Nuada was dressed in princely elven robes. He had not worn such garments since before the Golden Army was created. He hadn't seen his pregnant mate since the day before, as was custom for wizards. He missed his little Nendir greatly and couldn't wait to be by his side again, although this time…they would be joined forever.

Nuada looked up as Nuala entered the room, a bright smile on her face as she started straightening and fixing her brother's robes.

"You look so handsome, brother."

Nuada took up his sister's hands, looking her deep in the eye. "How is he? How is my little Nendir?"

Nuala smiled. She had been with Orion all morning, helping him get ready. "He is very well. A bit nervous, but that is to be expected. He is so young after all."

Nuada laughed softly. "I keep forgetting he is only eighteen summers old. He seems so much older."

Nuala kissed her brother's cheek. "He had to grow up quickly. Many his age did."

Nuada looked down, remembering the war his Nendir had spoken of, a war that had claimed many lives. Nendir's brother Draco had almost been one of those lives.

Soft music began to fill the castle and Nuala laughed a musical laugh. "It is time brother."

Nuada walked through the halls with his sister on his arm. They entered the ballroom where the seats were set up. He led his sister to the front row where she could sit beside Abe.

Nuada then took his place at the altar. Behind the altar stood an elven priest who gave a nod to Nuada as the music changed. Nuada turned to look to the entrance to the ball room. Lucius Malfoy stood waiting and his son Orion came to his side. Nuada's breath caught in his throat at the sight of his mate. Orion's hair was braided and flowers were woven into the white blonde strands. He too was dressed in elven robes.

Lucius walked with his son to the altar and kissed his cheek before taking his seat next to his wife and eldest son.

--- --- --- --- ---

A scream sounded through the castle, awakening Orion and Nuada. The two looked at one another before standing quickly and rushing down the hall to Hellboy and Liz's room, though Orion seemed to waddle as his own stomach was filled with child.

Upon opening the door, a blast of fire greeted them. Both jumped aside just in time to avoid getting scorched. Orion pulled his wand out of his night robed and cast a charm to nullify Liz's power while she was in labor. Abe and Nuala joined them shortly after they had entered the room as Abe was to deliver the child. Nuala's stomach was beginning to swell with her own child. Orion and the princess watched in mild fear as Liz screamed in pain, both growing paler as the time passed.

Orion looked at the two children that Liz had delivered. They looked more like their mother than their father; however each had an arm that looked demonic. Orion looked up at Nuada, a soft smile on his face as he touched his swollen stomach.

"Soon it will be our turn. Soon we will hold Aearion in our arms."

Orion smiled brightly and kissed Nuada's lips, knowing that their prince would soon be with them.

--- --- --- --- --- ---

Thirty four hours, fifty six minutes, and seventeen seconds. That is exactly how long Orion was in labor with his son. Thirty four hours, fifty six minutes, and seventeen seconds of the most intense pain he had ever experienced. However, looking upon the small child in his arms…he couldn't help but smile and feel that each and every second of his labor had been more than worth it.

Little Aearion's hair had started out a soft white and had since changed to so many colors. It appeared that the child had his ability.

"He's perfect Nendir."

"He's more than perfect Nuada."

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---


"Erumara! (Air-oo-mahr-ah), Lona! (Loh-nah)!"

Aearion called to his sister Erumara and his cousin Lona. He watched as his five year old sister ran to him and wrapped her arm around his bottom half. Her hair was golden and her eyes pure silver color. They had thought her to be blind at first, but it had quickly been determined that she was a seer. He looked up at his cousin Lona, his aunt Nuala and uncle Abe's daughter. Her skin was a soft blue and she had gills behind her ears, but other than that, she was every bit the elf that her mother was.

"We'll miss you greatly cousin. Oh I wish I was going to Hogwarts as well. How amazing it would be to converse with the giant squid and the mermaids." Lona had a faraway look on her face as she thought about all the wonderful creatures in the lake.

"I wish you could some as well Lona, at least I would be attending school with someone I knew if you where."

"I wanna go! Take me with you big brother!" Erumara held up her hands to her brother. She was getting too big to pick up but he took her in his arms anyway.

"Only six more years Eru, then you will be there as well and you'll have a big strong sixth year brother to protect you."

Erumara grinned and clapped her hands before giving her brother a big kiss on the cheek and running off to play with the other elven children of the outside village.

"You ready to go little one?"

Nuada touched his son's head, causing the child to look up and smile.

"Of course. Where is dad?"

Orion waddled out of the hallway, hand on his swollen stomach. This would be his third child with Nuada…but what he refused to tell was that it was actually the third and fourth. It was a big secret between him and Nuala.

"Are you ready to go Rion?" Aearion smiled and hugged his mother before the three left to catch the Hogwarts Express. A small smile covered Orion's face as he watched his son wave out the window as the train pulled away.

"Things have changed so much. Do you ever regret giving up on the Golden Army?"

Orion looked up at his mate, biting his bottom lip lightly as he waited for the answer.

"No. I'm happy. I have two wonderful children and another on the way. A beautiful mate…and the village is thriving. The numbers of the elves in the world are coming back up. Things are better than they ever could have been."

Orion smiled, hand resting on his stomach.

"And best of all…the future is shining brightly."