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"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS,HUH?" Tristan yellled,as I heard the door slam behind him.

I pulled away to see Tristan standing behind Edward obviously annoyed ,of what he had to catch us doing and he obviously connected the fucking dots of who I had my legs wrapped around,in a doctors office,which he was helping to pay for,because my eggo was preggo,and this for shizz wasn't some food baby.

fuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccccccck,with a CAPITAL F.

Tristan walk across the doctors office and squared up to Edward immediately,"So you came in here peddled your im so charming I have a collee degree, I read love sonnets for the buzz of it ,i'm P E R F E C T and had her eating out of the palm of your hand again,didn't you !...tell me one thing Mr herbal essence why shouldn't I ruin that pretty boy face of your's right now right here,huh,I mean your paps out there could just fix you up after ,you know even go on Micheal Jackson on that face how convient is that" he spat out.

"Have you finshed yet?" I heard Edward say calmly.

"Have I fucking finshed?, you arrogant son of a bitch !" Tristan snarled back.

I could see that Tristan was getting angier but I couldn't move off the bed ,I was trapped in my own body ,wanting to stop the fight that was about to occur.

"Look junior,I know you probably know my life story by now and that Bella has filled you in on everything thats happened between us,but to be trueful she's never even mentioned you not once,I don't even know you're name and I do not care to,because lets face it your not in the least bit revelant to her life ".Edward agrued back.

Great obviously his years at Yale on the debate team was gonna pay off.

My eyes peeled off the floor to look at Tristan and what a mistake that was all the anger had gone from his face,and was replaced by something else,he was hurt and I was the one to do it yet again,for the second time.


Tristan eyes met mine ,god I was screwed.I could see the old vulnerable Tristan flash back in his eyes ,I could see the fact that I never told Edward about him and how much he had been a big part of my life before the fight that pulled us apart killed him,just a little.

Then suddenly he lost eye contact with me and turned and headed to the door of the appointment room before turning on his heels,to get the last word in true Tristan style.

"The name's Tristan what a fucking pleasure to meet you Cullen and listen Mr college degree before you ,I was her world, her rock,and yeah we may have had distance between us the past few years .But I was there ,and when you weren't supportive I was the one she came running to for comfort ,so come down oh your so mighty high horse there because your married with a kid remember " he said through gritted teeth before pulling at the handle and slamming the door behind him.

As soon as I heard that door slam my heart fell as well as my head into my hands.

"Bella look up at me " Edward said whilst pulling my hands away from my face,

"Who the hell is Tristan, and why have you never mentioned him before ?"

"Look Edward ,I dont even know what to say to you right now,Tristan left here upset because of me yet again and I never brought him up because itsmy fault we lost contact with each other,and to tell him he means nothing to me was not cool you may not know him and you're right you don't and you know nothing of our friendship ,so how dare you tell him him he was revelant to my life ".

"Fine Bella whatever you say but don't you dare put this all on me,it isn't my fault your friendship broke up or that you failed to mention him " Edward stated coldly as he started to back away from me.

I stood up from the bed and started to pace the room pulling my hair at the roots,and the more I paced the more I thought about what Tristan had said. Edward came in told me he left Jane and I practically fell at his feet ,and I was disgusted at myself for it .Ok im in a fucked up situation and iam carrying his child but I can not be that desperate girl who falls at his feet,yes I love him,god I love him ,but no I need to stand up from myself or this would never work for us if I continue to be a doormat.

I sighed " I can't do this right now we need to be apart ,talk to your dad get a new appointment date for the scan and I won't keep you from it ,I'll let you be invovled but for right now we need time apart and you need to sort your shit out,your wife left you only recently and your divorce is going to be messy,we both know it is" I stared at him with my hands on my hips waiting for his answer a look a reply anything ,but I got no response he just continued to stared at the floor.

Then his eyes met mine and he spoke " Ok Bella if thats what you need,I'll give you the time you need ,but you still havent told me who Tristan exaclty is " he exhaled obviously fustrated.

