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Chapter 2

Naruto was in pain… well not exactly in pain, but the only other way to describe how he felt was that he was in ache. Like a mix between that 'healing bruise' ache and the 'I just trained my ass off' ache. But that just sounds strange, so he'd just say he was in pain.

Ow. His limbs felt as if they were made of lead, or at least some sort of extremely heavy material… and he had an itch. This itch was on his nose, like many itches seem to be… and it seemed to be there because his hair was touching it… since when was his hair that long? It felt like his hair had been matted with something earlier when he was semi-conscious, like he was now, but either he had imagined it or someone washed it out. Maybe it just fell off. Oh well… back to the matter at hand… well not at hand, since he couldn't really move his arms… well it felt like he couldn't… he hadn't tried yet, ok… one, two, threee – ugh, nope, can't move. Hmm, when he DID find a way to scratch his nose, he'd have to rub at his eyes too… they were all tingly, like… well he didn't know what it was like, it wasn't bad, just different… it was like… well he didn't know WHAT it was like, but it was a sensation that felt like it should be rubbed at… like that stupid itch on his stupid nose. Hmm… maybe if he just, humph, rolled over, ugh – there, now I can rub my nose into the sheet. There, one crisis over with, now if he could only do the same with his eyes… but the rub they needed couldn't be done with a sheet, hmm, the only time he'd felt a need to rub at his eyes lake this was that time.. on the… bridge…

Naruto suddenly remembered all that had happened, the teme being stupid, getting himself injured, that horrible rage that overcame him, the stinging, the aching… and the voice… the weird male yet feminine or female yet masculine voice that had suggested – no… more like told him what to do… and he did it…

Wait! The teme! Where is he? Is he alright? Is he dead? He knew Sakura was alright (not ONE scrape, jeeze), but what about the Teme? And Kakashi-sensei?

A new sense of purpose overcame him, worry for his friends /team-mates pushing him to move despite the fact that he felt as moveable as a mountain, moving first one arm, then the other, cracking open his eyes while pushing his legs underneath himself, fully intending to go demand answers from the first person he saw. There was a haze of red over his vision but it left as he pushed his hair out of his face.

He paused for a moment when he noticed the surreal-ness of the room… well, not the room per se, but just the way it looked, and even then it wasn't the way it looked… just the way it looked to him. Everything was in sharp focus, causing his eyes to hurt a little as he saw more detain in the chair across the room than he usually noticed – hell, more than he wanted to notice – making the room tilt.

Kakashi walked in as he flopped back onto the bed, rubbing a hand over his eyes. Kakashi paused just inside of the doorway at the sound, chuckling softly when he recognised the groans as Naruto doing something that didn't agree with his body.

Naruto opened his eyes and frowned when he saw Kakashi… and normally that isn't how he would respond to seeing him (seeing as how he was majorly worried about him a few seconds earlier)… he was splotchy… or at least the spots dancing in front of his eyes make him look as if he was covered in marks, some red, some whiteish, a few glowing black… he rubbed at his still tingling eyes a moment, hoping to make the spots go away… looking again, he noticed they didn't. Focusing on Kakahsi as he made his way to him, carrying a bowl of soup, his frowned deepened… the spots weren't dancing around as they were supposed to… they were staying on the same points on him…great, another thing that's going wrong when it comes to me… he sighed and rubbed at his eyes some more, Kakashi taking note of it, eyes lingering on the slight changes to his usual look… how had that happened?... was it a result of…?

"How are you feeling Naruto? Are your eyes ok? Seem to be bothering you…"

"Yeah, I'm feelin' alright… was a lil dizzy earlier, but now I'm just seeing weird spots…"

"Hnn, how so?" Kakashi asked, somewhat distractedly, lost in his thoughts about what had happened.

"You know how those weird spots usually dance around your vision, cutting off stuff?" Naruto said in-between gulps of soup.


"Well these spots aren't dancing. There sticking to you in the same spots! Even as you MOVE! It's annoying the hell outta me, I can still see clearly but it looks kinda like someone sprayed you with some splotches of glow-ish stuff" Naruto continued... still rubbing at his eyes.


