Tamaki sat at his home, thoughts of Kyoya running through his mind. Kyoya had a meeting with his father and his brothers today at his house, so he wasn't allowed to hang out, nor was Kyoya allowed to leave his home. Tamaki understood.

He and Kyoya had been inseparable lately, hanging at each other's homes, having dozens of sleepovers, and even hosting together a little bit. The girls in the club whispered to each other the tighter bond that the two boys had displayed—Kyoya even kissing Tamaki on the cheek once. The girls fawned over it, and Hikaru and Kaoru were a bit pissed.

"Cheating!" They had shouted as their girls had turned around to gawk at Kyoya and Tamaki. Tamaki had blushed and repeated the action on the nearest girl, who nearly fainted. Tamaki chuckled at his memories and turned over on his side. He had his cellphone open on his stomach, his wallpaper the infamous "out"-ing picture. In the picture, he and Kyoya were so wrapped up against each other, it was very hard to discern who's hands were who's.

He smiled just at the thought of Kyoya, just at the sound of his voice. Kyoya was his everything. During the two years in which he was not allowed to speak of their secret kisses, not even to Kyoya himself, Tamaki had felt a little bit sad. He had wanted it to continue—and now it has. Everything was perfect for him.

Tamaki sprung out of bed and did a pirouetting leap across the room as he spun.

"Kyoya!" He sang as he fell back down on his bed. Yes. Everything was going absolutely perfectly.


At the Ootari Mansion, Kyoya tossed and turned. His face was in a cold sweat, his eyes were squeezed shut, mouth open in a silent cry. He felt his heart breaking and his mind racing… his dream was intense and impossible.

"Nya!" Kyoya cried as he jerked awake from his dream, his eyes wide and his breathing heavy. He looked around, expecting to see Tamaki. When he didn't, he sighed and attempted to calm himself down by picturing Tamaki's carefree laughter, Tamaki's tousled blonde hair and ocean kissed eyes…. Kyoya groaned and hugged his knees. He couldn't even remember what the dammed dream was about, let alone what to do to make him feel better.

Kyoya got up from his bed and decided to go make himself some tea. He needed some right now. As the water heated up, Kyoya decided to call Tamaki. He was feeling really shaken and he needed to hear Tamaki's voice. Not a pre-recorded one, one that was real—one that would sound groggy and slightly annoyed at this time of night. One that would tell him that everything would be alright.

He whipped out his cellphone and pressed speed dial 2, and listened to it ring. Each ring seemed to get longer and longer, until Kyoya expected to get the voicemail. He sat down on his couch and took deep breaths.

"Kyoya…" A groggy voice picked up on the other end. "Do you know just what time it is…?"

"Tamaki," Kyoya said, relieved. "I know, I'm sorry."

"You don't sound it." Tamaki said.

"I just… I needed to speak to you, Tamaki." Kyoya said softly, holding onto the phone. "I had a bad dream."

"You always do, Kyoya," Tamaki said, his smile heard from over the phone. "Can you remember what it was about?"

"No…" Kyoya said walking over to the teapot and pouring it in a cup. "All I remember was waking up and expecting to see your face."

"Aaaohh, Kyoya," Tamaki said, blushing through the phone. "I love you too." Kyoya closed his eyes and smiled softly as he sipped his tea and listened to Tamaki's words. "Listen to me, Kyoya, alright?"

"Alright." Kyoya said.

"I wish I could be there now, to hug you… but I can't be." Tamaki said regretfully. "I told you how you had bad dreams, remember? And you didn't remember them? This dream was bad enough to wake you up…I can't imagine what you would've looked like in the bed."

"Is that an invitation?" Kyoya said passively, a hint of sensual mixed in.

"Don't, Kyoya!" Tamaki laughed. "You're starting to get superficial gay on me!" Kyoya blushed deeply. That was another thing. He was dating Tamaki, his best male friend—but he had never considered himself to be gay. He didn't even consider himself to be bisexual—Tamaki was the only male that had caught his attention in such a way. Tamaki, on the other hand, decided upon that he was bisexual, and that things were easy like that. Kyoya, though, never showing insane amount of interests in any girl, had earned the title 'gay' even though he didn't want it.

"I'm not gay, Tamaki," Kyoya said irritably.

"You're my boyfriend, Kyoya." Tamaki chortled. "You can't get much gayer than that!"

Kyoya said nothing, but sipped at his tea with a hint of annoyance mixed with affection.

"Ah, Kyoya," Tamaki muttered. "Kyoya, I'm sorry." Kyoya said nothing, so Tamaki continued, "Look, I just—I'm sorry. Now's not the time, is it? I hope your dreams are filled with happier thoughts once you fall asleep.

"Tamaki," Kyoya started in a businesslike tone. "Could we go to a recording studio tomorrow so you could record your piano songs?"

"Of course Kyoya!" Tamaki shouted happily. "I never thought about that before! That's a great idea, you're so smart, Kyoya!"

"Alright, you don't need to kiss my butt, you know."

"Was it that obvious?" Tamaki chuckled. "But really, Kyoya. Of course I will! You want to hear me play your song right now, don't you?"

"Of course." Kyoya said, finishing his herbal tea and feeling very tired.

"I should probably get back to bed, Kyoya." Tamaki muttered, his voice sounding tired.

"Alright, Tamaki." Kyoya said smiling tiredly and chuckling into the phone.

"I love you." Tamaki yawned.

"I love you too." Kyoya said, smiling at his cuteness. There was a click on the other end of the line and it was dead.

Kyoya closed his phone before just minutes later, it rang with a picture message. It was of Tamaki smiling in his bed, his eyes half-open and his hair messed up with the message 'If it helps any, here's a picture of me waking up at 2 in the morning for you, Kyoya.'

Kyoya smiled at it and crawled back in his bed.


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