Givens/RIL/ 12

Law & Order: SVU

"Res Ipsa Loquitur"

An Original Law & Order: SVU Story

2009 by Patricia L. Givens

Summer-Fall 2009

Disclaimer #1:This story is an original work of fiction set in the pre-existing universe of Law & Order: SVU. As such, many of the characters and references used within belong to Dick Wolf and NBC. I have borrowed them for the purpose of creating some fun and promise to return them unscathed (OK a little scathed but smiling!) as soon as I am done. No gain, monetary or otherwise, is expected from their use and no copyright infringement is intended or should be inferred.

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Who To Blame:Thanks to Ky for continuing to be a pain in the ass just so I appreciate what it's like to have normal friends. Thanks to all the readers who put up with my drivel and pat me on the back saying "more please!" (I do so love a masochist!) Thanks to the women of What Comes After, IncandescentFire, The BPD and Burning City (Dammit! Tell me what the name means!) for continuing to be some of the coolest chicks on the planet. And thanks to all of the Alex/Olivia fans out there… because being obsessive on your own is boring…

This is dedicated to Sugar Frosted Corn Flakes and Pez… All the nutrients a growing writer needs to be healthy and strong! ;)

What's that smell? Why yes, it IS a sequel!! If you haven't read Thin Frames, be prepared to say "Who the hell is that?" a lot!

One Last Warning: There are some violent images and themes contained herein. They will be described as lightly as possible and only when needed to advance the storyline. If you are squeamish, my apologies… but it is SVU.

No blonde baby butches were harmed during the writing of this story, but Olivia would have given her a good spanking if Alex had let her!

What's nine months between friends?

To all that makes us unique!

Dax =/\=

"What we risk, reveals what we value."

-Jeanette Winterson

It was going to be a beautiful day, she could tell that already.

It didn't matter that the early winter breeze floating in from the open window was more than a little cold, or that the first rays of the morning sun barely chased the chill from her smiling face. She had everything she would ever need to keep her warm.

And that had nothing to do with the blanket draped around her shoulders and everything to do with the body nestled tightly in her arms.

Olivia Benson looked down at the blond head resting against her chest and felt a flash of emotion so intense that it emptied her lungs of air. Unable to control the tears that stung her eyes, she tore her gaze away and glanced around the room, smiling happily at the stubs of burnt out candles that lined the tables and the mantle; the empty wine glasses and full dessert plates.

Her eyebrows rose at the sight of the cream colored confections that sat uneaten, their edges now darkened by the open air. If someone had told her that she would one day find anything she preferred over New York cheesecake, she would have looked at them like they had two heads. But considering the alternative that had presented itself the night before, the choice had been an easy one to make.

Taking a deep breath, the New York City detective laid her head back against the arm of the couch, stretching her spine as much as she could without waking her lover. She grinned as muscles she had long thought atrophied stung from overuse. The passionate lovemaking that had begun as soon as the second blackout hit had gone on for hours, until they had both passed out, too relaxed and happy to even make the short trek down the hallway to the bedroom.

What that meant was that Alex had fallen asleep stretched out on top of her, perfect pale skin pressed softly against every inch of her body, long smooth legs dove-tailed sweetly with her own.

Olivia knew her back would be killing her when they finally got up but oh.... what a way to fucking go.

Yeah, it was going to be a beautiful day.

She could tell that already.

Chapter One: And Now Back To Our Program Already In Progress

Alexandra Cabot sighed, a sweet smile etching itself across her porcelain features as she felt strong fingers comb gently through her hair. "Mmmm… what time is it?" Purring, she burrowed deeper into the body beneath her, one leg rubbing innocently into the heat between her partner's thighs. She laughed softly when a warm wetness coated her skin. "You're insatiable." She mumbled; her voice deep, husky from sleep. She felt lips press tenderly against her forehead.

"How could I ever get enough of you?"

The softly whispered words pierced the ADA's heart like a needle and she looked up into eyes so full of love that it caused her chest to ache painfully. "Sweet talker." She whispered.

Olivia traced over the delicate pink mouth with one fingertip, biting down on her lower lip when she felt a gentle kiss caress the sensitive pad. Every nerve ending in her body flared to life, quickening the blood in her veins until it flowed through her so quickly that it left her lightheaded and a little breathless.

She shook her head, trying to clear it; her eyebrows rising as she blinked in confusion. This wasn't new. They weren't new. Not that new, anyway, and she should be used to feel of Alex's lips. They should have felt normal, comfortable; even slightly predictable.

But they didn't.

They felt like the first time… when they had kissed at the bar and the world had stopped turning, leaving her feeling as though she had grabbed a live wire, the electricity arcing through her entire body from that one, tiny point of contact.

Alex smiled, recognizing the dazed look on her lover's face. She pulled herself up until she could feel the older woman's breath against her cheek as she nuzzled her ear. "Are you alright, detective?"

