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Summary: Draco's younger brother is a seer and a metamorphmagus. Upon seeing Prince Nuada kill a room full of people he rushes off to the states to stop these horrific events from happening. Neither planned on falling in love. Contains Slash and Mpreg!

Draco is 20 in this story.

Orion (his brother) is 18

Tooth fairies. Such horrid little creatures. He watched as the elf prince released them upon the room of humans. He heard the screams and watched as the elf left with a golden piece.

The images continued changing, showing the elf's path as he awoke the golden army, only for him and his sister to die. He watched as a big red demon walked away with his group of friends, the crown destroyed.

---- ----- -----

Orion stood before the auctioneer. His hair was black as night and reached past his hips. His eyes were lavender, but he had done little to change the look of his face. His lips were a soft pink, his skin a pale cream color. He almost looked like an angel, and yet here he was…stealing from this place.

"You should have taken the money."

Orion picked up the golden piece of crown and slipped it into his pocket.

"You may want to clear this place out though. I set a bomb."

It truly was a good thing that he had taken all of those muggle studies classes.

The cowering man jumped up and ran out of the room, warning the others and telling someone to call the police. Orion watched for a moment, a soft smirk on his face.

"Hand it over."

Orion turned slowly, a soft smile on his face instead of the smirk.

"I have been waiting for you Prince Nuada."

Orion felt the cold silver pressed against his throat. He looked up with a small hint of fear in his eyes.

"If you kill me, then you will never find the crown piece." He gave a smirk again.

"You just put it in your pocket. I saw you."

"Are you sure that is what you saw Nuada? You are more than welcome to check my pocket."

Nuada pushed him against the wall roughly and reached into the same pocket that he had dropped the crown piece in. He pulled the pocket inside out, revealing that there was nothing inside.

"Where did it go?" Nuada pressed the silver closer to the other's neck, causing a small drop of blood to pearl to the surface. When the scent of the blood hit his nose, Nuada backed away, eyes curious.

"It is safe."

"That does not answer my question human."

"Wizard actually. Not just human. I'm also a seer and a metamorphmagus." It was at this time that Orion allowed his true form to shine through. While his face stayed the same, his eyes became a vibrant blue as deep as the ocean and his hair became as white as snow, whiter than Nuada's own.

"There is no possible way that those are your true features."

"And why not? They are. My father has the same hair. Though I must admit my eyes are different from the rest of the family…but still…this was how I was born."

Nuada stepped forward again.

"No human can have such features."

Orion sighed and hopped onto the desk that wasn't too far away from him.

"Not human. Wizard. Magic is a marvelous thing. And I should tell you…by keeping the crown piece away from you I am saving your life and your sister's life."

Nuada rested his hands on either side of the wizard, looking deep into his eyes.

"What did you see, and I will know if you lie."

Orion hummed softly before speaking. "I saw that tonight you would retrieve the crown piece and kill many innocent people. I saw you killing your father to get his crown piece. I saw you kidnapping your sister and bringing her to the place where they sleep. Then I saw a red man with a stone arm defeating you…and your sister taking her own life so that she could stop you from attempting the awaken the golden army again."

"I don't believe you."

"Yet you can feel that my words are true…" The sirens sounded in the distance. "I know how I will disappear from this place before the police arrive, but how will you?"

Nuada turned, eyes furious.

"I will kill you if I must."

Orion smirked. "Could you really kill your mate? I will see you again fair prince. I will not be far away."

A small pop sounded and Nuada was left staring at empty space.

----- ----- -----

"Where have you been?"

Narcissia Malfoy looked at her youngest son, seeing the small smear of blood on his neck. She watched as her youngest son sat down and began braiding his long hair. She slapped his hands away and began doing it for him.

"Draco said something about you having a vision of destruction."

Orion hummed softly.

"He is correct. Someone wishes to awaken the golden army. You know that if I have a vision it is my duty to either see that it happens or that it does not. I cannot let this happen; if it does…I will lose my mate."

Narcissia stopped braiding for a moment.

"You're mate. You saw a vision of him?"

"He wishes to awaken the army. It will not come to pass. The crown piece is hidden and only I know its location."

Narcissia sighed softly as she finished with her sons hair.

"You know you can speak with your father and me about such things Orion. We would have gladly gone with you."

"He would have killed the two of you. I intrigued him; that is why I am alive. Don't worry mother. All will end well."

--- --- --- --- --- ---

A black cloak hid him from view. It really was quite stupid that the BPRD agents had been foolish enough to open the boxes that Nuada had left behind, but they had…and now they were in the Troll Market.

