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Pairing: Homura X Goku (cause we all know theses two don't get enough love ,) and Sanzo X Goku later

Goku shivered from the cold. "Hmmmm…" he hummed as he sat up and rubbed his eyes. "Where did… he go?" Goku looked out the window to his right. It's a full moon he said quietly to himself. He figured he must have gone to sleep hours ago because it had been about in the middle of the day when he awoke last.

Goku pulled his knees close to his chest and again started to silently sob.

'How could he do this to me?' Goku thought. 'I thought I'd be his… his forever…. Why would he suddenly abandon me?' Goku rested his head on his knees squeezing his eyes shut. "I feel sick… I feel sick…." Goku said quietly. Goku suddenly felt the urge to throw up. His head shot up and he lay back down quickly and held as still as possible, trying to get rid of the nauseous feeling.

"Sanzo…." Goku mumbled he closed his eyes but he lay there for hours lost in his thoughts.

Goku flinched as he heard the door open.

"Goku… are you awake yet?" Goku heard Homura say. Goku didn't exactly want to talk to the war god at the moment so he closed his eyes. "Goku…" Homura said. He sat down on the bed next to Goku's body. Homura laid his hand on Goku's arm. "Goku…" Homura said again. "I'm sorry for you, I wish I could make everything better, but even as the god I am… I can't… so… I'll try to make you as happy as possible to forget him… he kicked you aside… you shouldn't have to suffer, you've done nothing wrong, he did… I swear… I'll try my best… Goku…" Goku was surprised at how sappy and different Homura was when no one was around.

Though it was slightly weird it did make him feel a little bit better, to know that at least one person cared about him enough.

Homura reached his hand out to ruffle Goku's hair a bit. Goku thought he should make Homura's day to thank him. "–omura…." Goku mumbled in his sleep. Homura's hand stopped in its tracks. He withdrew his hand and looked at it quizzically. He then pulled the covers all the way over the boy, so he wouldn't get cold and got up. "I'll bring you some food later Goku…" he said quietly walking out of the room.

Goku smiled for the first time in two days. He felt better, and was glad Homura had come to see him.

Homura sat down on his bed in his room. 'Why had Sanzo just dumped the boy? I thought he actually cared for him….' Homura was completely confused when he last saw the pair it was right after they had completed they're mission. They were both surprised and confused to see Homura alive. Later they had found out that Homura was no longer a god. He did not have to wear his shackles any more; he also no longer bore the crimson chakra on his forehead. For Homura was now a human (just a really powerful one). "They seemed closer than ever back then…" Homura murmured to himself. Homura laid himself down on his back looking up at the ceiling. "Why would that monk do this… he knows Goku would be crushed… Does he just not care?"

Goku got up after he was sure Homura was gone and walked over to the window. "Sorry, Homura… I'll be back…" Goku then jumped up onto the window sill and jumped off. He wandered the streets until he saw the place he was with Sanzo last. Goku got down on his hands and knees and sniffed at the ground. He was here… Goku murmured. Goku crawled along following Sanzo's scent he soon came upon the edge of the town. Goku looked up into the trees ahead of him. "Sanzo… you must be there…" Goku said. He put his head back down to the ground and again started moving forward. He soon came upon a clearing Goku could see a huge tree in the middle of it and the golden haired monk, with a cigarette that had long since gone out in his mouth. Goku crept up so he could see Sanzo better he made sure to stay on his hands and knees though. The monk's eyes were closed and he appeared to have dried tears on his cheeks but Goku knew Sanzo, so he figured it was just his imagination. Goku felt the tears coming again. He squeezed his eyes shut and let his shoulders shake.

Homura mulled over a few ideas in his head but none of them seemed to fit. Before he knew it the sun had peeked over the mountain. Homura got up and walked over to the window. I guess he will be hungry when he awakes… Homura said. He walked out of his room and made Goku some Meet Buns because he knew Goku loved them. Afterwards he set them on the table and went to see if Goku was hungry at all. "Goku?" Homura asked as he opened the door. Homura gasped and stopped in his tracks when he saw the room completely empty. Goku was gone.

"Where is he?" Homura asked himself worriedly.

Homura followed the trail He assumed Goku must have taken and jumped out the window. Homura looked around and decided that the place he found Goku was the best place to start. He ran to the street and stopped when he got there. Taking a look around he thought of where the boy might have gone. "To find Sanzo…" Homura said to himself. He took off to where he thought Sanzo would be. Homura silently crashed thru the trees until he came to a clearing. Homura was relieved to see that the monk was where he was thought to be. Homura took a look around but did not see Goku anywhere. He crept forward until he heard small sobbing. Homura looked down about eight feet ahead of him to find Goku lying in the tall grass just twenty feet from Sanzo. Goku looked like he had been crawling forward but lost it and just fell where he was. Homura knelt down and shuffled forward, he grabbed Goku gently. Goku flinched at first but upon realizing who it was, relaxed. Homura pulled the smaller boy into his arms and slowly got up. "Shhhhh…." Homura said. He turned and started walking back to the town.

Sanzo's eye's opened at the sound of someone talking to a baby. Sanzo did a double take at seeing Goku sobbing ind Homura's arms. And Homura walking away from where Sanzo sat. "He's found someone else…" Sanzo said quietly. "He doesn't need me at all. G-good…" Sanzo felt his heart flip. He grabbed his chest and gazed up at the stars, "He belongs to Homura now... not mine anymore…" Sanzo felt his head drop at the thought of never seeing his young boy ever again. "It's for the better." He said. "For him… and me…"

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