A Torchwood General/Humor Fanfic

Before they head off to save the world, the team has to consult a few "Maybe"s.

Rated K for a reference to a reference to something that might be bad.

Disclaimer: Gwen, Jack, and Ianto belong to RTD. These couple-hundred words of ridiculousness don't.

A/N: This isn't what I started out to write when I moved over from reading to writing fics just now. I intended to write something about how Torchwood 3 handles ATMOS in the parallel universe created in "Turn Left" (Doctor Who). So, that's where I imagine this conversation taking place, but it really fits anywhere after "Exit Wounds"

(206 words)

"Maybe there's another way out of this," Gwen said desperately. Jack didn't answer, as he knew there wasn't.

"Maybe there is," Ianto agreed, though he didn't put much effort into it. "Maybe we could buy ourselves some time to think of one."

"Maybe that won't work," Jack interrupted. He didn't have time for this.

"Maybe nothing will work," Ianto retorted. "Maybe, we'll find something that works."

"Maybe there isn't anything."

"Maybe there is something."

"Maybe there isn't."

"Maybe you two will shut up before you annoy me to death," Gwen snapped. Jack suddenly flashed a broad grin.

"Maybe you'll be calm when the world's coming to an end," he countered.

"Maybe you'll not be an arrogant twit!" she responded.

"Maybe I'll have time for a banana split while I'm waiting," Ianto remarked, mostly to himself. The other two turned and looked at him with shocked faces. "Maybe I want one!"

"Maybe he's finally cracked," Gwen stage-whispered.

"Maybe I don't care," Jack answered, turning to Ianto and gathering him in his arms. "Maybe I'll have him anyway."

"Maybe you two should get a room," Gwen muttered.

"Maybe we have one!" There was a beat of silence, and then–

"Maybe we should go on saving the world."

A/N: Well? Too many sentences starting with "Maybe"?