Orion let out a soft sigh. He was growing quite annoyed with this blue man following the princess. He pulled his wand from his pocket, holding it firmly in his hand, hidden by his sleeve. Would he find Nuada here? Surly where there was Nuala he could find Nuada.

A large crowd closed Orion off and he sighed, it took him what seemed like forever to break though, only to watch as the blue man was thrown through a wall by the troll that had accompanied Nuada to the auction house.

"Petrificus Totalus!"

The troll stood at attention before falling like a rigid board to the ground.


Many gasps and screams filled the market as Orion made his way over to the fallen blue one. Orion pulled back his hood, revealing that he had taken on the darker hair and lavender eyes once more.

"You should really know better than to follow someone that Nuada is after."

Orion stood, turning to look at the princess. He gave a deep bow before slipping away through the crowd.

He had been foolish. What had caused him to just petrify that troll like that? For all he cared, he could have let the troll be thrown into the grinder as he had seen in his vision. Was it because of Nuada's friendship with the troll?

Orion wandered aimlessly, finding himself hit in the leg by what looked like a giant bean. He swooped down and picked it up before it could fall into the grating and into the sewers.

This pod. It was the Forest God that he had seen destroyed in his vision. He looked up slowly, seeing Nuada, Nuala, the blue man, and the red man.

Orion slipped the pod into his pocket and scowled at Nuada.

"You really have some nerve. Using the old gods like this, especially the last of his kind. He should not be sacrificed to such selfishness."

"You again? Are you ready to hand over the crown piece?"

Orion sighed removed his cloak, tossing it to the side but making sure it stayed dry so that the pod inside would not hatch.

Orion was dressed in tight dragon hide pants, his wand holstered on his right hip, a sword on his left. His shirt was sleeveless and also made of dragon hide, though it fit looser than the pants.

"Sorry, no can do. I won't let you awaken the army."

"Who the hell are you buddy?" Orion turned slowly to look at the red man before smirking.

"I am Orion Malfoy. Youngest son of Lucius and Narcissia Malfoy, younger brother of Draco Malfoy and mate of Prince Nuada."

"Mate? Brother, you never told me you had found your mate."

Nuada growled. "I didn't meet him until he took the crown piece from the auction house. He claims to be a seer."

"I don't claim anything, I speak the truth. When it comes to heritage a Malfoy never lies." Orion allowed his hair to shift back to its original white, his eyes to the oceanic blue. He moved closer to Nuada.

"Now, I am sorry that I have to do this, but you leave me no choice. You do not listen to me as you should, and as such…well…Stupefy." A red beam of light shot out of the wand that Orion had quickly grabbed, shooting Nuada squarely in the chest and causing him to fly back, unconscious. Unfortunately this also caused his sister to do the same. He turned to look at her before sighing and picking her up.

"I have no idea how long that spell is gonna hold. So if we're going somewhere, I suggest we go now!"

--- --- --- ---

A cell, really. The BPRD had put him in a cell. Furthermore they had taken his wand from him. Orion banged his head on the glass wall that was keeping him in the cell.

"Great, I help them and I get locked away. Why did I not see this coming?"

Orion looked up as a red light began to flash.


Orion walked to the farthest part of the room and ran as hard as he could into the glass. He bounced off as if he was a rubber ball. Orion lay on the floor for a moment, dazed and confused as the door within the glass slid open.

"That was incredibly foolish."

Orion looked up to see that Nuada was standing over him.

"Yea, well I never said I was the sanest person in the world." Orion forced himself to stand and exited the glass room before heading over to a desk in the corner. He opened it to find his wand and grinned, feeling the familiar magic of it within his hand.

"Accio Slytherin's Sword" A few screams sounded as his sword came flying through the air of the halls to rest before him. He picked up the sword and placed it at his side.

"Interesting trick."

"Are you still here Nuada? Shouldn't you be trying to get the map and your sister? Not to mention her crown piece."

"Those can wait. I still need the piece that you possess."

Orion smirked.

"You're not gonna find it."

Orion gasped in pain as he was slammed against the glass, Nuada's hand on his throat.

"You will give it to me."

"Do you really crave the chaos that the golden army would bring, or would you rather have a mate and children."

Nuada hesitated; images of a little one running through the forest with ocean blue eyes filled his head.


Orion turned slowly to see the guards. Nuada pulled away, ready to fight.

"No!" Orion wrapped his arms tightly around Nuada before apparating them away, not even paying attention to the location he had chosen.