"yeah" Naruto replied, getting a little annoyed at Kakashi's lack of interest of something that was clearly bugging him, and HE was the one to bring up the subject of his eyes in the first place. Seeing a particularly bright red spot on Kakashi's shoulder, he jabbed at it, adding some chakra to add more force, "spots like HERE!"

Kakashi Jumped up with a moan, panting slightly as he really looked at him, small shudders running down his spine from what Naruto had just done… it hadn't hurt… it felt amazing actually.. and he poked one of those spots he's seeing? (yes he WAS listening… just thinking of something else).

"What'd you just do, Naruto? Tell me right now exactly what you did" demanded Kakashi.

Naruto, a little confused about the reaction he'd gotten from giving the poke (and a little worried from his sensei's expression), said "I… uh, I just, poked you on one of the spots… I added a little chakra so it hurt a little more than a normal poke… but really, it's your own fault! Why the hell'd you ask me if I was ok if you weren't going to pay attention?! – OH! And how's Sasuke? How're you? What happened? And – AH!"

Naruto, who started off looking to the side (a serious and focused Kakashi was a lil unnerving, okay!?), had remembered (again) that he had been knocked out (and therefore had no idea what had happened) and had crawled his way towards Kakashi-sensei… at least until his hand had slipped on the covers on the bed making him over balance onto the floor.

Naruto saw Kakashi give his version of a smile (eye turning into that upside-down 'U') and a thoughtful look.

Why the hell does he have to think about whether or not he and Sasuke are alright?! Either you are or aren't! thought Naruto with a frown, righting himself and climbing back onto the bed.

"I think…"

Naruto gave him a look that clearly said 'hurry up'

"… you have a blood-line."



"… what the hell?! Stop trying to distract me! You must be okay if you can be like this, but what about Sasuke? He was playing pin cushion last time I saw him… OH! And what about Haku and Zabuza? Are they here? Are they coming to Konoha with us?"

Kakashi just sighed.

"I'm okay, Sasuke's ok, you can see him in a minute, you can also see Haku and Zabuza in a minute and ask them yourselves, and I wasn't trying to distract you… I really do think you have a blood-line trait – "

"and how d'you figure that?" Naruto demanded, interrupting him

"*sigh* how 'bout I just show you?" and with that he grabbed Naruto's arm and pulled him across the room to stand in front of a mirror (Naruto thought why didn't I notice that before?).

Naruto was dumbstruck. Why hadn't he noticed it before? Oh, wait, he HAD noticed it… "red haze over his vision", it wasn't really over his vision… it was on his head…

His hair was still blonde… somewhat. It was Blond at the roots anyway. His usually blonde locks darkened into a deep red at the tips (the very tips, he noticed, darkened so much it looked like black), leaving about an inch and a half of blond at his scalp. While he was noticing everything else about his hair (gah! I'm going to start sounding like Sasuke soon), he confirmed something he'd noticed earlier: it had apparently grown about an inch or so, now touching down to his shoulders… and that meant that the majority of his hair was now red. What the hell, now my hair looks sun burned!

His bangs, now slightly in his eyes from their length, also brushed his cheeks. His whisker-like marks on his cheeks looked darker, even more like whiskers.

"whoa…" the small exclamation drew his attention to something else different, something that he definitely didn't have before whatever happened did. He had fangs! Not just 'pointier than normal canines' but fangs! They didn't hang over his lip like some old vampire movie or anything, but they were still seriously long and sharp. Reaching up a hand to check them out (please be fake please be fake pleeeeease be fake), he accidentally cut his thumb and index finger on the tip… they were really real (dammit!).

