Title: That Ugly Green Dress
Type: Naruto Our Universe Fanfiction
Pairing: SasukeXHinata, SasuHina
Genre: Humor/Romance
Characters: Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, Yamanaka Ino, Hyuuga Hinata, Hyuuga Neji, Uzumaki Naruto
Story Placement: Alternate Universe, no relation to story
Background: Characters are over 22, original fanfiction
Plot: Hinata's a sad case for the Fashionista's of New York. She wears baggy clothing, doesn't wear any make-up, and her purple sketchers needed replacing years ago. However, her freak sense of style has attracted Akatsuki, the biggest name in Fashion since Paris. Now she's been swooped up into the crazy world of couture and her only solace is the questionably straight Uchiha Sasuke, begrudging slave to the crazy group.
Disclaimer: Don't own anything but the story plot, which came from an eight day marathon of America's Next Top Model and Project Runway. Huge Mistake!
Warning: Yaoi stuff for sure, Karin bashing for sure, and anything else will be just as shocking to you as it will to me.
Author's Note: Oh my, finally I've finished this. It took me forever but I'm really pleased with it. And I hope to have an update next week. If not, then I'll certainly be posting on a bi-weekly basis. I really hope you enjoy and I hope this makes up for the long lag in updates.

Thank you to everyone who believes that I won't abandon this story twice! I thank everyone for holding on too and I hope this was worth while.

That Ugly Green Dress
by Heaven is Drunk

Chapter Four.

"In any closet, you can find it, if it is too small, or out of style, or there is just one of it where there should be two"


The ride home from the interview was…eventful…to say the least. Too broke to own a car, too bitchy to get a ride from Neji, the three girls were forced into public transportation. In designer heels, fancy dresses, and flawless make up, Sakura, Ino and Hinata climbed onto the public bus and chose the seats in the far back. Ino was screaming at the top of her lungs that she was going to model for Akatsuki. Sakura blushed at first but eventually, half way through the bus ride home, they were both shouting out the window that they were models for Akatsuki.

Ino almost got hit by a chocolate milkshake.

Hinata spent the bus ride blushing at their antics and contemplating the interview. She had actually made it, finally she was going to be a model.

She blushed slightly, Mr. Uchiha had really believed she had potential. Sure, she was rough around the edges but the point was that he felt the need to put effort into fixing her. It was more than previous designers and casters had seen in her. Someday, when she was walking that catwalk as a supermodel and some reporter asked her what she was thankful, she was going to say for Mr. Uchiha for believing her.

"Let's go drinking!" Sakura giggled.

"We can't, Sakura-chan," Hinata giggled, "We're underage." The two stared at her in shock. She stared back, startled by their silly expressions, "W-what…?"

"Hina-chan…" Ino leaned closer then suddenly pulled on her cheeks, "If you smile sexy like that then I won't get the job."

"I'm sorry Ino-chan!" Hinata laughed and pushed herself away from the girl.

"CURSES! You're soooo cute!" Ino hugged her. The bus driver grunted aggressively before slamming the breaks and standing up.

"Get the hell out!" He shouted.

As the bus pulled away, leaving them stranded…somewhere in the city…Sakura growled, "Way to go, Ino."

Begging Neji to come get them and after a long, extensive discussion about exactly where they were and how they got there, wore Hinata out. However, the girls still wanted to celebrate and, upon hearing the good news, Neji wanted to celebrate as well.

So the group went to a local joint that was filled with wanna-be models and actresses schmoozing the VIP couches. The bar was filled with underage drinkers that looked 10 years older with all the make-up and obscene clothing they wore was scandalous. Hinata did her best to avoid all of it.

So there she was, sitting awkwardly on a chair that looked like a hand, sipping ice water and watching Sakura and Ino flirt with boys. Periodically, she'd catch a glimpse of Neji attempting to intimidate everyone in the general vicinity of all three of the girls while trying to decide who needed the most protection. She loved her cousin but he needed to relax more.

She glanced over at Sakura and caught her eyes. She was pleading, upset by older brother Neji removing all potential boyfriends from the general area. It was Hinata's turn to bite the bullet and distract Neji.

It was often her sacrifice to distract Neji. After all, Hinata was too shy to talk to anyone.

"Neji-nii-san," She called to him sweetly, "Come sit by me."

He stiffened but was weak against Hinata's pleading looks. So he scooted up close to her with another hand chair and glared at everyone who looked their direction.

