Bullet Catchers

By Jazzbo22

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An assassination attempt leaves Rufus questioning his vulnerability. The Turks struggle to keep the President out of harm's way, but is it enough?

TsengxRufus, RudexReno, yaoi, angst LEMON, lemon lemon leeeeeemmmmoooon, graphic graphic graphic – you got it, sexual feeeeeeling! So you don't likey, no readie then

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Chapter Fourteen

The white lights were unforgiving. Tseng raised an arm to shield his eyes, immediately aware of the weight of the limb and the sluggishness in his brain. Alarmed, he tried to sit up, surprised by a hand on his chest forcing him back down.

"Slow down warrior. Stay put." Turning, he was met with the concerned eyes of Randolph Gomez. Struggling, he tried to piece together the facts in his too slow brain. Lifting his hand again, he saw the IV administering whatever drugs were dragging him down.

"I need to get out of here."

"You need to shut the hell up and stay where you are, Tseng." Whatever painkillers he was on were strong. It was infuriating that he couldn't think, that his motor skills were jeopardized, and that the lights were too damn bright.

"I'm in the hospital." Tseng stated matter-of-factly. Randolph didn't laugh, just nodded in confirmation.

"You've been out of it for the last couple of hours. I told the doctor not to give you too much morphine, but he was under the impression you'd like it once you came too. Holy shit Tseng, I would've disagreed with him, but after seeing you – you did quite a number on yourself."

He could believe it. His body thrummed with a dull ache, and he didn't even want to take inventory of all the injuries he'd received. However, Randolph chose to inform him.

"Ripped your goddamn shoulder open – again. Third time's the charm eh? The doc was mighty displeased seeing that. You have stitches in too many areas to mention, plus an array of cuts and bruises. You needed an IV after all that, not to mention a week's worth of sleep, as well as an indeterminate amount of recovery time. The hospital is debating using a cure on you, just because you are in such bad way."

"I wish they would." Then Tseng remembered. The building, the SOLDIERs, Sasha, Rufus

Lurching forward, Tseng made to swing his legs off the side of the bed. Randolph recoiled involuntarily before reaching forward. He grabbed Tseng's shoulders, forcing him none-too-delicately back. The pain that racked Tseng's body was excruciating. All he showed was a mere wince. Randolph was not convinced.

"Keep your sorry ass in there. You think that hurts – I'm not going to be as gentle with you if you pull a stunt like that again. What's gotten into your head? Do you not know what condition you're in?"

"Rufus." Tseng didn't mean for it to come out as a plea. Randolph understood immediately.

"President Shinra came here in shaky condition. So did your Turks. I monitored the surgery. He's perfectly fine now, they used cure materia on him - I guess being the President he can order that up. The bullets were already spent, a lot of the blood on him was Sasha's."

"He's alright?" Somehow it didn't seem possible. Rufus had been covered in blood. He had collapsed. He looked…well, dead. Though, compared to what happened to Sasha, Tseng realized the bullets that penetrated Rufus had already gone through Sasha. They wouldn't have lodged themselves deep in the skin after she had taken the brunt of the impact.

"Yeah, he was practically in and out. He left with Rude to give a press conference. The rescue mission attracted a lot of public attention."

Rufus was alright. Tseng let out the breath he wasn't aware he was holding. Rude was with him as well, which meant his injuries were more than likely superficial. Reno on the other hand…

"Is Reno still here?" Tseng asked, squinting at Randolph. As much as he disliked being confined to the hospital room bed, Randolph Gomez was one of his most trusted friends. He could respect his wishes, for the time being.

"Yes, he is. And as happy about it as you are. He was getting ready to march right out of here, but Rude put him in his place. Thankfully. I don't know how you manage all those spirits. They are far too temperamental for me. I can't begin to understand either of them."

"They're alright." Tseng let a ghost of a grin slip forth. His eyelids were so, so heavy, it was hard to keep them open and manage full sentences. Randolph chuckled.

