The Unexpected Happening:



Inner self



(Tenten's P.O.V.)

Chapter 1:

I stared at the sheet of paper, blankly, making sure I got the address right. Yep, 1842 Tyoko Dr. The school from the distance I was staring at was huge. The entire layout took up acres and acres of land. This is a high school? My eye twitched. I was going to have some issues getting around.

Just then Hinata Hyuuga reared up behind me.

"Th-this is a b-big school," She acknowledged, shyly.

"I know," I grumbled. "We'll have a fun time getting around,"

Hinata didn't answer. She just stared at the school with wide eyes.

"Don't worry Hinata," I said staring at her. "Any thug tries to hurt you they'll be sorry," and with that I pounded my fist.

Hinata just nodded unresponsively.

Then we went in.

We weren't lying when we said the school was huge, because it was. There were tons of corridors that led to other passageways that led to rooms that had stairs in them which led to another get the point. Hinata and I just had problems getting to the office and that wasn't in one of the rooms from the passageway from the corridor.

"Great," I mumbled. "And we don't know anyone,"

"Well, not e-exactly," Hinata murmured.

"What?" I asked.

"Never mind," she remarked.

I shrugged it off. "C'mon, I think the office is this way,"

Hinata followed me without a word.

We got many glares from students passing in the hallway but I death-glared them back.

"A-are you sure the o-office is this way?" Hinata questioned.

"Yeah," I said, without confidence.

"My fellow youthful students," a voice from behind us said. "I believe you are going the wrong way,"

I spun myself around to see the person, and tried not to laugh. It was a boy in a green spandex suit that had orange legwarmers on his shins. His hair was black and bowl cut....and his eyebrows were really thick. And when I say thick, I mean thick. They must've been like three inches or something.

"Oh," I replied. "Where is it?"

"Follow me, new students, I am Lee,"

"I'm Tenten," I said going after him. "And this is Hinata,"

Hinata smiled, shyly. "H-hello," She stammered.

In moments we were staring at a huge office. The glass double doors were probably to over dramatic with their sixde but oh well, they looked really cool.

"Thanks, Lee," I called after the green suited boy as he disappeared into the distance of the halls, smiling. The kid was strange but I liked him.

We stepped into the office and were greeted by a woman.

"You must be the new students. I'm Shizune. Principle Tsunade will be able to see you," The secretary smiled warmly.

Hinata and I sauntered into the principles office looking around. A blonde, big-chested woman sat behind the desk.

"You must be the new students," she said. "Welcome to Konoha High,"

Hinata and I shifted uncomfortably.

"I have your schedule right here," she handed us two sheets of paper with our names on it. "If you need anything, come back to the office. The dorm room partners and room numbers are posted in the main hallway."

"Thanks," I answered.

"Now get out of my office," she said rubbing her temples.

As we shuffled out, she slammed the door behind.

"O-kay," I commented. "First she's nice, then she's annoyed, then she slams the door?" I shrugged. "Oh well, she's cool,"

Then we left to find the dorm partners list.

"What the heck is this?!" I cried. "Neji Hyuuga?! That sounds like a guy?!"

Hinata came up from behind me.

"Is he like, related to you, Hinata?" I added.

Hinata's eyes were wide. "He's m-my c-cousin," she stammered.

"Wait!" I narrowed my eyes suspiciously. He's your cousin. As in he is a guy?"

"Y-yes," Hinata answered.

"Aww man!" I moaned. "Do you know what this means?"

"What?" Hinata asked.

"It means I have to spend 3 fricken years living with a guy?"

Hinata sweat dropped. "W-well. he's n-not that bad,"

"Oh, I saw the fear in your eyes, girl, when I said his name," I snapped.

"I-I meant th-that he's n-not the guy who'll t-try anything," Hinata corrected.

"Oh my god!" I cried. "I totally forgot about that. What if he tries to rape me?!"

