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Pairing: GokuXHomura And SanzoXGoku later


Goku said as he felt himself float into consciousness. He put his hand on his head. "Is it time for breakfast?" He mumbled to no one on particular. Then Goku realized no one was hitting him for saying something about food. Goku's eyes shot open and he sat up quickly. "What the-?" He said looking around. He saw nothing familiar around him. "Where… am I…." he asked. Just then with a horrible yanking in his heart he remembered what happened the day before.


"You are too old to live here." Sanzo said.

"Wha-?" Goku said looking at his master.

"I said you are too old to be living with me anymore; people will get the wrong idea."

"N-no they won't! I'll find a girlfriend!" Goku said desperately.

"No. You cannot stay here. Now get your stuff and get the hell out!" With that said Sanzo turned on his heal and walked away.

"S-Sanzo…." Goku said reaching out to his master. "D-don't leave me…." Goku felt tears well up in his eyes.

Sanzo ignored him and kept on walking.

Goku fell to his knees, sobbing. "N-no… D-don't go… SANZO!!!!! Sanzo… please… Sanzo…." Goku then felt very weary. He curled up on the ground and sobbed to himself, slowly drifting off into an unpleasant sleep.


Goku felt tears well up in his eyes again. He let them fall because no one was there to see.

"Are you awake?"

Goku's head shot up towards the door, which was closed for the moment.

"H-…" Goku hiccupped. "Homura?" He said wiping his face quickly.

Homura opened the door and walked in.

"Good to see your ok…" he said carefully. He came and sat on the bed beside Goku's waist.

"W-why… are you here?" Goku said as strongly as he could.

"I saw you passed out on the street I couldn't just leave you there…"

"Th-the… street?" Goku asked.

"Yah you where curled up into a little ball as if you where trying to protect yourself… or something…"

Goku looked down. His heart was about to burst with sorrow.

Homura looked at the usually hyperactive kid. Then he was shocked to see a few small shimmering lights fall from his face.

"G-Goku?" Homura asked.

Goku looked up at him pathetically with tears in his eyes.

"H-he… left me…. H-he… K-kicked… meh- Me out…"

It took Homura a few seconds to get what was going on.

"N-no… way…" he said to himself.

"H-he left me!" Goku said. "I'm a-alone! Alone! A-again!" Goku let his face fall to his hands.

Homura saw his shoulders shaking and heard the stifled sob's, he felt really sorry for the young boy right now… So Homura took the chance, he twisted his body around and pulled Goku close into a hug.

"It's ok…" he soothed stroking his hair. Goku didn't care what was going on all he could think about was that he was alone in the world again.

"Shhhhhh….." Homura said. "You're not alone…" Goku's shoulders shook a bit more. "You have me…" Homura said stepping onto a ledge.

Goku looked up at him. "I-I do?" He asked.

Homura wiped a tear from Goku's eye and nodded.

"You have me no matter what… I promise…"

Goku's bottom lip trembled and he threw himself onto Homura, hugging him as tight as possible. "T-thanks… t-thank you… Ho-Homura…" Goku said.

Homura hummed a tune as he pulled Goku onto his lap Goku cuddled up and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Homura smiled down at the sleeping child. He stood up and laid Goku back down in the bed. He covered the boy up and pushed some hair out of his face.

"Goku…" He murmured.

Homura stood to full height, and resisting the urge to jump into the bed as well, he walked out of the room.

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