"Sleep while you can, Tseng. You more than deserve it." He didn't want to, but darkness was beckoning. It occurred to him that even though Randolph Gomez was effectively retired, he would make a perfect replacement for Heidegger…


"No more questions."

"But Mr. President, there has to be more information in regards to the terrorists…" Rufus struggled to keep his exterior cool. In reality, he was worried about Tseng. The last place he wanted to be was in a conference room, surrounded by reporters. Rude had taken up Tseng's usual spot, directly to his left. It was comforting to know he had a Turk by his side, but he wanted Tseng.

"I told you all I can about the terrorists. They were disgraced ex-SOLDIERs released from prison prematurely. They had a grudge against Shinra Inc - that's all." It was best not to release all the details. Reeve had tried to coach him before the conference – he was worried about disclosing too much to the press, but Rufus already had it in mind what he was going to say.

"Thank you all for your time. This has been a very long week for me, and I would like to take the evening off."

"Mr. President!"

"What were the roles of the Turks in this?"

"Where is Heidegger?"

"Does this affect the training regime of the SOLDIERs?"

Rude was right beside him, guiding him out of the conference room with an assertive hand. The reporters kept a healthy distance from the large imposing Turk, instead waiting until Rufus had cleared the room before disassembling. Once in the elevator, Rufus let out a long sigh. As much as his body had been cured with materia, his lack of sleep and the worry in his heart were ongoing. Rude kept his eyes straight ahead.

"Would you like me to escort you back to your estate?"

Rufus pondered it.

"No, the hospital." Did Rude just smile? Or was that his version of a pleased look? Rufus couldn't tell, and at this point he couldn't care. Tseng had been unconscious for too long, and he was desperate to see his steady, probing, incisive gaze, even if it meant baring his soul to the Wutaian. Strangely, it didn't seem to matter as much. They had shared too few, too short kisses, in Rufus' opinion. Tseng was already well aware of how he felt – he didn't need to feel ashamed of himself.

Rufus had taken it upon himself to visit his head Turk before leaving the hospital for Shinra, shocked at the condition he was in. When he himself had awoken from surgery, he demanded to be cured after learning of the injuries he'd sustained. He normally wouldn't resort to materia - after this though, he would gladly take the healing magic and whatever adverse side effects they would have on his body's natural regeneration. In his mind, it was worth it. Once Tseng was conscious, he would persuade him to do the same.

Not for greedy purposes though. Surely not. It wasn't as if he couldn't wait for Tseng to heal normally

Rufus nearly scoffed at the idea. He wouldn't be able to wait out the weeks of Tseng's recovery, with only kisses to tide him over. Call him impatient, greedy, selfish- whatever. He was hungry for Tseng. He desired, he longed. Those few hours he spent in Sasha's run-down home, he waited and wished for Tseng to come to him. Now that the entire dilemma was over, he wasn't going to wait out the next few weeks until Tseng was physically capable of…

Rufus paused. He had fantasized about the moment, but now thinking of Tseng's physical capabilities, it brought a whole new view into what he wanted. Soon it would become a reality, if he had his way.

Feeling uncharacteristic warmth spread through him, Rufus was momentarily floored by the foreign sensation of butterflies in his stomach. Truthfully, he was nervous. Rufus Shinra, nervous.

Imagining the silky smooth Wutaian, it was hard to smother that feeling. Tseng was a man always in control, moreso than Rufus himself. He was the go-to man, as he most recently proved again for the umpteenth time. He was strong, more than capable, and…

Oh god, Rufus tingled all over. His stomach flipped in anticipation.


Rufus didn't want to imagine Tseng with other lovers, because there had been other lovers. The fact that he was experienced though, that made Rufus excited- especially since he was so inexperienced himself. That brought on a stronger sense of nervousness. Rufus tried to push down the negative voice of his father, the whispers of weakness wanting to debilitate him.

No one wants to serve under a weak leader. Ultimately weakness leads to powerlessness. And as the heir to Shinra Inc, you won't be President unless you possess strength.

