I walked through the forest like a wraith. Beside me, Katniss was just as quiet, our breaths and steps synchronized to the millisecond. We were at home in the forests, the only hunters of District 12, the only ones who'd rather be shot in the head than starved, and brave enough to take action.

Katniss stiffened slightly. Quickly, I scanned the trees for the game that she must have spotted. With a silence and speed that never failed to impress me, she pulled an arrow from the quiver and drew her bow. I repeated her actions, even though chances were I wouldn't shoot. She was such a better shot than me. I was Mr. Traps.

Katniss let her arrow fly. The shaft sliced the air, and before the deer could even react, it was shot clean through the eye. We looked at each other and smiled. The buck would feed our families for a week at least, even after selling the choice cuts of venison to various customers.

We walked over to her kill and I bagged the deer. We started the walk back to our 'headquarters' – the clearing where we met before every trip into the forest. Along the way, we checked our traps and stopped here and there to pick up plants for Katniss' mother and for food.

Today was a wonderful day. It was early summer, so the river was choked with salmon, and that meant more than enough food to sell and eat. Katniss' strawberry patch looked like it would provide a large yield this year, too.

We reached HQ and divided the spoils. We had an amazing 30 salmon, which meant 20 to sell and 5 each to bring home. We both had a large handful of roots and plants that Katniss had dug up, and she also had a sizeable amount of herbs for her mother. My traps had yielded a rabbit each, which meant 6 to sell and 2 for each of us. And, of course, there was the deer, which we skinned and butchered. We would sell the hide to the tanner, but keep the rabbit skins. We'd need them in the winter.

This was the life – too bad the Reaping would be so soon. I knew Katniss was worried about Prim, who would be entering for the first time this year. Of course, she worried about me, too. She worried about everybody but herself – she almost never allowed herself luxury. Sometimes, I wonder how I was so lucky to end up with such a selfless hunting partner.