He looked down his body to see if anything else was different, anything else was changed and unfamiliar. His body was maybe a little harder with muscle (now that he thought about it, he felt more refreshed and flexible than he ever did), a little buffer, and maybe he was a little taller (maybe taller than the teme! Hah! That's going to bug him) if the way his pj's were a little too short. Nothing too different. He brought his eyes back up to the mirror to check out his hair again when he caught sight of something that froze him… his eyes. (a/n: I was thinking of ending it there but… I figured no, it wouldn't be the best idea)

His eyes had to be the biggest change – well, aside from his hair – and he didn't know what to think about it. They were purple…PURPLE. Purple and slitted… like a cats eyes… but purple. Freaked out, Naruto grabbed the sides of the mirror (the hopefully defective mirror) and brought it as close to his face as he could, hoping, just hoping, that, no, his eyes weren't purple, he was simply seeing it wrong… his eyes were simply a.. different shade – yeah that's right – a different shade of blue that they usually were. But no, his eyes weren't fooling him… they were still purple… but wait, wasn't that blue around the iris? Or was he just seeing what he wanted to see?... no, it really was blue! Only a little bit of blue, but it was there! YAH! Not Entirely different! He quickly checked the rest of the iris for any more familiarity, but only noticed one other thing different, the edge of his iris was a ring of red, bleeding into the purple like the blue was. It was a… glowing kind of red, reminding him of cooling embers in a fire. (a/n: so basically, from outside in, it's red, fading into purple, fading into blue that's around his newly slit pupil)

Great. All in all, he was normal looking… until you looked at his head. Frig.

It wasn't as if he particularly disliked purple… it's just different… he had conflicting feelings about it being the colour his… blood-line… made his eyes.

On one hand, he had some sort of a bloodline. But it could also be some belated gene/DNA thing kicking in late.

On another hand, even if it was some belated gene/DNA thingy, purple eyes were distracting in a fight. But at the same time, how friggin scary is PURPLE? Nothing scary is purple, flowers are purple (not scary), eggplant is purple (only scary to little kids), Barney's purple, and while he's a dinosaur, he's about as scary as a butterfly (heck, some butterfly's are purple).

And on yet another hand (Naruto couldn't help but check to make sure he only had two), having a bloodline would probably make people in the village stop giving him such cold looks, wouldn't it? But then again, did he really want people giving him weird looks? Well, at this point, he really didn't have a choice in the matter (he could dye his hair back to blonde but the dyes they used stunk and he didn't want to have to repeatedly do it, and would dye really work?).

Naruto was yanked from his thoughts, literally, when Sakura barged into the room (Sasuke behind her) and flung her arms around his neck. Before he could really comprehend the fact that his crush was hugging him, she backed off and smacked him across the head.. well tried to. He managed to duck from her swing in time (she seemed slower somehow). He couldn't dodge her yelling though.

"Naruto you idiot! Why are you out of bed!? You should be resting!" she shoved back onto the bed. "You're risking your health just to look in the mirror? You just don't think abou--" Sakura suddenly cut herself off. She had seen his hair before (she had been the one to wash out the blood from his hair when Kakashi didn't), but… not his eyes… two thoughts occurred to her at that moment. So pretty… and is that a bloodline trait…? And then she went off into a daze, thinking of all the things that it might mean, hardly noticing the heat flooding her stomach while she stared at his eyes.

Sasuke, wondering what got Sakura to shut up ( HE couldn't even get her to do that), moved around her, noticing the dobe's 'new' hair like he did any (not every) time he came into the room, and almost immediately noticing his eyes… they weren't his usual blue, but purple, but still managed to send the flutt—feathery not fluttery (Uchiha's don't flutter at/with/to anything)—feeling in his chest. Vaguely thinking a bloodline maybe? (but not a bloodline better than his, for sure), he met the dobe's questioning gaze, immediately feeling the feathery feeling in his chest melt to form a familiar heat in his stomach. What the--

Kakashi smiled as he saw his pink- and raven-haired students blush, his slight suspicion after that poke confirmed, smothering a giggle as it tried to bubble past his lips. As two of his students questioned his third about what had happened to him, and his third question back just as much, he couldn't help but think

Well, he isn't known as Konoha's most surprising Ninja for nothing… I wonder ow he's going to work it to his advantage… I could think of a few good uses, but not in combat…

Zabuza and Haku made their way into the room after Naruto was filled in on what happened, and heard what he had to say about what happened (Kakashi was amused to see that apparently Naruto's eyes had the same affect on the two nin as on his students and himself, he was curious to see if it worked on everybody or just those who knew him for a while).

