If you feel like running today
You know I'd understand

This isn't a love story, in fact, quite the opposite. So I apologize if you came here looking for "Happy Endings" and love at first sight, or some drunken ballad.

Because I don't have it.

I don't have a lot, and these days, I find it's a much shorter list to explain what I do have.

I have green eyes, some people say: "emerald", but I wouldn't know. I've never seen an emerald. I have brown hair, same people say: "golden", but still, I don't know; was never born into the position to make that comparison.

I have flowers, but that doesn't make me one, and quite frankly, I don't appreciate having an occupation as a nickname because I have a name. I have a nice name: Aeris.

Aeris Gainsborough.

And down here, nice names are hard to come by, so I won't take mine for granted. I try not to take anything for granted, but it happens to all of us.

My 'not'-love story starts "down here", in the mud and grim of the Midgarian Slums. And most assume that it would end down here as well, but truth be told, I have no idea where (or when) it'll end.

But I know it's not a love story, and that I'm not some fairy princess, and she's not some damsel in distress, and we're not in love. I know I'm not telling you this because I'm thinking rationally, but because she's taking something from me, and only you, yes, you, can give it back.

'Cause I don't have much, but I do have morals, and I'd like to keep them.

So, I'm sorry. So, honestly and truthfully sorry, and I know it doesn't ease the hurt like it doesn't ease my guilt, but I know that sometimes things need to be said, even when no one needs to hear them.

And I know that He knows that, and eventually, you will to.

So, pass your judgment, and weigh the events, but always remember, that in the end, I didn't get the "Happy Ending".

And it's fair in that sense.

Inspired by: Diaries of a Broken Man by Horky.
Feedback appreciated. Thank you.