"Ye…" Olivia swallowed hard when she felt the blonde's tongue trace her earlobe. "Yes." She hissed. "It's just…" Light tremors ran through her body as Alex kissed her way down her jaw. "We've been together for… oh…" Her voice cracked when she felt long, elegant fingers close over one nipple; her back arching to deepen the touch. "Over two months… And it hasn't…"

"Lessened…" Alex finished for her as she brought her lips up to graze across Olivia's, her breath washing over the older woman's mouth, making it open, drawing her tongue out to taste it. "Did you think it would?"

Olivia stared into bright blue eyes, feeling the impact of the intense gaze in her lower abdomen. "No…" She whispered.

Their lips met gently at first then with mounting passion as skin slid against skin, creating a delightful friction that neither of them could resist. Alex pulled her knee up to press more firmly against Olivia's center while the older woman wrapped one leg around her backside, opening herself more fully to the intimate touch.

"Oh my god…" Olivia groaned; her head falling back against the armrest as Alex trailed her lips down her chest to close over one swollen nipple. At the same time, she slid her hand down the older woman's belly, her fingers scratching playfully in the tightly trimmed hair, the tips occasionally dipping lower, into the slick warmth between her thighs. The result was a sensory overload; an intense surge of pleasure that left Olivia's head spinning and her ears ringing.

Olivia opened her eyes. Something was ringing.

"Wait…" The detective gasped, putting her hands on Alex's shoulders. "Sweetheart…oh my god…" Her body convulsed when the blonde's fingers slid firmly across her clit but she could see her phone vibrating its way across the living room table and bit down on her lip, pushing harder against the delicate body in her arms. "Alex… sweetheart… my phone is ringing."

"No…!" The younger woman growled in frustration, pulling her mouth away from Olivia's breasts to protest. "You're supposed to be off this weekend."

"I know." Alex's fingers had stopped moving, allowing her to think again. "Everyone else knows it too. There's only one reason they would call…"

The blonde sighed. With a small pout, she pulled herself up, allowing Olivia to reach her cell phone.

"I'm sorry…" The detective glanced at her lover, the words dying in her throat when she saw that Alex had settled her lanky frame into the corner of the couch, her arms stretched out across the back and armrest, leaving her breasts completely exposed. She watched; her mouth dry, as perfect, dusky tipped nipples hardened in the cool morning air. Unable to stop herself, Olivia trailed her eyes over a smooth, flat stomach to find the blonde's legs crossed demurely, hiding the tender pink flesh she had spent most of the night worshipping.

Alex raised one eyebrow. "Are you going to answer that?" She smirked.

Olivia blinked, looking dumbly at the phone in her hand for a moment before she flipped it open. "Benson."

"Liv!" Elliot's voice sounded washed out; the winter wind nearly obliterating it. "We got another one!"

She closed her eyes, her stomach flipping over unpleasantly. "Where?"

"Spring Street Station." She heard him swear under his breath. "Lex Avenue Express."

"Alright," She tunneled her fingers through her hair. "How much time do I have?"

"I'm twenty minutes out."

She glanced at Alex. "Give me thirty. I'll meet you downstairs."

Alex leaned forward as Olivia hung up the phone. "Another one?"

She nodded silently, pulling herself up off the couch.


"I don't know yet. I have to get in the shower." She leaned down, taking the blonde's face between her hands as she gave her a long, thorough kiss. "Stay here?" She asked quietly. "You can find something comfortable to wear in my closet and… I think I'm going to need something nice to come home to."

Alex nodded, looking around the small apartment with a half-smile. "I'm sure I can find something to occupy my time…"

Olivia laughed as she tapped her lover on the nose. "No snooping!"

"Isn't that what girlfriends do?"

The older woman shrugged. "I wouldn't know! Never had one…before." Throwing a smirk over her shoulder she strode off to the bathroom, silently willing her heart to slow; the happiness she was feeling completely inappropriate for the day she had ahead of her.

Stepping into the shower, Olivia flipped the temperature to hot, groaning as the warm water poured over her hyper-sensitive skin. She braced both of her hands against the tile wall and hung her head, letting the jets pelt the back of her neck as she tried to release the energy coursing through her. Her body was still thrumming from the feel of Alex's fingers; still aching for them to complete what they had started and, unless she got her desires under control, it was going to be a very, very long day.

Silently cursing her partner and the world in general Olivia reached for the temperature control, only to look up in surprise when she felt cool fingers close over her hand. She swallowed, her tongue darting out to lick her lips as she watched Alex climb into the tub next to her. "What are you doing?"

The blonde just shook her head as she moved closer, not stopping until she had Olivia trapped between her body and the wall.

"Alex." Olivia warned regretfully, bringing one hand up to try and gently push her away. "I don't have time…"

"Olivia…" Alex pressed a knee between her legs, using it to push them further apart. "You and I both know it only takes you twenty minutes to get ready." She slid her hand up Olivia's thigh, groaning softly at the slick warmth she found there. "So I can only surmise…" She brushed her fingertips firmly over the swollen bundle of nerves at the top of her cleft. "That the extra ten minutes… are mine. Now shut up and kiss me."

