It is an accepted fact in music that a melody played in a minor key is haunting, anguished, filled with loss and sorrow. A major key is happier, more hopeful. It conjures up the idea that salvation lies around the corner, if one could only summon up the energy to keep going.

A decade ago, Edward's life had been played in a minor key. He still remembered that bleak day of destroying his music; his music which for a century and more had been the most important thing in his life, his tenuous grasp on humanity.

Jasper remembered as well. No other member of the family had experienced the depths to which Edward had plummeted; Alice had only seen the decisions that had been made, the other Cullens were saved from the anguish by their merciful lack of 'gifts'. But Jasper remembered. Jasper remembered only too clearly the anguish and pain; words used too lightly in everyday life, for the feeling when a football team lost, or when a paper cut was inflicted. Jasper had experienced true anguish, true pain, and the echoes still reverberated through him when he looked at Edward.

Whilst Alice did not experience the emotions, she was the only Cullen to know the plan. She was the only one who knew how close they had come to losing their introspective brother, the best of them all as far as she was concerned. Edward had planned, that day long ago, to join his music on the fire. He had intended for the music sheets he had left on the table with 'For Love' written at the top to be his last composition. His fire was not just intended for his music, it was intended to be his pyre. The only thing which had saved him had been Jasper's entrance; Edward had not wanted the memory of his burning to be inflicted on his family. Alice had a sneaking suspicion that he had also not wanted to run the risk of being 'saved' either, but she had not voiced this, even to Edward himself.

He knew that she knew. He knew that Jasper arriving had not been a happy coincidence. Every so often, he would present her with something; a gift card for her favourite shop, or a new car. He would say nothing, just hand over the envelope or the package, and walk away. Alice knew that Bella was confused about this, as no one had ever told Bella of that day, knowing she would not cope with the guilt. Edward mostly made his gestures out of Bella's sight, but every so often she would catch a glimpse, and her perfect eyebrows would furrow slightly.

One day she arrived in Alice's bedroom. She shut the door and she told Alice she was grateful. She didn't know what for, but she sensed Alice had stopped Edward from making a mistake. Alice understood that Edward must not know of this conversation. She was careful not to think of it around him; if he knew Bella even suspected something might have happened in their separation then he would have been distraught. But that was those two. Their entire existences were intrinsicately bound in the other's safety and happiness.

Edward no longer plays in a minor key. He sits, relaxed, at the piano, with Bella humming softly along to what he is playing.

Their love song was just beginning, but would forever be played in a major key.