Tseng had said he had embraced lovers of both genders, since the respect and attraction led directly to the soul. Gender didn't play as big of a role in his culture. Rufus recalled the disgusted look his mother had given him when she spotted his attraction to other boys. From then on he lived in fear that she would tell his father, and that he would be considered too weak to President the largest, most powerful company in existence.

However, Tseng embodied strength and power. Nothing he did, including the meager amount Rufus knew about his personal life, spoke of weakness. Tseng was not one to be ashamed of his actions. He wasn't ashamed of his feelings, since he had so openly shared them that one afternoon in his apartment. Why would Rufus ever consider letting his attraction run disguised as a weakness? Tseng would never use it against him. The only opinion that mattered to him was the Wutaian's. Granted, he would be the only person ever to be made aware of Rufus' bottled emotions – the press would have a field day if they found out that not only was the President a homosexual, but that he was heavily involved with the Turk leader. That would open up some weaknesses.

Stepping off the elevator, Rufus was accompanied to his vehicle by an overly cautious Rude. No doubt would the copycats start coming out of the woodwork to try their hand at assassinating the President. Shinra, for how important and powerful it was, had its fair share of enemies. Rufus allowed his Turk to scan the premises before motioning him forward. He wanted a week's worth of quiet to make up for time lost. And to enjoy what would soon be his.


As much as Tseng would've liked for his body to recover naturally, it was more important for him to have his physical strength back and be in top fighting form. He still needed food, he still needed sleep, but he had the reassurance that his body wouldn't fail due to excessive injuries. Reno had also opted for healing magic, and now the two of them stood, silently mulling over the week's events in the hospital foyer.

It had been one week. Somehow after all was said and done, the time felt like it dragged on. It certainly felt long when Rufus had been captured – Tseng didn't want to drift too heavily back in that memory. Now that the President had been recovered and the threat eliminated, Tseng was satisfied. After a week's worth of hell, he could relax. Not too much though, since the calm after the storm held many dangers. Rufus would never be completely safe, due to the nature of his work. It was up to Tseng to worry about it, so the young President wouldn't have to.

Through the glass door, Tseng spotted the unmistakable Mercedes. Throwing a quick glance at Reno, both Turks exited the hospital, moving soundlessly. Later on, when everyone was well rested and back in top shape, Tseng would make sure to give his Turks the recognition they so aptly deserved.

Rude stepped out of the driver's side, clasping a strong hand on Tseng's shoulder in a small display of camaraderie.

"Glad to see you sir." Then he was off. Tseng spared the odd pair a short glance. Rude's car was in the parking lot, the two of them disappearing off to god-knows-where. Randolph Gomez had one thing right about them – there would be no understanding either of them.

Slipping effortlessly behind the wheel if the vehicle, Tseng pulled the door shut, focusing on his passenger. Rufus Shinra was a sight for sore eyes. He knew it too, which was strangely attractive in its own way. Tseng was drawn to his strength – a simpering, insecure man would've bored him instantly. Rufus had his hang-ups, but they didn't weigh down the enormity of his presence. He had done, and continued to do many good things for the empire Jack Shinra had built. Already he had surpassed his father in leadership abilities. Rufus had a unique command over the business, and from day one Tseng had been impressed and fascinated with his confidence and cool manner.

"Glad to see you used the materia." Rufus spoke, his expression impassive. Tseng could not be fooled. The barely conflicting emotions in deep blue eyes were all he needed to see to cement his decision. Rufus wanted him, without a doubt. And he wanted him.

"It would've taken too long for my injuries to heal." Starting the engine, he pulled out onto the busy streets, concentrating on anything except the passion boiling hot in his veins. He had waited so long for this moment, anticipated it, and now that it was almost upon him he had to remember that he was the one in control. Rufus was not only new to the sensation of emotions- he had seen firsthand the upbringing the young President had endured- but was most assuredly new to experiencing a man.


"More, more, more, more!" Reno howled, bouncing up and down on the object of many his night's fantasies. A bead of sweat rolled down his back, a clear sign of his exertion. Rude was in no better condition, hands grasping slim white hips tightly. It was their second time in the space of an afternoon, and it didn't look like they'd be slowing down.

