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Passage of Time

Chapter 2: Tournament End, New Beginning

Harry felt like he was being pulled through a tube by his navel. The sensation was a cross between using a Portkey and Apparition. The feeling felt very odd to Harry, and he didn't like it at all. Fortunately, for him, the feeling ended a second later with Harry landing hard on the grass. He laid there for a second, trying to recover from the pain. His leg hurt beyond just a fall. He looked closer at it and found blood. Harry wondered why his leg was bleeding; the fall wasn't bad enough to cause bleeding. He shook himself and tried to concentrate on where he was. Upon looking up, he found himself in a very familiar graveyard. The realization was dawning on Harry. The last thing he saw on the train was the 3rd Task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament. That's where he had landed. That was why his leg was bleeding. He had been tossed around by that giant abomination of a spider, right before being Portkeyed to the graveyard. This meant that he was at Voldemort's resurrection. Harry stood up slowly, putting all the weight on his good leg. If he was at Voldemort's resurrection, that meant he wasn't alone.

"Harry, are you OK? You landed pretty hard there."

Harry turned so fast, he missed a step and nearly fell. The pain shot through his leg, he winced but tried to ignore it. He couldn't believe his ears. He righted himself and looked properly at the person next to him. It was Cedric Diggory, alive before his very eyes. Harry sucked in his breath. He was afraid to breath. He was afraid that Cedric wasn't real. Cedric just looked at him in concern. "Harry, you look like you saw a ghost. Did you hit your head?"

Harry stared for a moment longer, and then he smiled. "No, Cedric, I'm fine." Cedric was alive. Harry's heart thumped joyfully. He could save him. "Wands out though, we'd better be safe."

Cedric nodded in agreement. Harry knew that Wormtail was going to come out any second now. This time he would be ready. This time he would be able to save Cedric. Harry pulled out his wand and aimed it at the spot where he knew Wormtail would enter. Cedric looked at Harry in confusion. He whispered, "Harry, what are you aiming at? You know what's going to happen?" Harry nodded. "Yeah I do, but no time to explain." Cedric looked disgruntled but nodded once. Harry was sure that Cedric would make him tell eventually.

Right on time, Harry saw someone coming in the exact direction he remembered. It was like a real heavy dose of Déjà vu. He straightened himself up, ready to take action. He remembered that Voldemort would whisper the order before Wormtail would take action.

"Kill the-"

"Petrificus Totalus!" Harry shouted. Cedric sent a stunner a second afterward. Wormtail froze up and fell to the ground. The bundle that was in his hands flew to the side and started rocking violently. Harry ran up to the frozen traitor. Well more like a fast skip, he had to limp. Cedric was behind shouting for him to be careful. He reached Wormtail and looked down at the petrified body. Harry gave him a good kick. It was what he deserved. Harry winced at the pain, but it was worth it. He took Wormtail's wand, and pocketed it. Wormtail had a large amount of luck, just as much as Harry did. He had a knack for escaping, and Harry wasn't going to let that happen this time.

Cedric finally caught up to Harry. He was stashing his wand in his robe when he caught sight of body. His eyes widened. He pointed a shaking finger at Wormtail and whispered, "Is that Peter Pettigrew? I thought he was dead." Cedric shot a questioning look at Harry. Harry shot one back at Cedric. "How do you know about Peter?"

Cedric shrugged. "Everyone knows about his death. Sirius Black killed him. Last year, when he escaped, my parents told me the story. Now what is he doing here?" Harry looked down at Wormtail and kicked him again. The pain shot through his leg once more in an angry reminder of the wound. He nearly swore and berated himself to never kick the traitor again. He wasn't worth that much pain. He then smirked at Cedric and stated, "I'll let you in on a little secret, or rather a giant lie. Sirius never killed him. Peter staged it. He was the real traitor, and he let Sirius take the blame for it. I'm planning on turning him in." Harry muttered a spell and ropes flew around the body. He then levitated Wormtail and started to pull him back towards the Cup as best as he could.

Cedric just watched Harry for a moment before he noticed the rocking bundle. They had forgotten it. They were paying more attention to the supposed dead wizard. Cedric walked up to the bundle and peeked in. He was immediately repulsed and backed away. "Um, Harry? What the hell is this?" Cedric pulled out his wand and pointed it at the frail body of Voldemort. He was unsure of what to do next.

Harry turned and shuddered. He remembered how ugly that thing was. Harry left Wormtail by a gravestone. He walked over and wondered how he going to explain this to Cedric. He looked at Cedric's face. Cedric looked bewildered and slightly scared. Harry sighed. "I'm not sure that you're going to believe me, but that is the crippled body of Voldemort."

Cedric jumped back. He started shaking a little bit. "What? That's You-Know-Who!? Uh, how? Why here, with us?" He finally looked around, taking in his surroundings. "Where are we by the way?"

Harry was looking at the small bundle. He was thinking over his answer. They weren't hard questions, but the answers were slightly confusing. Harry knew that people didn't want to believe. He hoped Cedric would listen to him and believe him. Harry started to answer Cedric's questions. What had really happened on that night when Voldemort disappeared. The reason they were in this little graveyard in Little Hangleton. He also talked about why he was in the tournament in the first place, and about the imposter Moody. It only took about 15 minutes to answer. Harry didn't tell Cedric about the time travel, even though he wanted to. He felt that Cedric earned it. He also didn't talk about Cedric dying, maybe another day.

