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Dobe= dead last/loser

Baka= idiot

Sensei= refers to teacher (Mr. /Ms.)

Why did things always have to go wrong when it comes to my life? Seriously, everything is screwed up. How, you may ask, had things in one Naruto Uzumaki's life gone so wrong? Well… he was supposed to have a normal childhood (family, friends, etc…) – but he had no clue as to who his parents were and the villagers seemed to have a major grudge on him, treating him like he had a plague of some sort… not sure if pranks deserved THAT kind of reaction…

He was supposed to go to the academy, make friends, and graduate (that was a must – couldn't be Hokage without graduating). Instead, he only had a few real friends and most (if not all) of his classmates thought he was an idiot… to top off that situation, when he graduated, it was on his 3rd try (more like 3rd and a half), and only because he was tricked by Mizuki-Sensei into borrowing (not stealing) the forbidden scroll and managed to learn a Jounin level jutsu, and beat Mizuki-sensei with said jutsu. AND he found out that apparently he was the vessel for the nine tailed fox, Kyuubi, who apparently killed Iruka-sensei's parents along with his and a whole lot of other kids parents, leading the older generation to hate him.

He was also supposed to, after graduating, get put on the same team as the love of his life and someone else tolerable (Shikamaru or Chouji maybe), as well as give his first kiss to his love of his life… but instead, while YES he got put on the same team as Sakura, he ALSO got put on the same team as the prick Sasuke-teme AND gave (unwillingly! Stupid random guy knocking him from behind) his first kiss to said prick! I mean, shit, if that wasn't screwed up, I dunno what is.

Aaand of course, NOW his C-rank turned A-rank mission is going wrong. Well, the "turned A-rank" part COULD be counted as going wrong (not to Naruto), what was really wrong was that he, Naruto, was stuck with the teme, Sasuke, in an icy trap made by the masked ninja (his nose told him it was Haku from the forest), dodging senbon (those needle weapon things) from what seems like all sides. Yes, it was really, truly, wrong.

He could see the needles speeding towards him, aiming to send him to his bloody, pointy (and surely pain filled) doom, when Sas-teme decided to play hero. What. The. Hell?!?

Why the heck did he do that? What the hell? He coulda dealt with it on his own! Really! So, again, why the fucking hell did he do that?

When he voiced his thoughts (not quite as angry sounding as he'd hoped but whatever), stupid Sasuke sprouted some lame-brain reply: "I don't know." LIAR! How in the hell would the so called "rookie of the year" NOT know why he had jumped in front of a lethal attack!?!



Crappity Crap Crapper! He's Dieing! Fuck, and now he's muttering something about killing someone for revenge (surprisingly NOT Haku) or something?! He's got his priorities skewed if THAT's what he's thinking about when he's playing pin cushon… Fuck, what? Now he's playing fountain!!! Frig!

How the hell could he do that? How the hell could I let him do that? How the hell could Haku do that to the Teme?!?

His anger shifted from Sasuke, to himself, until it settled on the masked nin hiding in those stupid mirrors of his, his mind flooding with rage. Naruto felt himself filled with a bubbling heat, fire pumping through his veins, making him feels stronger, everything coming into sharp focus… it was actually starting to hurt… ow ow ow ow ow ow! Stupid mist particles! No- FOCUS! Don't get distracted! Hafta beat this guy so Sasuke can get some (maybe a lot) medical attention (Naruto could hear his heart beat, weirdly enough… it was slowing though)! Dammit, that guy Kakashi-sensei's fighting needs to be dealt with too! Now how the hell am I supposed to go about this?

~break these mirrors and punch this guy in the face. Then, while he's distracted, make a dozen or so clones, and get half to Kakashi and have the rest circle you two~

It made sense so didn't stop to question the weird voice he was hearing from the back of his head (never mind the fact that he HAD a voice that was very obviously not his in his head).

Shooting forwards toward where he felt the fake hunter nin was (don't ask him how he felt it, he just did), he punched his way through it – sadly enough it was ONLY the icy mirror, so he pivoted and followed where he knew Haku escaped to, slamming out a burst of energy to speed himself up (apparently it was a big burst because he could hear it shatter the rest of the mirrors – wait, isn't that bad luck? fuck), he got in front of Haku. Shoving out some more energy to strengthen his blow, he plowed his fist into and through Haku's mask. As he sailed through the air (seemed like he was doing it in slow motion kind of), Naruto quickly made 15 clones, sending 8 to help Kakashi-sensei and having the rest surround him and the momentarily disoriented ninja.

~Knock him out and kill him quickly~

I'm NOT killing him


Not sure if the strange almost girlish voice meant Haku or the sword guy, he had a few of his seven clones pin Haku down and mentally told his other clones to knock out (ONLY knock out) their and Kakashi's opponent.

