Summary- Naruto is a high school student that wants to be in a band but no one will let him join. One day he meets Hinata who gives him an idea that will send them through many things that will change their lives. Naruto will be faced with the anime club and their side club, while Hinata faces against the difficulties of her life and feelings for the blonde boy.

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Title- Naruto's Guitar Hero Story

Chapter 1- Fat Lip (The song is by Sum 41 and gave me the idea for the story)

The sound of the bell for lunch went through all of the classrooms and hallways. The students came all rushing out like stampedes, most of them rushing to be first in the lunch lines. It was a Wednesday which meant that both lunch periods were just one today so the lines for food were going to be huge. A young blonde junior was also in a rush but not just for the food, but to see what band was going to play in front of the cafeteria. Every so often the school allows some kind of band to perform during lunch for the students, making it a huge crowd and hard to get through.

He was quite irritated with trying to get through the hallways. Sometimes he felt like he was in traffic on the freeway or something. Luck was on his side because he was able to be the first few people to arrive to the cafeteria area. There was a bunch of picnic tables outside surrounded by stone walls a small roof up above. The area was called the ninja's hut. (The school's mascot was a ninja) And right next to where the old soda vending machines used to be, which were taken out by the government because they wanted their students to be 'healthy' or something kind of crap like that, was where the band members were getting ready and setting up their instruments. The young blonde narrowed his eyes and glared at who the lead singer was.

"So it's your band that's performing today. I guess there's no need to watch something as lame as you to waste my lunch time." He crossed his arms and was about to walk to get some hot water to heat up his cup of ramen he had in his backpack but was soon stopped by a voice.

"You're just jealous because you will never be as good as I am Naruto."

"What the hell was that Sasuke?" He almost yelled at the lead singer, but lowered his voice before he did so he wouldn't attract any attention.

"You heard me idiot." Sasuke walked away from the microphone and went right up to Naruto. "You may think you're good, but you're not."

"I am so; I'm ten times better than your stupid band."

Well at least I'm the one with a band while you have none."

Naruto was about to say something, but stopped because it was true. He didn't have his own.

A smirk curled up onto his lips. "Why don't you stay and watch the show. Maybe you might learn how to play better."

"Grr...Fine! But I'm staying to watch how much you suck, not because you have any chance at being as good as you think you are."

A boy with grey eyes and long hair came up to Sasuke and put his hand on his shoulder. "Time to start the show, are you ready?"

"Yeah." Sasuke looked at Naruto one last time with a smirk on his face before getting to his position and gave the other members a signal to start.

As soon as Sasuke's voice boomed throughout the speakers, all the girls came rushing to the front, forcing Naruto to be pushed into the back. He was beyond annoyed by how many girls came to see him, specially the blonde and the pink haired girls that seemed like they were about to have a cat fight and yelling out Sasuke's name. Naruto looked at the band members, which he knew the names of everyone of them. The one on the guitar was Neji, the person on the drums was Gaara, and bass player was Shino. Then there was Sasuke, the singer. Naruto snorted and walked out of the crowed to get out of there. He started walking towards the gym, which was right behind the ninja's hut. He would've gone in the cafeteria, but the lines for the food must've been huge by now. He decided until lunch was almost over to go his lunch.

Naruto walked past the gym which was open for some kind of basketball team meeting. Right across from it on the left was the music room and the school's parking lot. He wasn't sure where he wanted to go. He didn't have any friends to hang out with so he didn't have a place to be at. Usually on his breaks he would just wonder around school, seeing what everyone else were up to. Except after seeing Sasuke and how huge the crowed was, he didn't feel like walking. When he could barely hear Sasuke's voice and the crowd's cheer, he decided to sit against the music class building.

He sighed to himself, thinking that he'll probably never be able to be in a band. He remembered just last year he saw a flyer at school for a new band member. Naruto, knowing how to play nearly every instrument he has ever seen, decided to try out. When he did he thought he did a very good job. Yet, the singer said that was the worst performance he had ever seen. Who was the person exactly? It was none other than Sasuke. So since then Naruto has been trying his best to try out every band that was looking for somebody so he could rub it in Sasuke's face. Yet, none had accepted him because he didn't seem to quite have the rhythm or beat they were looking for.

"I bet if people knew who my dad was they would be jumping at the chance to let me join." He muttered to himself. At the moment he has been living with his guardian Jiraiya. Naruto's parents had died when he was just a baby when they got into a car crash. Not many knew that his father was in one of the best bands in the country while his mother was once the most famous female singer of all time. Jiraiya didn't want Naruto to be in a world where he lived in his parents shadows and had to be remembered of his parent's death by the public. So he moved them both to a small town that was mostly full of fields. No one remembers who he is nor do they remember about his parents.

Naruto continued to think about what he should do and about his parents. Not many people were around; they were either all by the basketball courts or in the ninja's hut. He was just wishing that he had someone with him so he knew what to do when he heard a guitar being played. He stopped all thoughts and focused his ears on the sound. Whoever were playing it were playing absolutely well like they had been playing for more than 100 years! He wasn't sure if he could play any better than that. He stood up and followed the sound. He came to the corner of the music room and saw who it was.

