Tamaki strutted into school the next day, wearing the same mask of his indifference. Kyoya spotted him out of the corner of his eye and walked up to Tamaki smoothly. He was collected Kyoya, a calm endearing man with beautiful amethyst eyes. The sarcastic devil that Tamaki loved with every crevice of his aching heart, this savior when he falls too far down.

"Please, let me speak to you." Kyoya said, gingerly placing a hand on Tamaki's arm. Tamaki tried to find his defiance, he tried to fight the charm that Kyoya was casting on him. But Tamaki walked away behind his love anyway.

The pair walked into an empty bathroom and Kyoya locked the door behind him.

"Please…" Kyoya begged. He was turning into a monster now, he was turning into that ugly swine that swung between emotions. "Please don't leave me." Kyoya was crying.

Tamaki ripped his arm from Kyoya's grasp. "No, get off of me." Tamaki growled. Kyoya was only feigning sanity, and he knew it. He couldn't believe he fell for the siren song that Kyoya played with his eyes and his words.

"No." Kyoya growled. "You have to stay with me." Kyoya hiccupped. "You need to." His eyes were no longer a pale lavender- light and beautiful, but an ugly puce that showed no end to their depth.

"NO!" Tamaki said, backing away. "Until you get your act together- until you accept the help that I've offered, we're through! I don't like being near you like this! It's an ugly twisted side of you that I don't want to be a part of!"

"No! Stay with me!" Kyoya didn't seem to hear anything. He looked like he was steady of mind, but everything that came out of his mouth was filled with words he wouldn't usually use. Kyoya was so close to Tamaki now that Tamaki could smell the mint in his breath. "You are mine and no one else can have you!"

"I'm not anymore, Kyoya." Tamaki muttered harshly under his breath. "Not until you man up. Not until you realize things." Tamaki wanted to hurt Kyoya like Kyoya had hurt him. "Maybe I'm with Haruhi now. Maybe she's better for me- more stable."

That was the ticket. It was terrible, the look in Kyoya's face.

"No, no…no…" Kyoya said, looking away from Tamaki and back in the mirror. "You promised." Kyoya looked Tamaki deep in the eye, and it broke Tamaki's heart.

"Please, get yourself together and just ask me for help. The moment you do, I'll be waiting." Tamaki slipped away towards the door, away from Kyoya who was sliding down the bathroom wall to sit on the floor.

And here he was, alone in the beautiful lavish bathroom for where the most vile body functions take place. The most vile conversations. Kyoya took out a tiny bottle of mouthwash and sipped it before getting up. Only terribly uncomfortable things happen in the bathroom, and one of them just might break your heart.

I know. Sappy. Sue me. This is short, I know, story moving slowly. It shall pick up soon, dearies, it shall. Actually, BrokenRelly PM'd me and I felt really bad because I haven't really posted any chapters. And I wrote all of this in less than an hour, so YOU'RE WELCOME. I'm just swamped with all this AP English crap and Pre Calc is like, 20 times less fun than it sounds. Summer work is EVIL. So, I'll be trying to post chapters more frequently. I just hope that I can. :(