"I told h-he's n-not the guy that'll d-do that," Hinata told me.

"Then why don't you like him?" I inquired

"I- I like him. It's j-just that it'll b-be interesting to see h-how he acts around s-someone as spunky as y-you are,"

"What do you mean?" I demanded, defensively.

"You'll see w-what I m-mean when you m-meet him," Hinata replied. My eye twitched again.

Great, just great,

"What classes do you have?" Hinata asked.

I read them aloud as I looked at them.

(In order of the periods)

Homeroom: Kakashi Sensai

History: Kurenai Sensai

Math: Sunyukai Sensai

Biology: Jiraiya Sensai

Warfare: Anko Sensai

Gym: Gai Sensai

"I h-have gym and h-homeroom with you," Hinata informed me.

"Huh," I said. "Interesting,"

"W-what?" Hinata asked.

"What's warfare?"

"Th-that's like world w-war 1 and stuff," Hinata answered.

"I'm not dumb I know that. I meant like what will she teach us about," I said, correcting my sentance.

Hinata shrugged, then looked at a sheet of paper with her partner and room.

I was quickly reminded of my crisis and asked Hinata, "Who are you sharing a room with?"

"Sakura-Chan," she replied.

I groaned than looked at my sheet of paper:

Room: 320 C

Students: Tenten, Neji Hyuuga

I hissed than crumpled my paper before stuffing it in my pocket. Hinata took a slight step away from me knowing how I got with my tantrums.

"I-I'm going to m-my room now, Tenten," She stuttered, leaving me fuming in the middle of the hall.

I lugged my heavy suitcase up the stairs, wondering why the heck they didn't have an elevator in such a huge school...oh right they did. But they only had one on the other side of the school where the girls dorms were.

Dragging "The Beast" (my nickname for it) down the hallway, I got a lot of stares from the guys. Some of them whistled, some cowered back, and some didn't care, like this pineapple haired dude who was sleeping in the middle of the hallway. I carefully stepped over him and made my way to room 320 C.

I gagged in triumph when I arrived at the door, then realized I didn't have a key.

Aw man! I hope this Hyuuga's here or I'm-

My thoughts were stopped abruptly when the door swung open and I stared into pale, lavender eyes.

"Um, hi," I greeted.

"Excuse me," the boy said coldly. "But I believe your on the wrong side of the school."

"Um no I'm not," I snapped.

He raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

I pulled out the crumpled paper and shoved it in his face. "There, proof!"

"You're Tenten?" he asked.


"But I thought you were a boy,"

"That's probably why I'm rooming with a boy in the first place," I snarled. "They probably thought that I was a guy,"


"What the heck is that supposed to mean?" I demanded.


"Whatever," I said. "Are you going to let me in or just leave me standing here."

"Is it my choice to choose," he remarked, coolly, stepping aside.

I collapsed on the bed closest to the door. This was going to be a long school year.

It took me a while ti unpack but I finally finished.

Grabbing one of the room keys, I called behind my shoulder.

"Hey, Hyuuga? I'm going out to eat. Wanna come?" I knew the answer was no, because if it wasn't then I wouldn't ask.

"No," he replied.

"Anti-social," I mumbled.

"Hn," I could here that as I closed the door behind me and came face to face with Hinata.

"You r-ready?" She questioned.

"Yeah," I remarked. "Who are they?" I pointed to the girls behind her.

There was one girl with pink hair that was cropped so it reached her chin, and the other had long blonde hair.

"This is Sakura-Chan, my roommate, and her f-friend, Ino,"

"You're Tenten right?" Sakura asked. "Nice to meet you,"

"Hey, I hear you're rooming with a guy," Ino said with a devious smirk.

"It's worse than you think," I retorted. "I'm rooming with an ice-cube,"

The girls looked at me questioningly.

"He has no emotions," I explained. "Whenever I ask him something, his answer is either Hn, or something mean and anti-social-like.