There, a girl with long blue hair with pale skin was playing a wooden guitar. She wore a baggy purple jacket, despite how hot the temperature has been getting for the last couple weeks. Her lavender eyes were looking down at the strings as she played them so she was unable to notice Naruto watching her. It wasn't until she felt a strange feeling come over her that made her stop playing and looks around at her surroundings. That was when she noticed Naruto watching her with his bright blue eyes. She quickly looked back down, embarrassed that someone was watching her play.

"Sorry to disturb you." Naruto apologized. "I just couldn't help but notice at how much better you are than the band that's playing in the Ninja's hut." He saw the girl's face go red. He wondered if she was getting hot from wearing her jacket. He decided to go over to where she was so he could sit right next to her. The girl's face went redder from how close he was to her. "So how long have you been playing?"

"..." She didn't answer, or at least Naruto thought she didn't. He saw her lips move a little so she must have.

"Can you speak a little louder? I didn't hear you."

The girl took a deep breath before trying to speak. "S-since I was a sophomore."

"Really? What grade are you in?"

"I-I'm a junior."

"Seriously?! You've only been playing for at least a year? Wow, I don't think I got that good in that time. I mean I was, but I was practicing other instruments so it was kind of difficult working on all of them."

"Um..." The girl tries to speak up, making Naruto stop talking immediately. She blushed harder from having his full attention on her. "I-I can play a violin as well. My dad doesn't approve of the guitar so I c-can only play it at school."

"Oh wow. I guess with only having morning, lunch breaks, and after school doesn't leave you much time to practice huh? Well you sure are good for not having much time."

"Th-thank you...But my cousin can play much better than I can." Just the thought of her cousin made her happy with joy that he was playing with his band at the moment. If he had caught her playing with the guitar he would call her father without her even being able to explain.

Naruto laughed and patted Hinata on the back making her whole face go red. No boy has ever touched her before! "Don't be so modest! If I think you're good then that should be a huge honor. I rarely compliment anyone... Unless it's a really cute girl like that Sasuke obsessed Sakura." He laughed more at the last part.

Hinata didn't know how to take that. Should she be happy that she was one of the few he commented nicely on someone's guitar playing, or be a bit upset that he didn't consider her as a cute girl? "That's so kind of you..." She said with her eyes averting away from him with some annoyance.

"Thanks!" He grinned, not noticing the tone in her voice when she said that to him.

"Yo Hinata!" A boy with raggy brown hair walked up to her. "So this is where you've been. Aren't you going to the anime club today?" He then glanced at Naruto and grinned. "Or would you rather spend time with your boyfriend?"

Her whole face went blood red. "H-he's not my boyfriend! I'll be there soon, just tell everyone to please hold on."

"Yeah, yeah." He turned to walk away from the two, raising his hand up to Hinata to show her he heard her when she said 'thanks Kiba.'

Naruto grinned as he watched the girl before him put the guitar in her case. "So you're name is Hinata huh? That's a nice name."

"Th-thank you." She stammered, her face still completely red. "I'm sorry, I must leave."

"I understand. Have fun doing whatever you guys do in there."

"W-we discuss upcoming events, watch anime, and p-play go."

"Go? Never heard of it." He waved his hand at her. "I'm to busy to care for those kinds of things. To busy looking for anyone that needs a new band member."

Hinata finished packing her guitar, but still sat next the blonde boy. She was interested in what he had to say. "Really? H-has anyone accepted you?"

"No! They don't think I'm good enough! They don't realize that I'm a master when it comes to music! I wish I could rub it in their faces that I'm better than they are."

"O-oh...W-well, if you want to show off th-that badly, why not form your own band?" She suggested.

Naruto's eyes grew in realization. "That's an awesome idea!" He then hit his face with his hand. "Why the hell didn't I think of that?!" Hinata didn't comment on it, although Naruto was expecting her to. Everyone else would, saying it's probably because of his blonde hair. Hinata didn't say anything mean or offensive; she just gave a smile and tried to hold back a giggle at his antics. "Hey Hinata, would you like to help me?"

Hinata stopped laughing and stared wide eyed at him. "E-excuse me?"

"Help me form a band! You can be the guitarist if you want!"

"I don't know..." She stood up, guitar case in hand.

Naruto stood up as well so he wouldn't have to look up at her. "Come on! It was your idea to do it!" He placed his hands on her shoulders. "Please?"

Hinata thought for a moment, not sure what her father would think about it. She looked Naruto in the eyes and saw the desperate help that he wanted. Everyone had already denied him, how could she do the same thing with those eyes of his staring at her?"

"Ok, I'll help." She told him.

Naruto let her go and did a little dance. "Thanks Hinata! Let's meet after school so we can discuss about getting new members."

"Ok...Do you know Iruka's classroom is?"

"Of course! He's the freshman English teacher in one of the portables."

"I'll be there after school." Hinata began to walk away. "I have to go, b-bye."

"Seeya later!" He grinned. He was so happy. He sat back down; thinking of what he should call him band. Something 14? Nah. Good Kushina? He'll think about it. My Ramen Romance? Doesn't sound right. Orange Day? Never! "This is going to be fun!" He said aloud to himself. He grinned even more as he imagined the look on Sasuke's face when he finds out about this!

End of chapter

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