"He was my best friend Edward" and then I walked out the office door.

Walking down the hall I was greeted by a smiling Carlisle,I couldn't even a face a Cullen riht now let alone one who was the double of Edward.I smiled back at him weakly,

"Edward is waiting for you in the office sorry I have to go,Edward will explain,im so sorry"

"No worries Bella, please do come back soon i'd love to see how my little randchild is getting along " he beamed at me.

God that man was the perfect gentleman ,wasnt he.I nodded and made my way out the front door into the pouring rain ,I whipped out my phone to text Tristan to see if he would answer or reply back or ring me or even speak to me.I looked around feeling the rain seep into my converse as I tried to even begin to explain myself in a text.

At that very moment I heard a horn blast loudly over the rain it was had waited on me,to see if I was over to his car I heard marylin manson "heart shaped glasses" blasting fron his radio,shit he was hurt,oddly this song was his sad depressive song ,well it used to be anyways and I dont think that had probably changed.

I jumped into the car turning off the radio and just looked at him "Tristan,im soo sor..."

"Bella save it ok, I don't like him ok I really don't ,and I know you didn't mention me to him and it hurt but it was understandable we drifted apart so why would you ,but I knew you would come to your sense and defend yourself and get annoyed at yourself after I left ,so you wanna go home or back to mine Bells" he smiled weakly at me.

Oh god I had missed this boy,I had missed my best friend.

"Can we go to mine please,and if you don't hate me too much can we stop at the store on the way I need comfort food right now,and thats not a pregnant thing thats a im an emotional wreck girl thing " I laughed awkwardly.

"Actually get out of my car I hate you Bella Swan and your emotional problems ...i'm just kidding as long at we can get popcorn and peanut M&Ms and mix them in togehter,you know how I like my munchies" He grinned starting the car and driving out of the car park.

We finally got to my house and I sighed in relief,wanting to run up my steps and to just curl up on the sofa.

"Come on Juno lets get you up those steps...you know your baby got some fingers " he chuckled.

Good god the boy was quoting Juno ,here comes a preview of the next nine months with Tristan back in my life.


Once inside I changed into sweats tied up my hair and curled up on my sofa with the comforter,whilst Tristan was making a noise in the kitchen.

"Hey Tristan what the helll are you doing to my kitchen,you sound like a bull in a freaking china shop !" I yelled from the couch.

"Chilll the beans out Bella,trust me i'll be in in a second" he hollered back.

Seconds later he came in with tray fulll of multicoloured food covered in sugar,setting it down on the table.

"Will you please sit the fuck down and stop towering over little old me " I suggested.

" Wait for it Bells ,jeeeeezzzz I got you something else as well " he replied

"Ooooooo and what would that something be a weightwatchers members enrollment for after the birth" I said sarcastically.

"Maybe ,but since your in such a fragile state "he rollled his eyes " I picked his up at the store "

He pulled something from behind his back and there it was The Notebook DVD,oh god he really did think I was an emotional wreck.

" You didn't, omg Tristan OMG" I stated into the pillow my face was currently buried in.

"Yes I did ,now Bella this is a serious matter I will watch this shit with you because well lets face it im a stand up guy but you tell any of the boys about this I will have to kill you " he said settling down on the couch beside me grabbing a handful of M&Ms with him.

"However feel free to tell your girl friends that im a sensitive soul,who's really intouch with his feelings and loves curling up to an emotional movie,girls dig that shit" he casually stated whilst shovelling even more sweets into his mouth.

" Oh how romantic Sarah's a lucky lucky lucky girl" I said rolling my eyes.

"She's not my girlfriend Bella I don't do girlfriends remember?" he replied whilst hitting play on the DVD player.

I curled up beside him as we were greeted by an elderly Noah and Allie on my TV screen.

"Are you scared of being a mom ?" I heard Tristan whisper.

Watching Noah climg the ferris wheel,I realised,

"I'm terrified".

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