"you mean you don't remember practically blowing up?!" exclaimed Sakura in a shock filled voice.

"Nope… although from the way you described it, I can't say I'm sorry about it… last think I remember is Zabuza giving me a weird look when I said that they should come to Konoha with us… by the way, will you?"

Zabuza had nearly forgotten about it… he'd mentioned it to Haku, but aside from saying that it seemed ok, they hadn't really come to a conclusion. Although, seeing Naruto conscious and like this, he had a good idea about what he wanted to do. Meeting Haku's eyes, he saw the same answer in them. "sure Kid, we'll go to Konoha with you"

Naruto's eyes lit up, giving a fox like grin and shouted "yeah!"

Kakashi gave his version of a smile, and Sakura just shook her head with a smile (and a small blush) at her team-mates antics. Sasuke just rolled his eyes, huffing and turning away (to hide his tiny blush Kakahsi suspected).

Just then Inari barged into the room, apparently alerted to Naruto's consciousness by his yell, and launched himself at Naruto's form still sitting on the bed from when Sakura barged in. Naruto did a lot of boasting about how he was alright and how nothing could keep him down to Inari's anxious questions.

"are you sure? You were carried in all bloodied up and everything!"

"Psh, as if THAT could keep me down! I'm all right now, believe it! I'm serious! I feel better than I ever have before!"

As everyone relaxed, the subject of what to do about Naruto's Bloodline (he'd tried to tell them his hopeful theory about it being belated gene/DNA stuff, and they ignored him), and how to figure out what it did (Naruto wanted to know if he'd ever get his eyes back more, but they ignored him). They were planning to have him try softly hitting the spots to see what each colour did on one of them and then on each of them if the first experiment proved that it wasn't too damaging (Naruto tried to protest about doing it, but they ignored him) and Naruto couldn't help but notice the weird twinkle in Kakashi-sensei's eye when they said that. They all (Naruto's opinion wasn't heard) agreed that after they figured out what it did, that he should start integrating it into his fighting style (Naruto noticed the twinkle again, and Kakashi chuckled – chuckled – the nerve).

Eventually it was decided that Kakashi would be the first guinea pig, seeing as how he'd already been "hit" with it (Naruto pointed out that it was just a poke).

They all headed out that afternoon while Tazuna went to the bridge (Naruto sent clones), Kakashi choosing the clearing where he – for lack of a better word – changed (Sasuke and Sakura still say he pretty much exploded).

Naruto gaped when they reached their destination. It was a mess: tree branched scattered round the clearing, some of the greenery looking a little charred, and close to the left of the clearing was a giant crater, the earth seeming to have been blown away from the center, which was the most scorched spot, some parts even glassy from the heat (a/n for those who don't know… earth, when heated to extreme temperatires, makes glass). Sasuke and Sakura didn't help his shock by saying (both in their own ways) "told you so, you exploded, so there."

Kakashi moved to a less damaged area of the clearing, motioning Naruto to face him.

"Now then. You said earlier that you're seeing three main colours: red, black and white, right?"

"yeah, although now that I'm looking carefully, the white's more like a really really bright red, kind of like how the fires in a black smiths work area's fires will go almost white when they get really hot. But otherwise, yeah, it's pretty much white… so what? Do I just poke you in a red spot, see what that does, then do the same for white and black?"

"Pretty much… lets start. I'll tell you what each felt like after you've done each. For now, lets go in the order you just said. Lets start with red, with no chakra, then with chakra. Try out different ways to hit the spot, like harder, softer, whatever"

Naruto, feeling a little unsure of himself, poked him the same red splotch he had earlier, watching as a little blush make it's way above his mask. "are you okay sensei? You're getting a little red" Kakashi just nodded for him to continue. Naruto then tried hitting him hard, then soft on that same spot. He noticed that all the spots were getting a little brighter (well, the black darker), and next tried brushing it, both hard and soft. Kakashi continued to get redder, shifting a little (Naruto was thinking that apparently whatever his bloodline did, it was uncomfortable). He tried a number of things, including poking him repeatedly (he heard a sort of laughter from their audience), dragging his nails against the area, even attacking the area surrounding the red area. After he couldn't think of anything else to do, he told Kakashi that he was moving onto using his chakra. He tried everything he did prior at least twice, using less or more chakra (being sure to tell Kakashi) and trying to get his Chakra to soften or harden the hit. When he was done, Kakashi was panting slightly and he was very obviously red in the face.

