Miki's POV

Amu walked in humming happily about an hour after she left. Pepe had gone home but Ran, Su, and I raced up to her right away.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Did he confess to you?" Ran demanded.

"Was it very romantic desu?" Su squealed. Amu shooed us all away.

"It's. None. Of. Your. Business," She told us annoyed and then sighed happily. "But if you really want to know I confessed to him."

"WHAT?!" We all exclaimed. "What did he say? Does he love you back? Tell us! Tell us!"

"Shut up nyan," Yoru growled annoyed finally coming out of his egg. "You already know Ikuto loves her! That's exactly why you bugged him until he would go on a date with her so he would confess and I could tell her that because he loves her so much he doesn't love me anymore nyan!" Ran, Su, and I hung our heads in shame and Amu stared at Yoru shocked.

"That's why you don't want to go back to Ikuto?" She asked quietly. "Because you think he doesn't love you anymore?" Yoru sniffed and nodded.

"But it's not true right Amu-chan?" I asked her. "Ikuto still loves Yoru right?" Amu smiled slightly.

"Of course," She said and Yoru shook his head.

"Na uh nyan!" He exclaimed flying up to her. "That's a lie nyan! Nowadays every time I wanna do something Ikuto ignores me and only wants to do things that involve you nyan!"

"That's not true," Amu told him. "Maybe it just seems that way, but I'm sure if you told Ikuto-"

"He wouldn't care nyan!" Yoru interrupted angrily. "He wouldn't even listen nyan!"

"Then why is Ikuto so upset that you ran away?" Amu asked annoyed. "He does care about you, a whole lot, just like I care about my charas."

"Yeah!" Ran exclaimed. "Amu-chan cares about us even thought she threatens us on a daily basis!"

"And yells at us every day," I muttered.

"Sometimes Amu-chan just completely ignores us when we get on her nerves desu," Su added. "But that doesn't mean she doesn't care about us."

"Hm, when does she ignore us?" We all jumped at the new voice and looked over towards the desk. Dia's egg twitched and then hatched in a shower of sparkles.

"Where have you been?!" I yelled.

"Sleeping," She replied yawning. Dia rubbed her eyes and then smiled at all of us. "Everything all of you say is true, but also remember a Guardian Chara should always be there no matter what, because even when all is lost it can be found again."

"Lost nyan?" Yoru asked confused. She nodded and flew up to us.

"Everyone is lost at one time or another," She told us. "At that time they always need a friend, what if something happened to Ikuto while you were here?" Yoru hung his head in shame.

"Maybe I'm being stupid nyan," He muttered. "I thinkā€¦I might as well forgive Ikuto for ignoring me nyan!"

"Yay!" My charas cheered happily swarming around Yoru. I smiled happily. That's good. I thought. I'm glad everything will be normal again.

The next day Ikuto had asked if I would meet him at the hidden lake again. This time all my charas came along with Yoru, even though I just wanted Yoru to come. As we approached the lake I narrowed my eyes at them suspiciously.

"You better not do anything embarrassing," I growled.

"Okay!" Ran, Miki, and Su exclaimed. I noticed Dia was whispering something to Yoru.


"What?" She looked up at me with innocent eyes. "I'm not going to embarrass you." Of course immediately my other charas attacked Yoru demanding what Dia and him. Miki was a little more demanding then Ran and Su. As we walked into the clearing Ikuto was already there and he had his back to me.

"Iku-" I begin to call out to him but Yoru interrupted me.

"Ikuto nyan!" He cried. Ikuto turned around in surprise and Yoru raced up to him. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean anything I said. I was being so stupid nyan!" He looked up at him with tears in his eyes. "You'll forgive me right nyan?"

"Why wouldn't I?" Ikuto asked flicking his nose.

"Nyan!" Yoru exclaimed but then he smiled again. "Ikuto!" I giggled and Yoru hugged Ikuto.

"I'm so happy they've made up desu," Su sighed happily.

"Now everything's alright!" Ran cheered but then Dia winked at Yoru and he smiled mischievously.

"Character Change nyan!" Yoru exclaimed.

"Character Change!" Dia exclaimed. Ikuto and I were completely caught off guard and then they forced us to kiss. I squeaked in surprise as the character change failed.

"You don't think I'm capable of kissing her myself?" Ikuto asked annoyed curling his arms around my waist. I simply glared at them. Yoru laughed and then flew over and kissed Miki on the cheek. She squeaked in surprise and her face lit up red.

"How cute," All my other charas giggled. I sighed and smiled at Ikuto.

"I guess everything's alright then huh?" I asked. He smirked and leaned in closer.

"Yes," He murmured kissing me again. I blushed even more and sighed happily. Ikuto hugged me close and I closed my eyes, smiling.

"Hm now we just have to tell the Guardians," Ran giggled.

"And then they'll tell all of Amu's school desu," Su said nodding. I stiffened and glared at them. They gulped nervously and flew off.

"Come back here!" I screamed running after them. "Idiots!"