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Yes, I'm breaking one of my own commandments by posting a non-chapter update. However, rules are meant to be broken, and I hope that this will entertain you.


Yesterday left me with a slight emo moment until I finally found out the truth, which only led me to look like a complete asshole as I did the chicken dance in my kitchen. It had been a whole day and the shock still hadn't gone away. I was so excited and desperately felt the urge to share the great news with someone else.

I looked through all the contacts on my cell phone, but none of them seemed to be the right choice. I knew in my heart that there was only one person that would not only understand my excitement but occupy my brain with a new topic. I grabbed my notes that were hidden in my desk, not wanting my children to accidentally find them or even worse, have my husband stumble across them. They would only put him in the mood, and I was far too busy to offer him any of my amazing lovin'. I dialed the number from my notes and closed the office door making sure that I had complete privacy.

The anticipation of hearing her voice was almost overwhelming. I needed to hear her excitement, I needed to celebrate this with her, and I was praying to some higher being that she wasn't on the other line.

The phone seemed to ring forever until I finally heard it. "Hi, this is Ashley."

Over the past month or so she had grown into much more than just a friend or a research tool. I started to think of her as a partner. Without her. I would have nothing, no reviews or wonderful emails. I would be left with an empty inbox and no friends on Twitter. She helped me break into the FanFiction world, and I went from being a no one to being a no one with a few reviews.

I could hardly contain my excitement, "Hey baby, it's me." Names didn't need to be spoken between us, we were that close.

"Heels, how nice to hear from you… so soon. I wasn't expecting you until Thursday for our regular appointment. This is a nice surprise." The seductiveness of her voice made my body tingle, and the words that came through her lips made me blush. I wished that she could have been in the room with me, holding my hand... hugging me... enjoying the moment with me.

"Yeah, well... I thought I would call to tell you the good news." She let out a soft giggle, as if she already expected what I was going to say next. "I wanted you to know that we did it. We made it to the final public vote."

I could hear the cheering in the background from one of her infamous internet sound bites. "Well, Heels, I don't know why you're so shocked. We all knew that they would enjoy the dirtiness of my job. And besides, who could resist Edmett? I mean damn... that man makes straight men wish they were gay."

The thought of Edmett came into my mind. I craved to be in a room, watching them together, hoping that they would ask me to join in. I could picture our bodies moving in sync as we explored every inch of each other until the sun came up, only to keep going until the street lights came back on. Because, as much as I was attracted to Ashley, nothing compared to the love I had for Edmett.

"Yes, Edmett is amazing. My words in the story could never even come close to describing the beauty in which he beholds. I will forever owe him and you for helping me get this far in the contest. I just wanted to thank you both. Thank you for sharing your story with me and allowing me to share it with the other horny women out there. Our panties will forever hold a small stain from the experiences we shared with you."

"Oh. Heels, we've only just begun, honey. You've already told me that people have been asking for more, and I think that we should give them what they've been begging for."

She had a point. The response from the reviewers has been so amazing that I found myself staying up late at night refreshing my inbox, hoping that a new review would pop up, then jumping up in the morning to race down and see if anymore showed up while I slept. Reviews are my crack, and fuck Whitney, that shit ain't whack.

"You're right, the response was amazing, and it is only fair that I thank them by continuing it on for at least a few more chapters. So, our scheduled appointments might need to be moved up from once a week to twice in order to prepare. Will that work for you?"

"Umm... yeah. But, only if you let it start tonight. Come on Heels, you've missed me, admit it."

She had something about her that I just couldn't resist, so I got up and locked the door making sure that no one walked in and interrupted what we were about to begin. "That seems fair, now where did we leave off last time?"


Edmett, Ashley and I would like to thank each and every one of you dirty whores who not only read our o/s but also left us an amazing review. Ashley and I have had a great time reading over some of them during our weekly phone calls. If you could only hear her purr as I read her the naught but oh so nice words we received.

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