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Mage flipped through the report from the goblins concerning his account, frowning as he went. It turned out that a man called Albus Dumbledore had been taking money from his account without his consent and spending it on various person and selfish things, including a large amount of a candy called lemon drops. One of the things that worried both him and Rook was that Rook's family was being bribed to have Mage fall for Rook's younger sister. This of course led to an angry letter home from Rook. Some of the lemon drops contained a potion that made the person relaxed and unaware while others were thankfully plain. Over all Mage came to the conclusion that Dumbledore was a manipulating old man that would use anyone as a pawn to gain more power in the wizarding world including innocent children.

With a sigh he turned to Seff who was coiled around his bed post, basking in the sun light coming through his window.

"What do you think is should do Seff?" Mage asked the Hyocryte.

"How about sue him? Or get him thrown in prison? He did steal from you after all." Seff hissed in reply. Mage smirked while nodding in agreement.

"I'll do that later, for now, Rook, Hermit and I are going to visit Mello, Matt and Near. You want to come?" Mage asked. Seff nodded and uncoiled himself from the bed post. He flapped his leathery wings and snaked through the air before recoiling himself around Mage's right arm, completely hidden from view. With that Mage headed downstairs to where Rook and Hermit were waiting before they vanished with a soft crack to Whammy's House.

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Arriving at Whammy's, the trio made their way silently through the halls to the place they knew their friends would be at this time of day, the game room in Whammy's. Upon reaching the game room, they slipped inside and made their way to where their friends were. Sitting down, he Gibb-smacked Mello and Matt upside the head.

"What was that for Mage?" Mello yelled, rubbing his sore head.

"For the fun of it, of course." Mage replied grinning.

"I doubt this is a social visit, correct mage?" asked Near.

"You're right, it's not. On our trip to London recently, the three of us came across an Inn called the Leaky Cauldron. It however, doubles as the entrance to a street called Diagon Ally. Both of these places can only be found by someone who, like us, has magyc. It turns out that the account I have at the bank has had money removed from it by a greed old man who is also a manipulating bastard. So, I've decided to sue him, but I need a plan." Mage explained.

"Why sue? Why not just have him thrown in jail?" Matt asked, playing on his game boy. "Because I want to ruin him before I send him to jail. It's more fun that way." Mage replied.

"Ya know, you're evil sometimes Mage." Mello commented taking a bite out of his chocolate bar.

"I know, but that's because I'm special." Mage stated grinning.

"You're something alright" replied Mello.

"There's more to it, Bumbledore is also bribing my family into setting my little sister up with Mage"

"First, I would suggest integrating yourself into this society before you act. Gain some allies. Once you have people who will back you up, leak information on this man to the government if they have one. Make sure it's enough to get them curious but not enough for them to do anything. Once that's done go to them personally and sue the thief. Lay low for a month of two after that before pressing charges." Inputted Near, causing Mello and Matt to stare at him in shock.

"Wow, we brought out an evil side to Near, didn't know he had one." Matt commented.

"I like the plan, thanks Near, any more things we can add? Maybe I should bring you guys to Diagon Alley." Mage suggested. With nodes from his friends the six of them spent the next hour and a half or so planning ways to ruin the life and currier of one Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School for witchcraft and wizardry and Supreme Mugwamp.

Time Skip – 1 year

Turns out that Dumbledore had a lot of influence in the magical community and thus was still the headmaster of Hogwarts. However his reputation and dwindled a fair bit with Mage's attacks. Also the money he had stolen from Mage, and it turned out, Rook's family was reimbursed directly from his personal account by the Goblins. This in turn led to a better life for Rooks family. They had also discovered that Matt, Mello, Mecha, Shade and Near were magical as well.

While they didn't really want to go to Hogwarts, it was looking like it would be the best place to shape connections and better understand magical culture. They were of course looking at apprenticeships for the summers and extra courses seeing as they had already gone over the Hogwarts curriculum. Mage had also taken a liking to some of the shops in Nocturne Ally where things weren't as strictly controlled by the ministry. Rook too had taken to shopping in Nocturne Ally, he had been wary at first due to what his parents had told him but over the past year he had realized that a lot of the books in Diagon Ally were worthless. Hermit on the other hand, had taken to comparing information she found from different magical shops with each other in order to get a better picture.

The group of friends had never bothered to buy wands as they were a handicap for those who never bothered to learn the proper concentration necessary to cast spells. They had also completed their university courses and could now get any job they wanted. Lunar and Eclipse had decided to set up a shop/clinic to work out off that could become a base of operations for the group. Sage, who was one of the older students at Nox and had the ability to manipulate earth and plants, would be acting as the owner and as a herbalist until one of the group was old enough to take over.

Mage shook himself out of his reminiscing and looked up at the sky from his place on the roof. He wasn't looking forward to going back to his old name; after all he had only been Harry J. Potter in Primary. At the Dursley's he was boy and freak and here we was Mage. Maybe he could convince the people at Hogwarts to call him Mage. He knew that Hermit was looking forward to going by her old name again, as was Rook. Mello, Matt and Near, as successors of L, would be keeping their aliases though; laughing softly to himself, Mage rolled over and apperated onto his bed with a soft sound.

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