With a snarl, Reno yelled his release, clenching around Rude's own straining member. Together, they toppled into nirvana, uncaring of what they sounded like to the neighbours – if they hadn't packed up and left already.

Reno slumped against Rude's chest, satiated – for the moment. His libido seemed matched by the bald Turk's, he was satisfied to say. After an indeterminate amount of silence, Reno finally spoke.

"Hey, what do you think Tseng and Rufus are up to?" If his assumptions were correct, he probably already knew the answer. Rude let out a low rumble of a laugh.

"I'd say the same thing we're up to." Yup, his assumptions were correct, if Rude had picked up on it.

"You saw Tseng checking out his ass at that board meeting at Junon?"

"Many times actually. Or how about Rufus watching him walk all the way down the hall."

"Oh yeah, yeah. If Tseng had turned around, Rufus would've been caught with his hand in the cookie jar."

Reno prided himself on his observance. Monday morning, he'd be watching Rufus like a hawk for a limp in his stride. Tseng was probably that good. Hell, Rude was that good. Maybe he and Rufus would limp along together, the way he and Rude were going at this rate.


Rufus had wondered why Tseng hadn't bothered to touch him at all in the car, or on the walk up to his apartment. In the back of his head, small voices worried that maybe he had changed his mind, or that the entire thing was a misunderstanding. Tseng was impossible to read when he didn't want anyone to know what was going on in behind his dark eyes.

After this, it was clear it was neither a change of heart or a misunderstanding. Tseng was always one to do things exactly as it suited him, insusceptible to pressure or impatience. He was a man in control, demonstrating that characteristic very competently.

Immediately upon entering Tseng's apartment, Rufus had found himself pinned none-too-gently against the wall, his lips crushed in a bruising kiss. The Wutaian was a perfect mix of rough and gentle, lips melding sensually, deepening the kiss. Tongues interlocked, in exploration and in battle. Tseng was exhibiting his dominance not only with his mouth, but the rest of his body as well.

Rufus wasn't sure whether he wanted to give up control completely – it just wasn't his nature. However, deciding this was Tseng's area of expertise, he let his body surrender to the touches and focused on exactly what Tseng was doing to him. After all, he would need to reciprocate later, and he wanted to drive the Turk as wild as he himself was feeling.

Tseng seemed to have his hands everywhere at once, knowing exactly where to touch to elicit a shiver and breathy gasp. With that talented mouth, he had begun to nibble and lick Rufus' throat, drawing a surprised moan from him. Slightly embarrassed, Rufus bit his lip, hoping to avoid making a spectacle of himself. Tseng's hand had travelled slowly up his shirt, dancing along contoured abs and toying with a nipple. He didn't want to be mewling like a damn cat in heat, but Tseng was making it almost impossible for him to contain his cries.

The Turk rose to full height, apparently satisfied in marking Rufus. Tseng's eyes dropped suggestively to his lip between his teeth, leaning forward to capture it for himself. Pinching his nipple lightly, Rufus gasped, Tseng taking the opportunity to lick and worry his pout.

Rufus felt like he was damn near losing his head with all the conflicting sensations. Tseng's soft lips and slick tongue, accompanied by the sharpness of his teeth and those fingers had his lust in overdrive. If Tseng hadn't had him flat against the wall, Rufus wasn't sure if he'd be able to support himself on wobbly legs.

"I want to hear all your sounds." Tseng growled into his ear, sliding a hand down to cup Rufus' arousal as if to make a point. The action caught him completely off guard, causing Rufus to buck into the solid grip.

"Aah!" He moaned, taken aback by his body's obvious liking. Who would've thought Mr. President would be so responsive? Rufus could hardly believe it himself.

