced by the stench of an old basement. Now, the fields completely vanished and nothing was obscuring the place he was in.




It was the sewers, damn it. The blonde shrugged and the sewers faded out of view. He blinked.

Upon opening his eyes, he saw a tan fabric. Naruto recognized it as the side of his tent.

'I need to check on everyone..' he thought and, then, rethought, '..Maybe after a nice nap..'


Naruto awoke from his slumber and got out of the tan tent. It was still white outside, but it was nearly impossible to check the time of day due to this being a northern region of the land

'Everything looks the same. Did no time pass whatsoever?'

The blonde pulled his hood up over his head and looked up, it was the same snowy sky. The fire had died out, black logs with a thin layer of snow. He then looked at the tents of his group, some snores escaped from their tents.

"I guess I'll just wait for everyone to wake up." he mumbled to himself.

Naruto reached into his kunai pouch, located on his leg, and pulled out his father's kunai.

Naruto threw the kunai, embedding it into a nearby tree. The action caused the tree to slightly shake, making snow fall from the branches onto the ground in a small drizzle.

(Come on, tell me you've never shaken a tree's branch to have the snow fall on you. It's really a nice sight, plus it's pretty cool. Maybe I'm just obsessed with snow, but whatever =P)

The blonde took a deep breath and quietly called, "Hiraishin no Jutsu."

Naruto vanished and teleported. Within moments, he appeared at the base of the tree, beside the kunai.

By now, Chojiro had waken up and watched the blonde's actions. "That's a nice trick, Mikan-kun."

Naruto's head darted towards the sound and he saw the swordsmen. "Chojiro!" the blonde exclaimed and disbelievingly looked at him, resisting the urge to crush the swordsman with a hug.

Chojiro noticed the look and said, "What..?"

Composing himself, the hooded teen looked away and muttered, "Nothing."

The shark-toothed teen spoke up, "We should make breakfast.. I think."

Naruto looked at him. "Hai."

The group was now back on their journey to the Land of Iron.

During breakfast, Naruto revealed that he had been training with his father in his mind. At first, they did not believe him. But, he managed to convince them. They couldn't deny that more energy was radiating off of him now.

The Kiri-nin hadn't really been bothered by his story, but Naruto was still somewhat uneasy around them.

They were now running on the side of the road. It was, honestly, hard to tell where the road was, exactly, due to the fact that most of the area was covered by a thick layer of snow. Even the houses blended in until you got close enough.

Naruto ran behind the group, thinking about his training.

He looked up.

There was a light-blue solid liquid dragon obscuring his view and darting towards him at a fast pace.

The beast's teeth were sharp. The scales on the sides of his face had thorn-like blades. Its eyes were a neon blue color. It looked just like the dragon he used against the clones in his mind.

Naruto jumped back.

He heard a slight screeching and looked at his hand, it held an Fuuton: Rasengan.

Instinctively, he thrust it at the dragon, who was now mere inches away.

Naruto's attention was on the dragon's head, but he soon realized that he made a mistake.

The dragon's tail flung at him before his attack landed.

Ao was in the lead. Chojiro was closely following him. The Mizukage had been trying to stay nearby Naruto, he was acting a bit off.

She heard a noise from behind her.

She stopped and looked back, it was Naruto.

He was nearly thirty feet away and he held a bright white spinning shuriken that was nearly eight inches long, it was giving off a slight screaming sound.

The shuriken soon disappeared and Naruto basically threw himself against a tree that was a few feet behind him.

By now, the whole group's attention was on Naruto and his actions.

The Mizukage cautiously walked up to Naruto and kneeled beside him.

She had a concerned look on her face. "Naruto-kun, you okay..?"

Naruto gasped for air and his breathing became ragged. As if he was just drowning.

After a few minutes, Ao, Chojuru, and the Mizukage were surrounding the winded teen. His legs were stretched out and he was leaning against the tree. Naruto wasn't responding to what they said or did, so all they could do was observe him.

His breathing became normal.

After a few more minutes, he seemed to regain.. himself? Naruto blinked a few times before groaning from pain. He ferventy grabbed an area near his abdominals.

He unzipped his jacket, unaware of the watching eyes and lifted part of his shirt. Across his upper abs was a red area with a small cut that was healing rapidly.

There was a cut but no blood.

After a minute, the cut fully healed and the redness was leaving.

Naruto closed his eyes and sighed.

He looked up to see the Kiri-nins looking at him.

"What the.."Ao chose to speak, "hell was that?"

The teen looked down at his feet. "I-I don't know."

End of Chapter 7!

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