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Passage of Time


I can recount the memories in head so clearly and so detailed. It was as if time had slowed down when it happened. I remember lying down with Ginny, my wife of two years, when the door slams open. "Expelliarmus." Someone shouts. My wand flies from my bed table, so do my glasses. A stream of electric blue hits my wife and me, paralyzing us.

In retrospect, when I view it all in my head, I see all of this happening so slow, as if it took several long minutes. It only took three seconds. Three seconds to disarm and paralyze Ginny and I, also blinding me. Did I really get so lazy in the two and a half years without Voldemort? My reflexes are practically gone. I feel ashamed that I let this happen. People's lives are at stake because of my carelessness.

All I can see is a blur of black robes and white faces as they come into my bedroom. The commotion stops and they stand completely still. Rogue Death Eaters, my house is protected from such intruders. How could they slip inside? The silence is deafening. I would yell if my mouth were not glued shut. Ask why they are here, and how they think they can get away with this. Without my sight, my hearing improved a little to compensate for the blindness. I could hear the clock ticking in my living room; I could also hear footsteps on the grass: slow, deliberate, and very close. I am waiting to see whom the Death Eaters are waiting for, is this intruder their leader? The person who found a way around the wards and protection spells around my house. I want to see who my attacker is. I am waiting for a moment of freedom to counterattack and bring them down. As the footsteps come closer, I try to count the white faces through the blurriness. I count maybe ten, I could be very wrong, my eyesight is horrible.

The footsteps are right outside my door. My heart is beating fast, and the anxiety is going to kill me. My bedroom door slides open a little and a tall, thin, ominous figure steps through. Through my blurry vision, I can make out a very familiar shape of my intruder's face, almost impossibly familiar. The silence is broken by my wife's gasp. I wonder how that is possible. Through my peripheral vision, a wonderful ability, I can see my wife's face clearly. She looks like she has seen a ghost. A most horrible and terrifying ghost.

"It's been a long time Mister Potter." A deep voice breaks through the wall of black robes, an impossibly familiar voice matching an impossibly familiar face. I would have gasped if I could. Standing in my bedroom was none other than Lord Voldemort. I had watched him die. I watched as his body dropped to the ground after I killed him. Somehow, he is standing before me, very much alive. I had hunted down every evil artifact that could have brought him back, and now he is somehow here? Still alive? How!

"I can presume that you have some questions for me. Well unfortunately, you cannot ask them. I will be doing all the speaking for the moment." Voldemort paused. He seemed to lean closer to me. His face getting clearer. He slips something on my face and I realize it is my glasses. Voldemort's face is so close to mine. His face looks different, human. It was Voldemort as I have never seen him: He had a full face, thick jet-black hair where he was once bald; it shined from the moonlight coming from my bedroom window. He had dark brown eyes, so full of hatred and loathing that I almost miss the bright red eyes that were so emotionless. Where there was nothing but two slits, there now lay a thin and pointy nose. The last feature is the two full lips instead of the snakelike ones he once possessed.

Why does he look so human? It is almost worst than his old face. At least I was used to seeing that. "Now isn't that better Mister Potter?" I realize that the snakelike hiss was no longer present when he spoke.

"Before I go and explain why I am alive and my appearance, I am going to tell you what I plan to do to you after my little story. I came here to kill you Little Harry. I am going to kill your lovely wife first, only allowing her to scream for your benefit, and then I will kill you." Voldemort stopped, he got off my bed, where I lay paralyzed, and conjured himself a chair. A nice comfortable light green chair, the very same ones that belong in my living room. Ginny had said that they accent my eyes. Voldemort sat down and propped his feet on my bed. I felt insulted, that was just rude.

Voldemort leaned back. His eyes were focused on mine. His mouth opened and words spilled out, the words of a story recounting my impending doom. "Mister Potter, I am highly amused that you truly believed I could be killed so easily. You and Dumbledore thought you had the world in your hands. What pompous asses the two of you make. I had split my souls too many times to count. There are so many out there that you will never find them all. The most important one was in the best and worst place. Worst because it was so obvious, sometimes I would fear it would be found. In the end, I knew no one would find it. Dumbledore's giant ego would not let him. I mean how would anyone ever think that a horcrux lay in Dumbledore's very own wand?" Voldemort stopped and smiled, letting the information sink in.

How many Horcruxes had he made? How could he split his soul once let alone more than seven times? How did Dumbledore, one of the greatest light wizards of our time, not know that an evil artifact lay in his wand? I lay absorbing all information given. I wondered to myself how all those things were possible, how Voldemort got away with it. When I get out of here, I plan to visit Albus' portrait, and ask all these questions.

Voldemort smiled, it actually scared the crap out of me, and he then opened his mouth to continue his story. "My very first Horcrux was my diary; it was a very messy scene. I created it when my basilisk killed the little mudblood. I did not even have to kill her myself. Unfortunately, there was all this dark magic covering my book. Everyone would have noticed. I kept it in Salazar's Chamber. It took a couple of months for the excess dark magic to leave and the book lay inconspicuous. To split my soul had deprived me of a lot of energy. I was not magically brilliant at Hogwarts for while. While I was recovering, I pondered what went wrong. So I experimented, this is where the numerous Horcruxes come in. I found out that I could put more of my soul into one object over another. I could take my soul out of the object without having to die first. I found out that any death would count; even a measly animal could create a Horcrux. I figured out how much power to put into the incantation. I refined the process so that my Horcruxes were undetectable. They looked like any other object; no one would be able to find it unless they were looking specifically for it. I made many Horcrux during this experimentation time. After Hogwarts, I hid my horcruxes all over the world, but those do not matter now. What does matter is how I managed to fool Albus Dumbledore.