Cedric stood there in silence. Harry hoped that he would believe him. Harry didn't know how he would feel if Cedric spurned him. Cedric looked at Harry for a moment and then nodded. "I believe you, Harry. I know that you're a decent bloke. I know that you wouldn't lie about something about this. I knew that you didn't put your name in the Goblet, and I was right." Cedric put his hand out for Harry, and Harry took it. Harry felt relieved that he could count on Cedric, that he would be by his side.

They both watched the bundle and wondered what to do next. Harry was trying to remember something he was told about this night. It was something about Voldemort. Harry screwed his face up in concentration. There was something, what was it? All of a sudden, it hit him like lightening, the emerald. The necklace that freezes time, Voldemort said that he had it during his resurrection. Harry bent down and opened the bundle. He shuddered at the sight. It was worse then just remembering. Cedric grabbed his shoulder. "What are you doing, Harry?" Harry brushed him off. It wasn't here. Did Voldemort lie? The small body shivered and hissed. Harry thought for a moment. If Voldemort didn't have it, then who did? He turned and looked at where Wormtail lie. Wormtail was the only other person there when Voldemort gained his body back. Harry ran toward him and started searching through his robes. In one of the inner pockets, He felt an object. So, Voldemort hadn't lied, it was here. He brought it out and looked at it properly in the moonlight.

The necklace seemed very inconspicuous. The silver chain that held the emerald was very simple. It was a very long chain that consisted of little loops, with no clasp in sight. The silver was tarnished. Harry wondered if it could be repaired. The poor necklace looked filthy, not something worth of Salazar Slytherin. The emerald itself wasn't something to look at either. It was about the size of a Galleon. The sliver that held it was tarnished as well, with dirt ingrained into it. The most marvelous thing about it was how bright the stone seemed to be. It was as if there was a fire lit inside. The emerald almost made up for how pathetic the rest of the necklace looked.

Harry held the necklace very gently in one hand, as if it was about to break. His fingers glided across the emerald, almost caressing it. Harry slid the necklace around his head and grasped the emerald in his hand. He was about the think the incantation, but paused. No, it didn't feel right to do it now, another time. He looked over to where he left Cedric, and didn't see him. Harry started to panic, and heard a snigger from behind.

"I'm behind you, Harry. What's that thing? It's filthy."

Harry held it up so Cedric could see. "It's a very old necklace that Salazar Slytherin owned. Voldemort had it, until now." Harry smiled, he was very proud of himself. Cedric raised an eyebrow. "What's so important about it?"

Harry's smile faded, he bit his lip. "Well, nothing really, Voldemort liked objects that were owned by the Founders. Nothing magical about it. I'm going to give it to Professor Dumbledore when we get back." Harry felt bad about lying to Cedric, but he had no other option right now. He looked at the Cup that was just a couple of feet away. "The cup is a Portkey; it'll take us back to Hogwarts." Cedric was staring at the cup as well, and then he turned and looked at Voldemort. "What about You-Know-Who?"

Harry spared a quick glance and snorted in disgust. "Well, he can just die. He'll come back eventually. He won't ever stop. Don't worry about him. When it's time, he will get taken care of." Harry grabbed the ropes that were holding Wormtail. He looked at Cedric and offered half of it. "Will you help me pull, my leg hurts, and he's heavy." Cedric laughed and grabbed the proffered ropes. They both started walking to the cup, pulling Peter Pettigrew along with them.

"Hey, Harry, how do you know all of this? That You-Know Who would be here and with a wizard that should be dead." Harry shook his head. He really didn't want to answer all these questions. It would only lead to more awkward questions. "Cedric, I promise that I will tell you, I think you deserve to know, but not right now. It's going to be hell when we get back. Let's sort through all of that first, then we can talk. You have my word, It's just going to be a very long conversation." Harry looked at Cedric with hope in his eyes. Cedric just sighed. "Yeah, alright, I won't bother you with all these questions, but you have my word that I will come after you for answers eventually."

Harry smiled wide. He knew Cedric would do that. They had come up to the Cup. "Cedric, one last thing, don't tell anyone about the necklace. Let Professor Dumbledore sort that out. Are you ready?"

Cedric gave Harry an odd look but nodded. "Yeah, let's go." They both made sure that they had a firm grip on Wormtail. They both reached down and grabbed the Cup. This time Harry wasn't going back alone. This time, he had saved Cedric, and he was going to clear his godfather's name.

They both vanished from the graveyard. It was hard to hold on to an unconscious person while being Portkeyed. They landed safely in front of the entrance to the maze. For the first time in Harry's life, he didn't fall. He kept both feet firmly on the ground. The crowd broke out in cheers. Everyone from Hogwarts was celebrating when they saw both their Hogwarts Champions appear. Some of the adults started yelling when they saw a third wizard with the boys. The cheers quieted down and the adults started to walk up to Harry and Cedric with wands out. Harry just looked for Professor Dumbledore; he was standing behind the crowd. He also had his wand out and was looking concerned and curious.

Harry called out to the Professor and Dumbledore finally quieted the frantic adults. Everyone hushed up; they were trying to hear what was going to be said. Professor Dumbledore gave a little wave to Harry, to encourage him to say what he needed to. Harry pulled all his strength together, and called in a steady voice, "Professor, I give you Peter Pettigrew." Harry and Cedric both threw Wormtail toward the Professor.

The whole stadium erupted in chaos.