Getting to Haku, he couldn't help but ask why he did what he did. Haku ended up telling him about his old home, his "family" and how Zabuza saved him.

Well I didn't ask for his life story, but maybe after we finish Gatou (haha, CAKE)they can come back with us to Konoha…

Haku seemed to have noticed somehow that Zabuza was in trouble because he looked a little panicked and seemed to be preparing to break free.

~knock him out already!!~

I'm getting to it! Jeesh! (Naruto tried not to think about the fact that he had a voice in his head telling him what to do and he was doing it)

Slugging Haku in the faceand knocking him out, he got one of his clones to tie him up (just in case) and left with the rest of his clones to help kakashi and protect Tazuna.

Ouch, Naruto's eyes were seriously starting to sting like crazy, tearing up a little from it. His body was starting to achy and shakey too so he picked up speedbefore his adrenalin rush (what else could it be) left him and he started feeling his wounds from Haku again, before the fight was over.

Sas-Teme you'd better be alright, I still owe you an ass kicking, you douche-bag.

The mist was clearing, allowing Naruto to see that only two of his clones were left with Kakashi (he looked a lil tiered but not life-threatening), and Zabuza was looking just about ready to keel over, but with way less wounds than Kakashi. Naruto used what mist was left to head around Zabuza, leaving one clone with Kakashi, one with Tazuna and Sakura (wtf? No friggen injuries?), and letting the rest dispel to get some chakra back. This also brought back some information; the clone he'd left with Haku and Sasuke had apparently (gently) moved both forms out of sight behind some equipment, and noticed that a hord of thugs were heading their way, led by a little greasy old guy with a cane and a broken arm.

~Send a clone back there, henge into Haku, and play dead~

Trusting the strange voice (and it WAS strange – it could just as easily be male as female and was strangely husky), Naruto did just that, making some plans of his own from the voices. Kakashi said something about finishing this, and Naruto saw him start to collect crackling energy into his hand.

"OY! Zabuza! What'd you do if that Cake guy wasn't paying you anymore, huh?" Naruto half-yelled (he would have yelled full out but his throat was throbbing a little)

"Stupid Brat, I wouldn't do anything! Killing the bridge builder ouldn't be my job anymore!"

Kakashi wondered what Naruto was doing, first missing out at a perfect sneak attack (or he could have just not thought about it… you couldn't tell with Naruto), and now starting a conversation (distracting him from finishing Zabuza off)? Sure it was a smart move sending the clones, but maybe that was the limit? Zabuza was wondering along the same lines…

Naruto hid his grin (not that hard to do actually, the throbbing in his throat had spread to encompass his mouth too), "Hey, Kakashi-sensei, that would mean that we wouldn't have to fight this guy any more right?"

"Hmm, I guess, why?"

From the sidelines, Sakura yelled "Naruto you Idiot! Why would that Matter?!?"

Naruto didn't get to reply because the mocking voice of whom he believed to be Gatou came from the unfinished end of the bridge.

(a/n: will be short version because he's annoying, but otherwise parallel to anime)

"Well well well,"came his smoke-rough voice, "the 'demon' of the mist getting beaten up by a bunch of kids! Hah! Seems like you aren't worth what you're charging me"

"Gatou, I'm handling this" Zabuza growled out.

By this point, Gatou had walked far enough in to see 'Haku', giving a mini-rant about how he was stupid and evil for breaking his arm, and spat and kicked 'Haku' in the side (Naruto had to concentrate to keep the clone from going poof, and then from having his clone jump up and kick him). Seeming to remember himself, he looked at Zabuza with an annoyingly superior look and said:

"well, you see, you're getting to be just too expensive, so I'm going to have to have you killed" this was supported with a couple of chuckles from the mob of thugs behind him.

Kakashi blinked, then looked to Zabuza. "are you sticking to what you said?"

Zabuza glared at Gatou as he kicked Haku's dead (for he must be or else he would have been at his side earlier or retaliating now) form replying "yeah, but now I have something else I need to do", he glanced sideways at Naruto.

"You'll have to pay for what you did to Haku later kid, for now, passme a kunai."

Naruto grinned and complied, saying "I have nothing to pay for", adding "you'll see" when he got a glare from him.

Zabuza shot forward, ripping through the thugs who got in the way of him and Gatou, ignoring spears and knives shoved into his body. When he finally got to Gatou, Naruto heard him say something about how in hell, while he would fit right in, Gatou wouldn't. Naruto shot forward, the weird voice muttering that if he killed the 'cake-guy' that close to the edge, he'd fall in and die, either from drowning or from his wounds. He managed to grab the large mist-nin before he fell, allowing his Haku-clone dispel, and pulling the nearly unconscious Zabuza around the momentarily dumb-struck thugs to where his clone'd told him he put Haku and Sasuke.