Tseng didn't leave him much time to dwell on his embarrassment or awkwardness. Stripping Rufus of his shirt, he bent down to capture a taut nipple, sucking and biting gently on the nub. Rufus instinctually grabbed a fistful of raven hair, panting as his brain clouded with lust. It was hard to think clearly…

"Nah-ah, oh god…" Tseng was insufferably silent, while Rufus felt he was making enough noise for the both of them. That too-delicious mouth was doing wonders, causing his body to respond in a way he had never experienced before. He felt delirious, he couldn't think straight. All he wanted was more, more, more.

As if sensing what was on his mind, Tseng stopped and loosened his hold. Rufus growled at the loss, but displeasure turned to excitement as the Wutaian directed him hastily towards his bedroom. Sparing a quick glance downward, he noticed with a smirk that it was not only he who was affected by fervor. Tseng, for all that he possessed a cool and controlled manner, was sporting a significant bulge in his dress pants. It probably took all his energy to restrain himself. Tseng was a warrior. That meant passion, in war and surely in sex.

If it weren't for Tseng's hands on him, Rufus would've stumbled clumsily into the bedroom and face-planted somewhere near the bed. Next to Tseng, he felt bumbling and inelegant. This apparently wasn't his forte – put him in a boardroom with a hundred voracious reporters, that he could handle effortlessly. In the bedroom, he tried to keep up, grasping at Tseng and hungry for more. The Turk didn't seem to mind his inexperience though – from the looks of things, he welcomed and encouraged Rufus' exploration. He moved far enough away for Rufus to access the buttons of his dress shirt. Sometime during Tseng's hospital stay, his uniform had been replaced from the torn and bloodied garment that had adorned his frame previously.

Rufus didn't care that his hands were shaking. From excitement or from nervousness, the reason was inconsequential. Growling with impatience, the damn buttons uncooperative, Rufus took matters into his own hands. Silently promising to replace Tseng's poor dress shirt, he took hold and ripped, buttons flying in every direction.

Tseng's eyebrow shot up, a small smirk betraying his amusement. Rufus muttered almost shyly,

"Fucking buttons weren't coming undone."

It wasn't often that Rufus had the opportunity to see Tseng smile, much less laugh. The Wutaian had let out a small chuckle before throwing his newly ruined dress shirt to the side, pulling Rufus to him once again. Whatever he was doing with his mouth, it was exquisite. Rufus hadn't been kissed often – the few women he had brought to bed to satisfy carnal desires had left him empty afterwards. Their kisses meant nothing, he felt nothing.

With Tseng, each kiss added more heat to the fire that was burning Rufus from the inside out. He made him feel…giddy, or something like that. He struggled to maintain some sort of order as Tseng slowly drove him mad with hunger.

Jumping, he hadn't been aware of Tseng loosening his pants and dipping a hand in. The firm stroke of his arousal had him moaning like a whore and begging for anything. He was at the Wutaian's mercy, and that was fine with him.

"Tseng…" How it was possible for Tseng to remain so quiet while Rufus panted and pleaded was beyond him. Wanting to get some sort of noise, he tried to mimic what was being done to him. He grasped Tseng through his pants, watching his face as his caressed him, using his other hand to unfasten the button and pull down his zipper. Tseng's eyes darkened, his eyebrows knitting together and full lips flattening into a straight line. That was it. Undeterred, Rufus squirmed away from Tseng's warm hand and slipped the waistband of the Turk's pants down. Tseng moved away briefly to kick them aside, looking like an exotic god in the shadows of the room.

He was all hard planes of muscle, wiry in build and long limbed. He moved with the grace of a panther, coming to Rufus and forcing him to lie back. He managed to distract Rufus long enough to shed him of his pants and boxers, firm hand stroking once again.

"Nnn…" Didn't Rufus have the upper hand, all of two seconds ago? Now Tseng was leading again, no doubt intent on doing things his way. His mouth moved lower and lower…

Rufus held his breath in anticipation, muscles tightening to keep from jerking. Nothing could prepare him for the pleasure of Tseng's mouth though, and when it made contact…

"Oh god! Tseng!" Rufus cried out, voice uncharacteristically high. He bucked into a warm, wet mouth, eyes wide. Tseng's strong hand pressed down on his hip, keeping him from thrusting with abandon. The Turk swallowed more and more, Rufus' eyes daring to roll back as the head at his waist bobbed up and down, lips tight against his shaft.

