Title: That Ugly Green Dress
Naruto Our Universe Fanfiction
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Hyuuga Hinata, Haruno Sakura, Kurenai
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Hinata's a sad case for the Fashionista's of New York. She wears bagging clothing, doesn't wear any make-up, and her purple sketchers needed replacing years ago. However, her freak sense of style has attracted Akatsuki, the biggest name in Fashion since Paris. Now she's been swooped up into the crazy world of couture and her only solace is the questionably straight Uchiha Sasuke, begrudging slave to the crazy group.
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Yaoi stuff for sure, Karin bashing for sure, and anything else will be just as shocking to you as it will to me.
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That Ugly Green Dress
by Heaven is Drunk


Everything started with one simple green dress found in the far corner of a 'wear-it-again' boutique. It was kept mostly out of sight and sat alone in an empty oak wood closet, mainly as display to show off the roominess of that closet. It hardly garnered positive attention with its lime green shade made brown with dust. The body of the dress was a long and flowing cap-sleeved, v-cut baby doll dress that hardly looked good sitting on a hanger, let alone on a fashionable girl's body. It was scoffed at, looked down upon and its maker's sanity was questioned. The boutique owner tried her best to sell the dress but had barely convinced anyone the quality of cloth for a tissue. So the dress was left alone, shied away from the lime light other clothes had, waiting for a "stupid, unfashionable mess" like itself to buy it.

5 years later, the dress was introduced to a curious foreigner with wide violet eyes and a shy smile.

She was 10 year old Hyuuga Hinata on a field trip to New York City from Tokyo, Japan. She hadn't been in the country long when her close friend, Haruno Sakura, suggested the group should go shopping. Being only 10, Kurenai-sensei went with them and when Sakura's bright green eyes, glossed over from excitement, fell upon the cheap boutique there was no chance of escaping the shopping exploit. Hinata had been weary but was coerced to follow when the rest left her alone in the street.

She hadn't been in the shop long when she was bombarded with giggling girls and a hostess that spoke really fast English. She blushed furiously and retreated to the dark side of the store where she was greeted with the sight of the lonely, misfortunate dress. She looked very closely at it, memorizing the knotted seam and wrinkle of many years of neglect. Hinata's mother, sick in the hospital but recovering, loved green and, more than the color green, loved dresses. Hinata pondered for a moment if her mother would like this particular dress.

It was, after all, dim and ignored much like Hinata was in the family. In a family full of prodigies, normal appearance, normal grades and abnormally shy social skills, Hinata was the gloomy old dress in the otherwise bright, well crafted and useful closet that was her family lineage. Somehow she felt this dress personifying her, expressing her in a way that her jeans and t-shirt style hadn't. She reached for it, grasping the wire hanger that bent it out of shape when she was startled by the hostess.

"Do you like that dress?" Hinata recognized the tone of disgust, even if she only recognized a few words. She was partially relieved to know the animosity was directed at the dress and not herself, shown only by the woman's chocolate brown eyes fixated on the green she grasped. But a small part felt sympathy for the clothing. It did nothing wrong except come into existence.

"H-hai," Hinata nodded. The hostess quirked an eyebrow at Hinata before continuing her rehearsed speech about the dress.

"It's an original," She sighed, "Some bum 7 years ago handed it over to me for some food money. I didn't want it, it was too garish! No one would buy it. But I'm such a good soul that I took sympathy on him. He told me he'd made it himself, his first ever dress, but no one would take it. No wonder, it is just soooo ug-"

"I-I will buy it." She said in broken English, loud enough to stop the hostess from speaking more. The girl stared at her, flabbergasted, which caught Sakura's attention.

"Hinata-chan?" Sakura pouted slightly, approaching the other side of Hinata.

"I-I'll buy it!" Hinata shouted now. The host jumped and took the dress from the closet, hurrying over to clean the dress for the customer.

"Hinata-chan, are you okay?" Sakura tapped Hinata's shoulder, startling the girl. Sakura's face seemed worried, her perfectly plucked eyebrows furrowed in worry and she frowned deeply. Though the appearance was overall not Sakura's best, the 10 year still looked adorable in her pink sundress and matching cardigan, coupled with the adorable pout she sported at the moment.

"I bought that for my mother! She loves green." Hinata smiled blindingly and skipped over to the register. Kurenai followed to make sure everything would be taken care of. Sakura looked at the dress as it was steamed clean. She clearly was disgusted by the dress; Kurenai did a better job of hiding her emotions.

"But Hinata…That's so ugly!" Sakura hissed, "You can't hate your mother that much!"

Hinata pouted but stubbornly handed the money over to the hostess, took the dress and stormed out. The rest of the class followed attempting to talk Hinata into throwing out the dress. The entire time she clung to it, cradling it like a newborn kitten. She refused to let go of it for the rest of the day, packed it away gently when they were leaving and presented it happily to her mother on the day she returned.

The smile her mother flashed upon seeing the dress made Hinata proud of herself. Her mother had loved the dress and, finally, Hinata had made the right decision. As her mother twirled about in the shapeless clothe and her father demanded her to throw it away, Hinata's obsession for clothing was born. She and Sakura would spend the next 13 years reading every fashion magazine, studying every model, and promising each other they'd go to New York City and become supermodels.

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