"umm… are you okay sensei? D'you need a break or something…?"

Kakashi just waved him off, panting slightly and muttering a "later" when he was questioned what the number of touches were doing. Zabuza suddenly gave off a bark of laughter, giving Kakashi a knowing look, which he returned (he also waved off explaining why he was laughing, except saying that he thought he knew what his bloodline allowed him to do).

The entire process was repeated through the white spots, Naruto choosing a white area on the palm of Kakashi's hand. When asked the how many of each there were, he replied with "red is the most, and they're mainly small spots with some larger ones, then it's white, that seem to be in only specific area's" (Naruto blushingly admitted that they were mainly in the more private area's, with a few other area's that were scattered around). He continued, saying that there were less black spots than either red or white, and seemed to be in very specific area's. By the end of the white spots' session, everyone was sitting down, Kakashi's legs having let out beneath himself at one point, Kakashi was Panting heavier, and Zabuza kept chuckling any time Kakashi gave a loud response.

Naruto tried again to get Kakashi to take a break, but was waved off again. Haku, Sakura, and Sasuke were shocked. Haku was starting to suspect what the bloodline was doing, but couldn't get his mind around it. How could that possibly be a – a – bloodline? I'm happy with mine, just fine thanks.

Sakura was amazed, Naruto, through his new bloodline, had brought their sensei to his knees! How'd he do that? And how did she not read up on anything like this before? The only thing even remotely like this is the Byakugan, and NO Hyuuga was blonde. Things just didn't match up. Maybe a new bloodline…? But how'd he do it? Maybe what he was saying earlier was true… maybe there once WAS a bloodline like this a couple hundred years ago… and Naruto picked it up in his DNA? Maybe it's just been dormant this whole time… but that still doesn't explain the lack of information on it, ALL bloodlines in the village are recorded…

Sasuke was feeling a little torn. He was a little amazed at what Naruto's bloodline was capable of… but all the same, Sharingan was still better. Sure, Naruto had managed to bring Kakashi to his knees, but in a fight, it wasn't likely that the opponent was just going to stand there and let you poke them repeatedly. For some reason, he also felt a little jealous… no, not of Naruto, he just said Sharingan was better, but of Kakashi. He didn't look in pain at all (another reason why Sharingan was better), but he seemed to be enjoying it! It was very obvious that whatever Naruto's bloodline let him do wasn't terribly dangerous, so why didn't Naruto try testing out on someone else? Since it didn't seem like it did anything bad, he'd be fine helping his team-mate test out his abilities. While they were at it, Naruto could also help him out with his own bloodline, maybe even letting him copy his clone jutsu in exchange for one of his fire-jutsu. It was an even trade. Help with your bloodline for help with mine. A jutsu of yours for one of mine. Yeah, and Kakashi could let someone else know what the hell Naruto's bloodline did. Hn, I bet I could help Naruto's bloodline training more than he could… (Sasuke ignored the fact that he'd probably be learning about his own bloodline from Kakashi).

While all of these thoughts were darting around his friends heads, Naruto was trying to get Kakashi to take a break. "look, there's only so much poking a person can take, and you seem to be at your limit! Just take a break already!"

"*sigh* Naruto, you only have one other spot colour to go through. I'll take a break when we're done, and I'll know if you hold back, so let's continue already."

Naruto just shook his head in frustration, picking out a glowing black spot to be his next poking victim. After saying "fine, but I NEVER hold back, believe it!", Naruto attacked the spot with vigour, starting off as they had previously, without chakra.