Tseng's tongue wasn't idle – he licked, twirled, and sampled Rufus's essence, humming lightly as he pulled up against the head of his member. Plunging downward, he increased his suction, Rufus' cries morphing into desperate mewing. He didn't care how he looked – surely flushed, definitely sweating, alternating between grasping bedsheets and ebony strands.

Aching with need, Rufus unconsciously spread his legs when a slick, cool digit probed at his entrance. It slowly registered what was happening, and he blushed furiously as his most private area was opened for Tseng's eyes. Knowing he should feel shame for being so desperately wanton, but finding it hard to care when that finger swiped the magic spot inside him, Rufus could only moan. A continuous low reverberation of his vocal chords, he let Tseng know exactly what he craved.

One finger became two, scissoring and stretching him out for what was to come. He willed his body to relax when two became three, almost finding it too hard to bear. Pain became pleasure once again as Tseng knew what to do, what to aim for.

"No more…" Rufus panted, needing to feel Tseng. He wanted the Turk to experience the same passion he was feeling.

"Fuck, Rufus…" Tseng finally growled, shocking Rufus out of his haze. For all that Tseng looked in charge, those two breathy words spoken through clenched teeth revealed his struggle. He was having trouble containing himself.

Rufus watched, entirely fascinated as Tseng generously coated his arousal with lubricant he had procured while pleasing him orally. Sometime around then, maybe. Rufus had been so focused on his own pleasure, he hadn't noticed Tseng retrieve the bottle from his nightstand.

Willing himself to breathe deeply, he waited, wanting Tseng to fill him and satisfy his longing.


Tseng had been having too much trouble keeping himself in check. This was not his first time. It was Rufus', which meant he had to be gentle. But good god, from kissing him to having the young President moaning and panting on his bed, it was hard to keep himself in line. More often than not, he had to pull himself back and remember not to succumb. As much as Rufus might think he wanted Tseng to throw discretion to the wind and take him, it was not the way to go about it. Not yet, anyways. When Rufus was a bit more experienced, used to penetration, then they could start thinking about swinging from the chandeliers and being thrown up against the wall.

Rufus had already tried to return the favour, but Tseng had decided long before, in the car actually, that this whole thing would be about pleasing the young leader. Later Rufus could explore Tseng's body and find out what he liked, but this first time would be memorable for Rufus. For Tseng too. He had whole-heartedly enjoyed every groan, shiver, and sharp inhalation Rufus had made. Each noise shot a jolt of heat to Tseng's groin, taunting him of the release to come.

When he first pressed a finger to Rufus' entrance, he savoured the way tightness enveloped him, nearly groaning in anticipation. Instead, he focused on the task at hand, preparing Rufus for his girth, wanting to make their joining as painless as possible. That was wishful thinking – it was going to hurt, but his thoroughness guaranteed the pain would soon pass and be overruled by pleasure.

Feeling the muscle stretch, Tseng was finally satisfied with his work. Letting Rufus' member slip from his lips, he couldn't stop himself from growling,

"Fuck, Rufus…" letting him know he was nearly undone himself. Quickly, he slicked himself with lube, grasping Rufus' legs and spreading them apart. Heart pounding strongly in his chest, he held his breath as he pressed himself against the stiff ring of Rufus' opening, eyes widening slightly as the muscle gave and the tip of his arousal sunk in.

"Nnghhh…." Tseng couldn't stop a long groan from sneaking forth, gently easing himself in further and further. When Rufus' tensed, he pulled back so only the tip remained, thrusting shallowly. It would be far less painful if he loosened the President up inch by inch, instead of burying himself completely in him with one thrust.

Feeling the tight, hot walls relax around his length, he pushed in just a little deeper, allowing the muscle to loosen. It was pure torture. He measured his breaths and focused on Rufus' face instead of the sensations surrounding his shaft. By watching Rufus, he could fight off his release and see if there was anything besides the initial discomfort affecting the man beneath him.

