Author's Note: Yay! Here's my brand new story. I might not update for a while though because I'll be on vacation. But keep your eyes open because the moment I get back I'll be typing up the next chapter!

Ikuto's POV

"Let's go play nyan!" I groaned as Yoru started poking me. "Get up nyan! Get up!" I ignored him and simply flicked his nose, but that didn't stop him. "IKUTO NYAN! I WANNA PLAY!"

"Shut up!" I yelled throwing my pillow at him. It fell right on top of him and knocked him to the floor. "You are annoying," I growled laying back down. "It's Sunday and I'm going to sleep in."

"Why nyan?!" He cried from underneath the pillow. I sighed as he squirmed out and flew in front of my face.

"Because I'm tired," I growled and he stuck out his tongue at me.

"You got plenty of sleep last night nyan!" He exclaimed. "Let's play nyan!" I flicked him in the nose and closed my eyes.

"Go away," I muttered. "I was having a good dream."

"Probably about Amu nyan!" Yoru yelled angrily. "That's all you think about nowadays! Amu! Amu! Amu!" I didn't reply but simply rolled over. "Fine nyan! I'm running away and I'm not ever coming back nyan!" I heard the window open and then slam shut.

"Good riddance," I sighed.

Yoru's POV

"Hmph I don't care nyan," I muttered. "I don't need stupid Ikuto to take care of me nyan. I'll do perfectly fine on my own nyan!" I smirked very proud of myself. "And without me he can't go see Amu nyan!" I flew towards my usual hang out to meet up with my cat friends but Aiyumi was the only one there.

"Everyone's playing with their owners," She told me and I nodded.

"Well I'll be back tomorrow to play nyan," I told her and flew off. I'll go torment Kiseki and all them. I thought happily, but when I arrived at the Royal Garden no one was there. Then I went to go look for some other cats to play with but I couldn't find anyone.

"I guess I'll just go play with Eru and Iru nyan," I sighed flying towards Sanjou Productions, but they weren't there either. I sighed and sat on the windowsill. "Maybe I'll go look for the Embryo nyan," I muttered. "And then when I find it, Ikuto will be really proud and…no I ran away from him nyan…" I sighed and looked out at the setting sun sadly. I shouldn't have run away nyan. I thought. But I'm not going back! Ikuto has to learn he can't be so mean to me nyan! I nodded happily and flew down but then I heard barking.


Amu's POV

"You're going too slow Amu-chan!" Ran cried waving her pom-poms around. I ignored her and continued looking at the wedding dress in the window.

"It's so pretty desu," Su sighed and I nodded.

"I wonder who's going to be with you when you wear that," Miki snickered making my face light up red.

"Tadase-kun will of course!" I exclaimed, but of course immediately after saying that I imagined Ikuto welcoming me at the front of the church, kissing me, and…

"Amu-chan who are you thinking about?" Ran giggled making my face light up red again.

"No one!" I yelled turning sharply. "Come on lets just go home!" I sighed and hurried down the street. It was starting to get dark and my parents would freak out if I didn't get home soon.

"Hey Amu-chan!" Ran exclaimed. I glared at her annoyed.

"What?" I asked annoyed. She was staring down an alley.

"I feel Yoru's presence!" She told me.

"Me too!" Miki cried. I frowned and backed up to look down the alley.

"Are you guys sure?" I asked annoyed. "If Ikuto was anywhere around here he would've scared me by now…or hugged me." They all nodded and I sighed. I walked down the alleyway, sure to keep an eye out for Yoru.

"Nyan…" I jumped at the moan and spotted him laying on top of a box. His hair was all matted and he had dirt all over him.

"Yoru!" Miki cried as I scooped him up.

"I wonder what happened," I muttered suddenly worried. If Yoru's all beat up then…is Ikuto hurt too? I wondered glancing around the alley.

"Come on Amu-chan!" Ran exclaimed. "We should get Yoru home! He's hurt!" I nodded and raced out of the alleyway.