"You haven't congratulated me yet, Neji-nii-san. Are you happy for me?" Hinata smiled softly.

He turned right back to her with a surprised and pitifully guilty face, "Oh, I'm sorry Hinata. I mean, Sakura and Ino are such a handful I didn't have the time."

She smiled stiffly, it seems that only in the room with a gorgeous, glasses wearing man was Hinata the center of the attention, "Well, we have time now."

Neji grinned, "You're right. Congratulations, Hinata. I'm very pro-"

"Fucking leave me alone Naruto!" Sakura growled in the distance and the sound of shattering glass halted the party. Everyone stared at the drenched blonde in what looked like an orange tracksuit and Sakura huffing and puffing. She tried to punch him again but Neji suddenly was next to her, grasping her wrist, "I went out on a date once with you! Leave me the hell alone! I don't like you!"

Hinata felt a piece of her heart break starring at the blonde after those words. She recognized him easily from the Akatsuki company and that bouncy smile after interviewing god-knows how many people made her heart skip a beat. Hinata was mature enough to know that these were the signs of a crush…love at first sight.

"But…" He pouted.

"I think you need to leave her alone, sir." Neji offered stiffly, "I'll take you home Sakura."

She nodded and turned to take Ino's hand. Ino laughed softly and stood closer to a pale brunette in a monochromatic suit. He looked an awful lot like Mr. Uchiha, "I'm not ready to go home. Hinata and I will meet you later!"

Neji stiffened, "No."

Ino rolled her eyes, grabbed the boy beside her and walked over to Hinata, "See, we'll stand right here next to her. We'll give you a call when you're ready to go home."

Neji huffed, ready to say no again but Sakura burst into tears. Neji ushered her off and, awkwardly, the party started up again. Hinata barely had a chance to register any sort of action to the events before Ino and the stranger were back at the bar…making out?!

Hinata blushed and turned away, her eyes finding the pouting blonde sitting right next to her.

"H-hello…" She began.

He looked up, bright blue eyes staring right at her, curious and confused. She smiled softly and he eased into his own carefree grin, "Hi, I'm Naruto."

"Hinata," She smiled softly, "I think we've met before."

He cocked his head to the side, "Really? Where?"

She laughed nervously. Of course his attentions had all been on Sakura, "Um…I was interviewed for the modeling position at Akatsuki. I made it to the second round. Sakura and I are friends."

He brightened at the mention of her name, "Really?"

She nodded, "Yes, we live together. We came here together to be models."

"Really and now you guys are auditions for Akatsuki designs." He paused, "Who interviewed you?"

"Mr. Uchiha…"

"Sasuke-teme!" He nearly shouted, "That cold fish actually liked a girl! Dammit, wish I could have been there to see it."

She smiled, this was far more entertaining than Neji breathing down her neck and watching the other girls have fun. Naruto was…adorable. His bright blue eyes matched that bright blonde and spiky hair. And she loved his clothes. The gaudy orange was commanding and dominating, all eyes were on him and Hinata wished she'd had the courage to wear something so bold.

Instead she was here in a eraser yellow t-shirt and jeans with bright orange converse. Wild and outgoing but not so fashionable. And her dull and lifeless face wasn't enough to even get people to look at her outlandish clothing.

"I am very honored that Mr. Uchiha believes in me." Hinata smiled softly, her eyes lowering like she always seem to do. Her opalescent eyes glanced downwards to his lap, realized what she'd seen very quickly, and looked away, attempting to hid the blush in her cheeks.

He stared at her before breaking into a wide grin, "Oh! You like Sasuke?!"

"N-n-no…" She blushed deeper, but not because he'd found out. No, it's because the jacket had ridden up in his excitement, and his pants had fallen down in his shifting…and she could tell he was…appealing.

"Well good 'cuz the dude doesn't like girls." Naruto frowned, "I wouldn't want your adorable heart to get hurt."


"Oh…" She frowned. Hinata wasn't an expert on sexuality, she rarely had any herself, being a virgin and all. But she really hadn't sensed homosexuality from Mr. Uchiha. In all the shows and manga that Sakura and Ino read, Naruto with his flamboyant colors and comfort ability with less-and-less clothing seemed more homosexual.

"Don't worry about it!" Naruto grinned, "He's a good guy, just…I dunno boobs don't excite him."