After what felt like an eternity, he was buried to the hilt. Rufus' skin glistened with a fine sheen of sweat, blond bangs matted to his forehead. Bruise lips were slightly parted, full and tantalizing. Tseng allowed for a period of adjustment, taking time to rein in his own libido.

When he felt Rufus unclench, he began to thrust. Knowing Rufus was probably still in a state of discomfort, he angled his hips, hoping to give him a taste of what the pleasure could be.

"Fuck!" Rufus jumped, clawing at the sheets underneath him. Tseng wanted to grin as Rufus squirmed with ecstasy, but he was too close. He needed to focus on bringing Rufus to the end as quickly as possible, since he was not far himself.

"Tseng, ah!" Faster and harder, Tseng tried to hit that spot as often as possible. Rufus' pupils were dilated, cloudy with lust and so damn blue. And his name – Rufus kept calling his name, like a mantra. Begging, pleading, needing

"Please Tseng, more, more…" It was such a fucking turn-on. Who knew Rufus Shinra, virgin to men, could excite him so damn much. Tseng had wondered if the lack of experience would be a problem, but clearly not. Every breath, every moan – it all went straight to Tseng's groin. Hips surging forward, the room was filled with the slap of flesh against flesh, Rufus' calls, and…

Tseng was undoubtedly losing it. His own voice broke forth in a fierce growl, rumbling deep within his chest. He was spouting jibberish, nonsensical words and noises, and worse – he couldn't stop.

"Fuck, hnn, ahh…Rufus! So tight, so, so, so…ah!"Rufus seemed to enjoy his lapse in power, because he clawed for him, needing to touch him, hands roaming over his shoulders, chest, hips. Nails dug into his buttocks, pulling him closer with each thrust. Tseng was going to damn near lose it soon.

Feeling the end approaching too swiftly, he grasped Rufus' weeping member, stroking it in time with his thrusts. Moans turned to whimpers, Rufus' hands tightening on his backside. With a muffled cry, Rufus came.

"Nahhh!" His body jerked underneath Tseng, sticky seed exploding forth to coat both their stomachs. Spasming still, Rufus clenched tightly around him, the shiver of his orgasm rippling through his channel. Tseng flushed as the walls around him contracted, stroking and clamping, pushing him right over the edge.

"Fuuucccckkk!" Tseng didn't recognize the yell as his own - he was blinded with absolute bliss as Rufus' entrance milked him of his essence. Spurting endlessly within him, Tseng quivered and tensed as he just kept coming, coming, coming. Black spots danced in his vision as he filled the sexy minx beneath him, knowing he was breathing raggedly and shaking from the force of his passion.

Exhausted, he let Rufus pull him down, lips meeting and tongues intertwining. It was a long while before Tseng pulled away, his shaft slipping out of his entrance, leaving a trail of his release in its wake.

"I am not going to be able to let you go after that." Tseng spoke, snaking his hand through blonde tresses. He indulged himself in Rufus' sweet mouth. So good. Pulling away, Rufus gazed at him with those impossibly blue eyes.

"Funny, I was just about to tell you that."

What would he have done if Sasha had succeeded in her first attempt against Rufus? Tseng didn't even want to ponder it. Just remembering the way he had fallen to the floor, covered in too much blood – it chilled him to the bone.

Holding Rufus close, he felt his eyelids grow heavy with the need for sleep. It had been so long since he had a decent rest. The object of his concern for the past week was now sharing his bed, the weight of the world lifted.

Rufus had caught his eye, and the apparent need for sleep. Smirking, Rufus kissed him thoroughly. He was getting damn good at that.

"Go to sleep Tseng. You deserve it." Studying the President, it was obvious he was in the same state. Both needed some shut-eye badly.

After too much worry and chaos, Tseng allowed himself a rare moment of weakness. He let his eyes drift closed, President Rufus Shinra finally safe in his arms.







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