The detective's head snapped back against the tile and she gasped into the blonde's mouth as she felt two fingers slip inside of her. Closing her eyes, she kissed Alex passionately as her hips began to rock against the hand tucked snugly between her thighs. "Oh my god…."

Alex smiled against smooth skin as she trailed her lips down over Olivia's jaw to bite firmly against the pulse point in her neck. She felt strong hands come up to wrap around her shoulders as she curled her fingers deep inside her lover, using her leg to increase the pressure a little more each time she thrust into her.

Normally, she liked to do everything slower; teasing Olivia to within an inch of her life before reaching the tempo she had started with now. Their lovemaking was incredible and only got better the longer it took. Sometimes that meant all night, leaving her staggering through her workday wishing for an IV of Red Bull and coffee, but never, ever regretting it.

But this morning… she just didn't have that kind of time.

"God, I love being inside you." She whispered; her smile growing wider when she felt the brunette's legs weaken. She twisted her wrist, increasing the angle of her fingers. "I love how you feel, how you smell…" She flicked her fingertips. "…how you taste…"

And that was all it took.

The toughest cop in New York City… came apart in her arms.

"Alex!" Olivia howled; the sound echoing off the perfect acoustics of the bathroom tiles. Somewhere, a fist thudded loudly against a wall but she couldn't hear it. All she could hear was the blood pounding in her ears as her hips jerked against her lover's fingers… the fingers that were still thrusting wildly in and out of her. "Stop… stop…"

But Alex didn't listen. Instead she brought her thumb up to press against her clit, matching the rhythm of her fingers as Olivia felt a second orgasm, bigger than the first, tear through her like quicksilver. It left her weak and trembling; her body boneless as she collapsed in her lover's arms.

"Oh my god…." She whispered, laughing softly when she heard Alex humming happily in her ear. "You're evil…"

"Quite possibly." The younger woman smiled brightly. "But wasn't that better than a cold shower?"

"Jesus…" Olivia breathed as Alex stepped back, letting her weight settle fully onto her own unsteady legs. She braced her hands against the wall behind her for a moment and then straightened, turning her face up into the cascading water before reaching out to grab the blonde who laughed and jumped out of the tub. "Hey! Where are you going?"

Alex grabbed a towel, wrapping it around her body as she smiled at the dripping detective. How can someone so sexy look so fucking cute? "You may only take a few minutes, detective." she smirked. "But I take a hell of a lot longer than that, and you know it." She pointed at the clock on the shelf next to the sink. "You've got seven minutes."

"Fuck!" Olivia ducked back into the shower, grabbing the soap and rubbing it quickly over her body. "You just wait till I get home!" She called out loudly. "Then you're really gonna get it!"

Alex watched her through the thin, plastic curtain, her lower lip held firmly between her teeth. "Oh…" She whispered with a smile. "I'm counting on it…detective."


Olivia had just pulled on her socks when she heard someone pound loudly on her apartment door. "Damn it, Elliot." She grumbled under her breath. "You were supposed to wait downstairs!"

Her eyes widened when she heard Alex call out sweetly, "I'll get it!"

"No! No! Alex!" She hopped out of the bedroom on one foot, trying to pull her other shoe on and make it to the front door at the same time. She groaned loudly when she saw Alex pull the door open to smile at her very surprised partner.

Elliot Stabler had seen a lot of things in his life, as a New York City cop and as a marine before that. But nothing had prepared him for the sight of Alexandra Cabot, Assistant District Attorney and all around Ice Queen, standing in his partner's apartment wearing nothing but a cut off pair of sweats and an NYPD t-shirt.

A very thin, very faded, tight-to-the-point-of-being-obscene, NYPD t-shirt.

Without consciously willing them to, his eyes dropped down to the floor to begin their ascent at the perfectly manicured feet. From there they traveled over shapely calves to linger almost obsessively on smoothly muscled thighs that seemed to go on forever. When the legs finally disappeared under the tattered ends of jersey cloth, his eyes jumped up to a smooth, flat belly. Right above which was…

"Okay!" Olivia stepped in between them, blocking the evidence of just how chilly her apartment was with her own body as Alex chuckled behind her.

"Good morning, Elliot." A lazy smile draped across the ADA's lips as Olivia spun around to face her. "Nice shower?" She asked innocently.

"Ha ha." Olivia glanced back at Elliot before ushering the blonde into the kitchen. "That's the best thing you could find to wear?"

"You said you wanted me to be comfortable." Alex stretched like a cat, her long arms going up over her head as she arched her back and moaned happily, showing off a smooth expanse of midriff in the process.

"Jesus…" Olivia felt the air rush out of her body as her mouth went dry. Her fingers immediately traced down the center of the blonde's stomach, following the dip in between her abs until it disappeared into her naval. Swallowing, she pulled her hand away quickly. "You make me crazy." She whispered.

"I know." Alex leaned forward, brushing their lips together lightly. "If it's any consolation… you're not alone." She ran one finger lightly down Olivia's cheek. "Now go to work, detective. I'll be here… when you get off."

The brunette smiled. She kissed her again quickly and then bolted, grabbing Elliot by the arm and dragging him from the apartment.