Hinata blushed at his vulgar attitude and looked away, "A-are you drunk, Mr. Naruto?"

He laughed boisterously and slapped her on the back, "Of course I am, it's a bar!"

"Ugh…" Hinata growled at her alarm clock. How had she gotten home?

"Good morning, Hinata-chan?" Ino burst into her room and jumped on her bed!

"Good morning, Ino." Hinata moaned, Ino blinked rapidly before squeezing Hinata.

"Yay! Hinata has a hangover and she looks like hell!" Ino cheered, shaking Hinata. Removing the covers, Hinata realized she was almost completely naked in her bed.

"Ino, you're being mean to Hinata." Sakura sighed as she entered the room and leaned on the bed, "And after her cousin was so nice to come pick you up from the bus stop at four in the morning?"

Ino pouted, "But Hinata is so adorable when's she's hung-over!"

"I wish your hangover was as bad as hers." Sakura sighed, "How do you feel, Hinata?"

She rubbed her head, pained at the moment, "I feel sick and tired."

"That's what happens when you have six jack and cokes!" Ino chuckled, "Honestly, you drink like a fish Hinata."

Hinata narrowed her eyes which seemed angry but was actually to lessen the intensity of the sun. Ino backed up slightly but went back to hugging Hinata when she realized the room was too bright for the poor girl, "When…When did I have a drink?"

Sakura frowned, "Apparently, Ino wasn't doing her job of watching you and that stupid Naruto bought you a drink…then bought you more!"

"You're certainly rough on a guy you recently slept with for an interview." Ino huffed, "Poor guy."

Sakura latched onto Ino's cheeks and pulled, "Listen, Ino-pig, I didn't put out for that brat! I went on a date with him! Just a date! I didn't even kiss him!"

Ino laughed, tears edging her eyes, "Why not?"

"Because that adorable Mr. Uchiha is more of my type." Sakura blushed, "Strong and cold but deep down he's a poet. A true artist that could capture your soul!"

Ino cooed as well and Hinata really wanted to gag. Should she tell them that their prince charming was a homosexual?

"Hey, Ino-pig!" Sakura growled, "Mr. Uchiha is mine."

"Fat chance, you stuffed cow!" Ino retorted, "You have Naruto. Therefore, Mr. Uchiha is mine."



Suddenly her phone rang. Hinata suppressed a squeal of surprise but allowed a sigh of relief escape her lips. She reached across Ino, who was still half on top of her for her soft pink razor phone. It was decked out in a gliterized heart that Sakura had stuck on the first day Hinata got the phone. On the back was a photo-booth picture of Ino, Sakura and her. They'd been practicing for a model shoot, Hinata chose the silly looking picture.

She hesitated for a second, not recognizing the number, but still answered, "H-hello…?"

"This is Hyuuga Hinata, correct?" The voice was stiff and business-like.

"Um…yes, who is this?"

"Uchiha Sasuke." The voice of Mr. Uchiha was cut-throat, almost like one of her father's business partners. Perhaps Mr. Uchiha was in the wrong profession.

"Yes, -"

"Sasuke," He sighed into the phone, "We'll be seeing a lot of each other now so you'll just have to get familiar with my first name."

"O-okay, S-sasuke…" She tried to whisper his name but failed immensely. The name alerted Ino and Sakura and they immediately hushed to hear the conversation, "W-what would you li-like?"

"The board approved of all 50 of the applications and are planning for the second interview to take place on Friday." He rattled off rather coldly, an unwelcomed change from Naruto's friendly, open nature…Naruto!

"Oh, Friday…okay…" She groaned as, like a silent movie, the events of last night became very clear in her mind. She was never drinking again.

"You are to meet at the same place at 8am sharp," He ignored her flippant tone, "If you show up any later than you will not get the interview. What are you doing this week?"

This week…she'd taken the one day off and had to pull a double shift tomorrow to make up for the called-off day. The electric bill was up at the end of the month and she had to make enough so they wouldn't be modeling by candlelight.

"Um…I'm rather busy…" She sighed.

"Look, do you want this job or not." He growled obviously angry that she wasn't going to drop everything for him at that moment, "Because you need some work done if you want to impress the designers. And you're going to have to if you want to be a model! So clear your schedule and get your ass over here!"

Ino squealed loudly and stole the phone, "Yeah, we'll be there in an hour~"

She clamped the phone shut and literally dragged Hinata into the shower, "B-but wait! I feel sick!"