When Zabuza's eyes eyes widened seeing an obviously unconscious-but-breathing Haku, Naruto Grinned and said "see? Nothing to be sorry about"

Zabuza just laughed when he got set down next to Haku in his and Sasuke's hidden position, allowing him to get some rest.

Their happy little moment was shattered when the thugs came out of their stupor.

"what the hell? You just killed our Meal ticket! Now we'll have to ransack the village!"

a Chorus of "yeah!"'s followed that statement, cut off when an arrow landed in front of them

"We'll see about that" said the villagers (a/n same as in anime, long writing-short, they get driven off)


"Brat, why the hell'd you make everyone think Haku was dead?"

jeeze, you'd think he'd be happier about Haku being alive, whatever, at least I know he cares if those tears earlier were anything to go by

"It was to see if you were a good person… so anyway, since I've found that you're a caring jackass, how 'about coming to Konoha with us?"

Naruto was starting to wince, his eyes were hurting so badly.

Zabuza just looked at him blankly. "what?"

"well, ah, I'm, heh, I'm friends with old man Hokage and I'm sure he'd let you in, agh, even as a Ninja, ngh, although he'll probably hafta put you on probation for a lil *wince* for a lil while, since you're a missing nin and everything, but, ah, it'd still be better than being on the run, fuck, wouldn't it?"

Kakashi looked up from working on Sasuke, both at what Naruto was saying and from How he was saying it. what he saw shocked him: Naruto was rubbing furiously at his eyes, knees curled up in a semi-fetal position, body jercking and twisting at random moments in obvious pain.

"what's wrong Naruto?" demanded Kakashi, eyes filled with worry.

'hah, Haku just did some major, fuck, work on me that's all," he said with an almost half-grin. "I just don't get how he managed to get my eyes like this, that's some trick of his, frig, gotta remember to ask how he did this."

"what, did he hit you in the eyes?" asked Zabuza, some concern showing through his tough exterior for the little brat offering him and Haku a home (Naruto couldn't help but notice the small leak of almost parental pride leaking into his voice). "No, that's why I'm, friggen hell, curious… feels like a cross between having a major migrane and having some sort of mini-blender going on inside of my eyes, shit this's annoying, can you make it stop already?"

By this time both sasuke and Haku were returning to the land of the living, Haku looking to Zabuza to see if he was ok, and Sasuke, after prying a crying Sakura's arms from him, took in the situation. He first Noticed the Dobe… how could he not, when the dobe, seemed to be having an "internal" Battle (yes even HE could make sort of jokes)… he'd never sen Naruto cry, nor cry out in pain (only in outrage/shock/annoyance/any reaction really, just not pain), yet here he was, tears streaming, body curled up and shuddering from pain… what happened?

Before he could ask what happened and who did it, Kakashi turned to the brown haired kid now next to Zabuza and asked "What'd you do?"

Sasuke turned his patented Uchiha glare to the … boy? – Whatever, boy who'd done that to the dobe. Part of him was thinking how dare he do that to the dobe?! While another thought where the hell'd he get the power to do that?! And yet another thought what the hell'd he do to Naruto to keep him down AFTER a fight? That's not how it works with Naruto… with him, you beat him down and he gets up right away! So what the hell'd he do to keep him down like this?! And his last thought was this…boy… is dead.

The soon to be dead "boy", apparently having been filled in on the situation while Sasuke was having his somewhat mixed thoughts, said "whatever happened to Naruto, I didn't do… I don't have the skills to be able to do this to an enemy"

"hmm… well then… what's wrong with Naruto then? Do you know how to stop whatever's happening to him?" asked Kakashi

"well – it could-"


They were interrupted when the sound came from Naruto. There was silence, then a hesitant Sakura asked "…Naruto?"

Naruto's eyes were tightly closed, tears still streaming, mouth open in what they assumed was a silent scream (all of Team Seven thought that was an improvement… that Naruto would be al right since he's moved on from pain he couldn't hold in to pain he could… after all, Naruto didn't cry out from pain). He was also as stiff as a board; curled up still… at least until another CRACK broke its way through from his body. Both Kakashi and Zabuza recognized the sound now (Haku recognized it earlier)… it was bones breaking.