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---

The Malfoy Ancestral Castle was deep within the woods. At one time it had stood proud, surrounded by a small village, but the forest had long since reclaimed the land for as far as the eye could see. The trees were so saturated with magic that nothing could cut them down, so they stood, remaining untouched.

It was the beautiful castle surrounded by greenery that Nuada saw when they landed. What shocked him the most was the building's construction.

"Where are we? Who built this place?"

It took Orion a moment to realize that they were at Malfoy Castle.

"This is Malfoy Ancestral Castle. It was built by elves over three thousand years ago."

Nuada grew furious.

"How dare wizards force elves to build such a grand castle for them?!"

"The Malfoy family was not made of wizards at that time. This place was built for King Lancaeron (Lahn-kye-ronn), the king of the sea. I am a descendent of King Lancaeron. His mate was a witch, and that child's mate was a wizard and so on and so forth. I have the most elven blood within me than there has been for centuries. It is why my eyes are naturally the color of the ocean."

"Were you given an Elven name?"

Orion smiled softly and rested his back against a nearby tree. "Yes."

"What is it?"

"Nendir (Nehn-deer)"

"Nendir. It means stream. Very fitting with the color of your eyes. Why is it that I believe you?"

Orion smiled softly. "Because, no human can have such features. I am not an elf Nuada. But the blood of your people runs through my veins."

"You are part of the lost royal family."

Nuada was just a boy. He sat upon his father's lap as King Lancaeron of the ocean and his human wife came to their forest.

"My, he has grown. Last I saw him he and his sister were just babes."

Nuada jumped off of his father's lap and moved to his sister's side. This man made him nervous. Nuada watched as this man and his father spoke of a seer who prophesized that their two families would be joined. That a far time down the road…a child with blue eyes and hair of the purest white would be born and this child would also be gifted with the sight. Furthermore, the child would become Nuada's mate.

It was after these words that Nuada came forward.

"Would you like me to let you see him? I only know what he will look like as a babe."

Nuada nodded and watched as the woman pulled out a wand and created a small sphere within Nuada's hands. Nuada looked upon it, seeing a small child much younger than himself at his mother's hip, tugging on her sleeve to get her attention.

Nuada shook himself out of the memory from long ago when Orion spoke.

"I am."

Orion smirked softly as he walked past Nuada.

"Are you coming?" With those words, Orion entered the large castle revealing how its interior had been kept up impeccably.

There was a fountain in the entrance hall; it was of a giant flower with many other smaller flowers, all pouring rose water. The beautiful scent filled their scenes.

Orion continued walking after he grabbed Nuada's hand, leading him through the many halls towards the master bedroom.

The ceiling reflected the sky above. On one wall there was a large fire place. In one corner there was a large spring filled with rose petals and crystal water. It was the perfect temperature when Nuada let his fingers skim the surface. One wall held two doors that led to a beautiful balcony that over looked the ocean that had been hidden behind the castle. Orion flung open the doors and took in the scent of the sea breeze.

The bed looked like something out of a fairy tale; it had silk, velvet, and gossamer hangings. The sheets were of the finest fabric.

There were two doors in the room. One leading to a huge walk in closet that had clothes for both of them (all that had been brought about by the magic flowing through the castle), the other lead to a bathroom with a waterfall shower.

"Wow…this place puts Malfoy Manor to shame"

"Malfoy Manor?" Orion turned at Nuada's question.

"It's where I grew up."

Orion stretched before walking into the closet and shutting the door. He came back out dressed in a pair of soft white pants and a large white shirt. He then threw himself onto the bed, yawning.

"What are you doing?"

Orion looked up at Nuada.

"Getting comfortable. We should at least spend the night."

Nuada walked into the closet and came out dressed in black pants and a large black shirt. When he exited he saw Orion running his fingers through his lush white hair, removing the braid. Orion jumped as Nuada sat behind him, running his fingers through his little mate's hair and removing the braid for him.

Orion turned slowly, looking up at Nuada. His heart was pounding in his chest. This was the most peaceful he had seen Nuada. He looked up slowly, his eyes landing on Nuada's lips. He looked up into Nuada's eyes, wondering why he hadn't pulled away yet. He saw something behind the other's eyes that he had only ever seen behind his father's eyes, and only when his father was looking at his mother.

Orion moved closer, his lips where so close now. He let his eyes fall closed before his lips touched Nuada's.

He pulled away after a moment, moaning as lips moved to his neck. Everything moved in a flash of images. Before he knew it he was beneath Nuada, his body filled with him. The two joined for the first time that night.