"Just shower!" Ino squealed, "I'll get you something for the hang over!"

"We've got no time to waste!" Sakura started bustling around, suddenly unhappy with her beige tank top and skinny jeans, "I've got to impress Sasuke-kun so he'll ask me out on date!"

"Fat chance!" Ino growled from the hallway, "He's asking me out! I'm the sexiest one."

It was another cat fight and Hinata drowned her pain in the steaming hot shower. Curiously, she wondered if Sasuke wanted everyone to come or if this was a private, make-Hinata-a-supermodel meeting.

"This wasn't a girl's night out shopping spree meeting I hope you know." Sasuke hissed from beside Hinata, angrily watching Sakura and Ino bat their eyes at him and stick out their chest.

Hinata laughed nervously, avoiding his cold stare. Suddenly Sakura burst into a shouting match with Ino before they were pulled away from each other by the heroic Naruto. Hinata blushed deeply, Sasuke catching the look rather easily, "W-well, I didn't know you thought it was I social event too, Sasuke."

He growled, "The idiot sticks to me like glue."

Story of my life. Hinata wanted to say, but instead she rolled her eyes. Suddenly Sasuke was beating the crap out of Naruto and shooing all three away, "Get the hell out of here! Only Hinata and I are going on this field trip!"

"You can't play favorites, Sasuke!" Naruto shouted.

"Wherever Hinata-chan goes, we go!" Ino huffed.

Hinata glanced up at Sasuke, "It's best to let them do what the want."


Loud, this place is too loud. It was really the only way that she could describe the modernized…dance club...Sasuke had said they were going to a hair salon. But this strange building with square couches and monochromatic decorations looked more like a night club than a place one would get their hair done. Popular music remixed played loudly on high definition speakers and a light show followed the beat of the music from above. People were drinking and dancing about and her only clue that these were hair dressers was the combs, hair spray and blow dryers clutched in their perfectly manicured hands.

Ino and Sakura were impressed, chatting it up with a particularly flashy boy washing a super model's hair. Naruto grumbled beside them, of course jealous of the attention this boy was receiving. Hinata stared at everyone in the waiting room, watching curiously and almost terrified at the low cut jeans and shirts jumping about in joy.

Sasuke was being harassed by the secretary, a bouncy blonde sitting behind what looked like a bar. Hinata really had to rub her eyes as she noticed bottled of wine and champagne bottles stacked up behind the woman.

"Look," He growled to the woman, his pale hands were pushing his spiky and rather stubborn bangs into his eyes and he was desperately trying to put distance between himself and her breasts, "I don't want your number, I'm not free tonight, I just want to get this damn girl's hair styled and cut!"

"Don't be like that baby~" she cooed and Hinata had to blush and turn away. The girl was rather pretty, perfect curves and an attractive face. Hinata had to wonder why Sasuke was refusing her advances? Maybe he was in a relationship, a very stable, business-like relationship where most likely there would be a wedding soon. That's why he refused her attention…not because Naruto had said he was gay…right?

"Look," He growled, turning his attention to a hair dresser that approached them. The man was truly effeminate, long, perfectly styled hair that was spiked in a similar way to Sasuke's own out-of-control locks. The boy had the perfect hazel colored doe eyes that he batted at Sasuke, coupled with a friendly smile, "I just need a good hairstylist to fix up this girl and show her how to style her hair."

The man, Hinata discovered he was gay by the way he lustily stared at Sasuke, smiled and brushed his hand down Sasuke's arm, "Anything for you, sugar."

"Thank you." Sasuke released a small, self-less smile. Hinata blushed deeply and looked away from the intimate moment, "I appreciate you being so kind."

Hinata attempted to keep calm as the man took her and Sasuke gently by the arms. He sat Hinata in a fire engine red chair and placed a plain black tarp over her. Sasuke was given a lounging chair. He peered over her, not really looking her as if she were even human. But the moment the hair dresser began talking, Sasuke was rapt with attention, following every word and movement like it was the most important thing ever done. Oh my god! He's gay!

Author's Note: Haha, I couldn't resist. If you have a problem with Sasuke being gay, it's honestly fine. I have my days where I just can't stand it, then others when I'm half tempted to write it. Altogether, it's just a story so try to relax and enjoy the joke ^.^

(That's what I tell myself everyday)

Okay, so I hope everyone enjoyed and I hope to see you in a week!