Naruto suddenly went lax, body limp on the unfinished bridge. Kakashi moved him onto his back, carefully removing his jacket and, after slight hesitation, starting to lift up his shirt, revealing his stomach, seal and all. Thankfully, Kakashi thought, Sasuke and Sakura won't know what it is and neither do the mist Nin… uh oh… the seal was glowing, red chakra flowing on and around it. before he could even think about how to explain it to the rest of the nin in the clearing, Naruto started screaming, sending a bolt of fear for the boy through everyone's chest. (A/n you've probably already figured this out… but it's not Naruto's pov any more… mainly because he's unconscious… the story'd be pretty boring if it was still his pov wouldn't it?)

Naruto was being swamped with red chakra, it looked as if it was both pouring from him and trying to force its way into him. When he started jerking around, the two older ninja tried to get to him to hold him down, but the force from the red chakra pushed them back, giving them burns for their troubles. A series of sickening snapping sounds rang through the clearing, heard even over the whipping and crackeling the red chakra, which seemed to now be burning Naruto himself, was making.

Seriously starting to get scared for his students life (ALL of them by now), Kakashi gathered his chakra around himself, hoping to be able to keep the burning red chakra off of himself with his own, he again tried to push his way through the barrier the chakra had made of itself, only to be thrown back towards his students. Through the red haze the chakra was making, Naruto seemed to be jerking around, looking as if he was sweating blood… no, Kakashi thought, gut churning, he isn't sweating blood, it's just that his skin's being burned off.

Naruto could be clearly heard, howling out in pain over any other sound, sounding inhuman from the pain, back arching harshly, limbs twisted at angles not meant to be, blood streaming everywhere, Kakashi wasn't sure if his hair had been burned off or if it was matted to his head with blood, either way he made a grisly sight. Kakashi felt as if he was in a daze from fright and horror at what was happening to his student, what he was powerless to stop. No, this is not happening…

Sasuke pov

What? No, so much blood… what's wrong with the dobe? Why's this happening to him? Sasuke was barely aware of anything that was happening outside of what was happening to Naruto. Barely aware that Sakura had thrown up in the bush beside him. Barely aware that Kakashi, Zabuza and Haku were fighting to get to the dobe… Barely even aware that his wounds were starting to bleed again and he was shaking… there was just so much blood…

There was a horrible ripping sound, and the red chakra seemed to swell, before it all condensed, pushing in around Naruto, thickening until you could only see the barest outlines of his body. There was one last pain-filled cry from Naruto before the red chakra swelled a little, then absorbed back into his body.

There was utter silence in the clearing, no one moving as they stared at the unmoving bloody shape of Naruto. Kakashi moved forward, looking a little green as he looked down at his bloody student, tears wetting his mask. Sakura sucked in a shuddering breath, tears streaming down her face, Sasuke sitting next to her looking to the side, anywhere but at his downed rival. Haku's eyes were narrowed slightly, pain obvious in his eyes, Zabuza put his hand on his shoulder, nudging him to look.

Kakashi knelt down to his student, feeling for a pulse on his neck… after a minute his grim face lightened… there was a pulse, surprisingly strong pulse, but what mattered was that there WAS a pulse. "He's alive!" he said with a relieved sigh.

Sakura shot forward, bawling her eyes out and grabbed Naruto to shake his form, only stopping when Sasuke got to them, then hugging him to her, giving a teary smile to Sasuke. She changed targets for her hugging, alternating between Kakshi and Sasuke, sticking with him when Kakashi picked up her teammate, blushing slightly when she realised that she had been hugging Naruto when he was naked (his clothes had burned off with everything else).

:::::: At the house::::::

After making Tazuna keep himself and his daughter and Inari stay back, not wanting to make them see Naruto in such a bloodied state, he moved Naruto to his room, asking for a lot of bandages and a tub of water with a washcloth.

When he got what he asked for, he started washing the blood from him. He was really surprised to find that there wasn't anything to patch up underneath, the blood removed to reveal smooth tan flesh. When he finished with the worst of it (he couldn't do his hair… it had either grown back or hadn't been burned, but either way he had it and it was matted with blood), he did a check up on him to see if everything was working as it should. When he poked and prodded him, he felt that everything was where it should be, there didn't seem to be any muscle damage (though he felt like a soft rock), and, after remembering what a fuss Naruto had been making about his eyes, peeled them back to check them out.

He almost recoiled from shock. In the place of his usual expressive Blue eyes, there were violet eyes…well, not entirely violet… giving a second look, he took in more detail… the violet faded into Naruto's usual blue just around his pupil, which had become slitted, and around the edge of his iris (still inside of it though), the violet went red, darkening around the very edge. Now that he had recovered from his shock, he actually found that it seemed to suit him a little better… giving him a more exotic look… it helped that it was actually mesmerising the way it all blended together.

He put his pj's on him and let everyone in the room, half enjoying the shock they had of seeing him without a scratch on him.

Just what was happening to Naruto? He'd get his answers when he woke up, that's for sure…


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