i have been reading these stories for a while and i have never found the perfect balance of what i wanted .So i decided to write my own.

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this story will contains plot twists and cliff hangers soo be prepared and also some very forbidden activities especially at school so please dont try and find a teacher to try this story out on lol


Why did this have to happen to me!!!!!.

I was soo content in my own little world ,I didnt mean for this to happen . I didnt plan on becoming a homewreaker either .

But huh, I guess thats the way life works - then life offically sucks in my opinion.

I hate this place ,I hate him ,but mostly I hate myself for even feeling things I shouldn't.

I should of known better to fall in love ,to let myself get soo suck into my own litte world were everything was alright and me and edward were a couple.

But outside this little perfect world,this bubble that I created -was the harsh reality I was going to have to face.

You see in the real world Edward and I were not a couple,we couldn't be seen in public We hadnt met each others families or friends -as that was forbidden.

we were forbidden

I mean what was I gonna say ,if indroduced him to my father .

Hey dad this is edward the man I have been having a torrid affair by the way he's married has a child and just incase I left this detail out hes also my I just happen to love soo much that the pain im feeling right now is screwing me over in ways I can't even imagine .

Hi my name is Bella Swan, and yes im having an affair with my teacher .