Hinata shrugged. "I-I get used t-to it,"

"What?" Sakura and Ino asked.

"He's my c-cousin,"

"Is he hot?" Ino interrogated.

"Ino-pig!" Sakura death glared her. "He's Hinata's cousin,"

"Oh right," Ino muttered. "Tenten, is he hot?"

I gulped trying to remember what he looked like. The things that really stood out were his pale, lavender eyes. But when I was packing I also realized he had really long hair that was tied in a low ponytail and wasn't fat or skinny. Rather muscular actually.

"Um," I tried to think of what to say.

Sakura helped me out. "So where are we going to eat?"

"Th-there's a cafe on the f-first floor," Hinata replied.

"Okay," we said in agreement.

We sat at a round table in the Konoha Cafe.

"So what's your roommate like?" I asked Ino.

"She's a damn slut," Ino grumbled.

"And you aren't?" Sakura joked.

"No, I'm not even joking. Her clothes are so revealing," Ino complained.

I twirled my straw around in my Latte. "What do you mean by revealing," I asked. "You said it with so much emphasis,"

"Her boobs are practically hanging out and her pajamas? Oh my gosh you don't even want to know. I'll be sleeping in the same room with a girl half naked," Ino tugged at a strand of golden blonde hair that cover the right side of her face.

"What's her name?" Sakura inquired.

"Karin," Ino said it with hatred.

Hinata looked up nervously.

"Sh-she better not kn-know that Tenten is N-Neji-Kun's roommate," the navy haired girl stammered.

"Why?" I asked, suddenly interested.

"Sh-she's the l-leader of his fan c-club," Hinata remarked.

"He's got a fan club?" Ino, Sakura, and I cried in unision.

Hinata nodded.

"How do you know she's the leader?" I demanded.

"B-because back a-at home, Neji m-made me get rid of a-all their letters and s-stuff,"

"They sent letters to him when you guys weren't at school?" Sakura questioned.

Hinata nodded, weakly. "I-it was r-rather annoying,"

"Talk about obsessed.," Ino mumbled.

I agreed with that. I mean who honestly makes a fan club for a guy? Who does that? Oh right, this Karin girl and her other friends that are probably sluts too.

We finished our lattes and ended the night with some muffins. Mmmm...muffins.

"Bye!" I waved to the girls as they descended down the stairs to get to their dorms.

When I walked in, Neji was reading a book. I took a glance at the title.

"You like Lord of the Rings?" I asked.

He looked up. "It's rather interesting." he then looked down and continued reading.

I grabbed a pair of clothes and walked into the bathroom, locking the door.

So, you're rooming with a guy?

Agh! Who the hell are you?

Your inner,

What's that supposed to mean?

I'm you, except I'm just what you're thinking.

Whatever, go away.

I'm not done yet. So, you're rooming with a guy, eh?

Yeah, what of it?

Did you just hear what I said?


You're rooming with a guy! What sparks there?

I'm rooming with a guy, so?

What's your problem girl? This is the perfect chance to hook up.

I don't hook up with ice cubes, thank you very much. Now leave me alone!

Fine, but I'll be back.

That's right, leave!

Say what now?

Gah! Go!

Finally when I was dressed I reentered the room in pajamas.

"That took long," the long haired boy mumbled from the other side of the room.

"So you've decided to talk?"


"Yeah, that's what I thought," I grumbled slipping under the covers. "Do you mind turning off that light?"

"I'm reading," the Hyuuga only answered.

I sweat dropped. "I can see that, but I'm tired. we have to wake up early.

Neji grunted then reached over and snapped the light switch into the down position.

I rolled over to my other side so I wasn't facing him. This definitely was going to be a long year.

A/N Yeah so this is my first chapter. I've never done a Naruto fanfic before so I'm nervous that I might do something oh I don't know unlikely. Who cares though! Oh and just to let you know I made up one of the teachers names, because I didn't really know what to for reading:) Please review!