"When I came to him to seek the Defense against the Dark Arts job, I was hoping to get in and find a chance alone with his wand. I never expected to be turned down, but I had brought something with me just in case. During the interview, I had a necklace on me. Simple silver chain with a very large emerald. It once belonged to Salazar; it was passed down in my family just like the ring. This necklace was also sold, before I was born. I tracked it down, going through black markets and everything else I could to get it back. This is an ordinary necklace. It has an extraordinary power to stop time. I did research on my new heirloom. There is no limitation to the power behind the emerald. The wearer can stop time for as long as they need to. The only setback is that there can be one person who is immune to the power of the emerald. That is the wearer's true love. Obviously, I never needed to worry about that. Once I placed that chain around my neck, I never took it off. In fact, I even had it on during my resurrection in your 4th year at Hogwarts, Mister Potter. You were most likely too traumatized to notice. I have only lost it twice in my life, well 3 lifetimes really. Once was when my body was destroyed when you were a baby. The second time was when you killed me at Hogwarts. I regained my precious emerald both times after I sent a loyal Death Eater after it.

"When Dumbledore rejected my offer, I grabbed my emerald. To use it, you hold it in you hand and think the incantation, Vicis Exsisto Etiam. It is Latin for "Time be Still." Time froze at the precise moment; Even Dumbledore could not do anything to stop it. I grabbed his wand and split my soul. I put the largest piece of my soul into his wand. I knew that this was going to be important later, but I did not foresee the consequences of the action. By losing the biggest piece, I lost a lot that made me human. I lost most of my patience, focus, everything that would have made me a better Dark Lord. I cursed Dumbledore and that teaching position. I walked away and never looked back. We all know how the rest goes, up until two years ago that is." Voldemort stopped talking to rest his throat.

I didn't know what to think. All the information was sinking in. An emerald necklace that can stop time, and he never takes it off. That was it! When I get my chance, I am lunging for that necklace. Ginny and I can take their wands and subdue the Death Eaters, and then I can deal with Voldemort.

Voldemort smiled, "My story is almost done. I cannot wait Little Potter. All these years my soul has been in Dumbledore's wand. Every time he used it, my soul became little more powerful. It absorbed all excess magic residing. Imagine all the magic it has been absorbing for 52 years Harry! Now when I died that second time, I had the wand in my hand. While everyone was celebrating, the Horcrux burst through Dumbledore's wand and connected with my soul. Now I was filled with power. I floated away, leaving the already decaying body behind. I ended up in a remote part of the forest. My empowered soul recreated my body. The exact way I had left it in the wand. No potion, the magic within my Horcrux was powerful enough. Ah, the wonder of magic Mr. Potter, all that I had lost by splitting that piece was regained. My patience and focus came back. That is why not a whisper was heard of my return. All my plans were locked up tight. Tonight seemed like forever to plan. It had to be perfect; of course, Mister Potter, you demand nothing else. I reworked it too many times to count. I had to stop time to personally take down all of your wards. Wards are hard to take down, but yours were practically delicious. I never had so much fun.

"Now Mister Potter, my story is over. I have explained why I am here, how that was possible, and why I look this way. More information than you needed to know really. I am going to kill you this time Potter. This is the day that your luck has finally run out." Voldemort started to stand up. My heart started beating. Voldemort was right about one thing, even if the rest was bullshit. I have always had luck on my side. Sadly, where is this luck now? Where is my opportunity to be free and kick arse? Voldemort stood at the foot of my bed. He starts to point his wand at me. He holds the position for a moment before sharply turning his wand and aims at Ginny. "Oh that's right," Voldemort laughs, "I did say I was going to kill the wife first."

My heart was about to beat right out my chest. Ginny gasps, "You said I wouldn't be harmed, only Harry."

Voldemort smiled, a cold evil smile, "Well I lied, you stupid little bint." Voldemort looked at Harry, " That's another thing you now know, your wife is a traitor." Without hesitation, Voldemort lifted his wand and the Killing Curse spew forth from his lips. A jet of bright green hit Ginny straight in the chest. My heart lay quiet with heartbreak and confusion. My beautiful wife, lying dead beside me, was a traitor. When? How? She was so strong and deep in the side of Light. She betrayed me and was willing to give up my life? What would give her cause? My eyes hurt from not being able to cry. Voldemort looked at me, raising his arm once more.

"Now Harry, It is time for you to die. You won two battles, but I have truly won the war. Avada Kedavra." Time had slowed down to the very millisecond. A jet of green flies at me, the same bright green curse that has flown at me so many times before. Will I be able to survive this time? Am I able? That remains to be seen. I close my eyes as I feel it hit me and everything fades to black.