Kakashi noticed the difference between this kind of spot as he had noticed the difference between the other two. Where the white had been an amplified version of the red, the black seemed to be a reverse reaction of the both of them. He felt the effects of the previous poking slipping away, even quicker when Naruto added Chakra. A particularly hard chakra filled touch felt like someone had flicked a switch to OFF inside of him, and he stopped Naruto suddenly, when the following poke made his insides lurch.

"Hah! I told you you needed a break! Bu nooo, you didn't listen! So next ti—"

"Naruto I just figured out what the black marks were… it's like your way to reverse what the other two do… oh, and the white spots are pretty much enhanced versions of the red spots"

"… well that's good to know… but what the hell does it do? How am I supposed to figure out a way to use it if I don't know what I'm aiming to do?"

Kakashi admitted privately that he had a point. Oh well, it'd still be fun to see his reaction.

Zabuza cut in before he could start to answer, "is it what I think it is?"


"HAH! It's funny that an ability like that is given to HIM!"

Ignoring Naruto's indignant 'hey', Kakashi informed him "well, you'll soon find out that he's known to be the #1 surprising ninja at Konoha"

"yeah, I can believe that… but, heh, to have him of all people get THAT kind of ability… makes you wonder a lil…HAH!"

"will someone fill us in PLEASE?" asked an annoyed and confused Sakura.

"come ON! Tell what my bloodline does already!"

Kakashi smiled, "well…"

Naruto leaned forward, eyes focused solely on Kakashi.

"you know the spots you say you can see?..."

"yeah," Naruto was so focused on Kakashi he only vaguely felt Sasuke aiming his death-glare at Kakashi, he assumed it was because he was making them wait (Sasuke's thoughts: I know Kakashi's going to say what his bloodline is, but does Naruto have to focus on him like that? Hn, Why didn't I volunteer to be the guinea pig?).

"well, they…"


"allow you to see…"

"yeah, yeah?"

"other peoples…"

"yeah? Their what? Other people's what?"

Kakashi paused for effect, Naruto, who had been hanging off his every word, waited, hardly daring to breath.

Kakashi grinned, enough that you could see it through his mask and finally said:

"you can see other people's EROGENOUS ZONES!"


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"…what?" Naruto squeaked. His eyes had become increasingly large, blood leaving his face, leaving him pale against the reddened tips of his hair.

"yup! Their erogenous zones. Congratulations! The red and white spots turn people on and the black spots do the opposite!"

It only took Naruto a second before everything sunk in.


"yup! And I'm curious how you're going use it in your fighting style, I admit… I can't really think of a combat use for this skill…"

"you- you mean that you can't even think of a way this could be useful in a fight?"

"..well, I guess you could use it to distract your opponents, hokage knows that's a distraction in a fight –"

"enough! I don't want to hear that!"

"regardless of what you want to hear, I expect you to start training with it, I'd be happy to help.. oh! And I expect you to be thinking about other uses for it, wouldn't want a talent like that be put to waste!" and with an entirely too cheerful look on his face, he waved and walked off, Zabuza and Haku following, Zabuza laughing to himself and Haku giving him a slightly worried look.

Sasuke and Sakura looked at Naruto, seeing he flopped himself down and was looking at his hands with a slightly horrified expression.

Sakura reached out hesitantly, resting her hand on his shoulder and giving him a little shake. "Naruto? Are you okay? Your Bloodline's not that bad – really, it isn't! well actually it is pretty bad in the sense that it's perverted but –"

She was cut off by Naruto mumbling something. He said it again, but louder when she said "what?"

"my hands…my hands, they – they…"

"dobe, what about your hands? Nothing wrong with them." Sasuke privately thought they're very nice hands, I'd touch them in a minute… ooh, and if they touched me… but he was brought out of his thoughts when wide violet eyes looked up and met his own, flicking between his and Sakura's eyes.

"they – they, my hands – I just –"

"spit it out already dobe"

Naruto finally let it loose.

"I JUST GOT KAKASHI-SENSEI TURNED ON! How the hell am I supposed to react to the fact that he LET ME!"

Neither of his team-mates had an answer for him.


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